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Tiberian Sun Reborn is a standalone game that aims to recreate the atmosphere and combat of Tiberian Sun in a FPS. The original effort was started in 2004 by a small group of dedicated modders, leading to its first official release in 2008 as C&C Reborn.

As of November 2011, TSR has been entirely reimagined and redesigned to stick closer to its Tiberian Sun roots while allowing you to benefit from what we've learned from playing the original Reborn and our work on the other Bluehell Productions projects, with room left for imagination and exploration of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere. We invite you to visit our website for more information.

Be sure to check out our forums for the latest news and discussion, plus our semi-regular development blogs!

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TS:R news coming up! More on scaling, new arms, introducing the new Mobile EMP prototype, and discussion of the GDI AAPC.

In the previous update, we were showing you the coding and magic being worked on for scaling infantry. Yah-Nosh has put together a video for fun exhibiting his work in that.


"Even as famine ravages the planet, GDI continues to deny that its food shipments are being tampered with."

At the end of the day, the work that has gone into scaling now allows us to correct infantry sizes with respect to their build (i.e. Cyborgs are taller than humans) and without causing issues in worldbox collisions and getting stuck on certain doorways.

New Arms
CMDBob has completed new arms for our brothers of Nod. Kane has been loathed to attack America, but I feel it's time, and you're the one to do it is pleased with these changes.

Elite Cadre New Arms

Generic Nod Soldier New Arms

Generic Nod Soldier New Arms (Engineer)

Nod Flame Trooper New Arms

Nod Flame Trooper New Arms (Red Sleeves)

The New Mobile EMP
Preliminary testing of the Mobile EMP has shown that the vehicle poses two issues: 1) it was too boring to sit inside and simply fire off the EMP at the click of a mouse and 2) it was not fun to play against when the EMP cannot be feasibly defensed against before being hit.

Deliberation with the development team has led to the experimental rollout of the new Mobile EMP, or the MEMP-tillery as some soldiers have come to call it. Others also say MEMPY, but we don't talk about those soldiers.

GDI R&D, led by the Chief Wizards of Crazy Game Ideas, otherwise known as Raap and OWA, have completed their prototype and deployed it for field testing.

The new Mobile EMP offers a different gameplay approach to GDI forces. This MEMP lobs a ball of EMP energy, disabling enemy vehicles where the strike lands, replacing the too easy and too boring button-push gameplay of the previous iteration. In this method, GDI drivers will need to more carefully play this vehicle on the field, while faster Nod vehicles can move to outrace the lob and close the distance.

This change is going through extensive testing to ensure this variation of the MEMP delivers more fun gameplay for both sides in using it and fighting against it.

Weaponise the AAPC?
Discussion has surfaced in the development chat of possibly weaponising the GDI AAPC. Some team members argue the AAPC needs something to allow it to better support frontal infantry assaults, while conservative team members argue the AAPC functions in its role well enough as-is and needs no changes.

In support of the weaponisation, OWA has put together some variation concepts. Other ideas for changing the AAPC include allowing it to refill C4 and armour, provide smokescreen, and electronic countermeasures. It should be noted, and I cannot stress this enough: This is all completely conceptual.


If you have an opinion of the GDI AAPC, whether in favour of weapons or against changes, you are welcome to voice your suggestions and concerns.

That should be about it for this update. Have I missed anything? Anything you are curious of at this time regarding development progress and want it featured in the next update? Let us know!

TS: Reborn News Update (25 July 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (25 July 2019)

News 5 comments

A small update of things happening. Our high-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the coming week.

TS: Reborn News Update (20 June 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (20 June 2019)

News 3 comments

Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser!

TS: Reborn News Update (13 June 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (13 June 2019)

News 7 comments

This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support!

TS: Reborn News Update (30 May 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (30 May 2019)

News 8 comments

Good welcome, citizens. This Thursday we are bringing to you a broadcast, a look at our rescaled Juggernaut, and our improved shotgun logic.

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W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub Launcher

Installer Tool 15 comments

The W3D Hub launcher installs and manages all of the most popular mods for Command & Conquer Renegade. Providing game downloads and automatic updates...

Texture Pack 8.0

Texture Pack 8.0

Tiberian Sun Reborn texture pack Full Version

This is the latest edition of my mad texture pack. If you want someone in this texture pack continue, but please tell me about it.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

Demo 72 comments

Retained for posterity, this Feb. 2008 build is only now serves as a curiosity and is entirely unsupported; use at your own risk. Radical changes have...

Reborn Ion Cannon Video

Movies 11 comments

This is a video of the GDI Ion Cannon featured in reborn, taking direct influence from the C&C3 Ion cannon with it's separate beams joining to create...

C&C Reborn Gameplay Trailer 2007

Movies 2 comments

A video showing the fast paced gameplay of C&C Reborn

Reborn Teaser 1


A teaser voideo made from the latest internal alpha!

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What I'm interested in is the personal weapons for the infantry in this mod, I can't play because my Renegade violently explodes every time I turn it on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm dieing to hear some big update news, it has been so long.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
FRAYDO Creator

news is steady lately! we're well on our way to TS:R 2.0!

Reply Good karma+7 votes

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! In the Name of Kane! :) :) :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

GDI gets a shiny new barracks?! Those HERETICS! I want a 70 inch high definition hologram-video/TV projector and whatever passes for netflix in this universe in my Hand of Nod Barracks!! Seriously good work guys.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Heretics? Brother, we should just call them GDI SCUM!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Heretics, scum, all names work! Burn them in the name of the Messiah Kane!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FRAYDO Creator

70 inch HD hologram video/TV projector? truly, this is the Technology of Peace

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Do it up, we wanna see Tonight's Execution in HD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FRAYDO Creator

hell yeah

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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Highest Rated (2 agree) 8/10

Awesome game! i always did dreamed about a 1rd/3rd person tiberium era game! but sadly the lack of Offline bots and online players to play with make it not what it should be...
i do hope we get AI maps one day so we can enjoy max number of bots in maps and big battles, then i will give it 10

Dec 9 2013 by Ahrimansiah


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Reborn news update! New mech animations, GDI War Factory scaling, and more! W3dhub.com T.co

19hours ago

Is it a coincidence that Jerad2142 posted a W3D tutorial about adding bones to skeletons during Spooktober? Who kno… T.co

Oct 13 2019

TS:Reborn news! Scaling, new arms, new mobile EMP, and discussion of the AAPC. [Forum thread]… T.co

Oct 3 2019

The new and improved Mammoth Mk. II is here. Check out this video! Youtube.com

Aug 8 2019

RT @CAGames: Don't miss us tonight at 7pm BST over @BAFTAGames 👉 Twitch.tv T.co

Jul 29 2019

A small update of things happening. High-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the c… T.co

Jul 25 2019

Tune in on Monday to see an informative talk on asymmetric game balance design from @Adsheartlikins! Not to be miss… T.co

Jul 23 2019

Red Alert: A Path Beyond version is out now! This update brings a wealth of bugfixes and balance changes! R… T.co

Jul 21 2019

Tiberian Sun: Reborn is coming along nicely! All the mechs have had a significant rework! #moddingT.co

Jul 16 2019

Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser! W3dhub.com T.co

Jun 21 2019

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