The Protectors (in short TPC) is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry 3, produced by
Infinite Interactive. Stand-alone means that it can be run without having the original game installed.

Currently, TPC is under development (since 2010) and has not reached a stable version.
However, there are beta versions available for download. All users are encouraged to report
bugs and suggest improvements on TPC forum, as they are considered beta testers. Becoming a
member of TPC official site will also ensure your name's (or nickname's) appearance in the credits list
once the mod is fully developed.

Official website | Forum | Download

For multiplaying, we suggest this Hamachi server: 160-127-061. No password required.
Or join our Discord server:

List of highlighted improvements:

  • Story driven campaign (new locations, quests, characters, videos)
  • Improved RPG part (dialogue choices, multiple endings, psychological profiles)
  • Improved RTS part (new units, buildings, terrain, food system, temples)
  • Improved A.I. (no longer freezes or gets stuck, seeks quests, builds mortars etc.)
  • New hero system (new spells, perks, racial synergy bonus, proficiency)
  • New items and item sets
  • Improved editor (scene events, interface, manuals, custom portraits)
  • Support for high resolutions (up to 1920x1080)
  • A lot more music (warlords themed)
  • New graphics (portraits, GUI, loading screens etc.)
  • Cheat codes
  • More multi-player scenarios
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
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Version 0.8.7 FULL


WARNING! Chapters modified. All chapters reset

WARNING! New Custom Campaign added. All saved games lost
WARNING! Heroes modified. All heroes and saved games lost



Fresh install! Uninstall all older versions and delete The Protectors folder in My Documents

Run in compatibility mode! For windows xp sp3

Other issues on modern setups: read this how-to

What's new?


Our top priority is to bring more people to the game, and what better way to do that than improve its functioning on modern systems? With support for custom resolutions, players can now enjoy The Protectors on their HD widescreens! Windowed mode is also supported, especially helping let’s-players record the game while monitoring other activities on the same screen.

Such a feature forced us to look at the general design of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and, as a result, we’ve updated it not only to accommodate this new feature, but also to ease its overall usability. Therefore, all information is now gathered in two parts of the screen: the control panel on the bottom and the resource information and objectives on the top-right corner. This is so that you do not waste time looking all over the screen to find the information you are searching for. Furthermore, we have added two new button sets, one for group special abilities – which allows casting different spells or use different abilities of a particular unit while a group of different units is selected – and one for hotkeyed spells – which allows viewing and casting your hero’s spells without having to open the spellbook.

gui final

Another way to attract more gamers and have fun is to improve the multiplayer experience. In this regard, we have made several minor improvements. For once, we fixed the annoying crash at the end of battle – a nasty bug that has plagued older versions. Secondly, we reduced lag and loading times by intelligently caching and compressing only the resources used by the game in the upcoming match. We have also added a new hero type we call Multiman, which restricts the hero to play only multiplayer games but he/she instead receives quadruple experience compared to normal heroes. This is for players who rarely play together but still want to evolve their hero only in multiplayer tournaments, at a faster rate. For allied play, there now is an option to secretly chat only with your team members, without letting the enemy know of your plans. The hide command has been tweaked to hide not only race choice, but hero stats as well. Lastly, we have added a spectate option which can be activated after defeat, so you can observe how the battle continues without you.

Back to GUI, you probably noticed that a new resource display was added. This represents the crowns that are in your treasury. Previously, this resource was only usable in campaign mode, but now it has several different uses during battle as well. Other than scripted events, quests and shops may now change this value, but more on that later. Dialog choices can now be selected via mouse click both in game and on the world map. Several fail-safe questions were also added to help the user avoid errors in selecting starting armies, quitting the game to main menu or leveling up. When loosing or winning, players will now be faced with racial popups, rather than the generic barbarian. Audio build-ups complement this feature, so that you can hear Indian yelling when you win as a primitive race, or monstrous noises when you lose as daemons, etc.

Spectate mode

We’ve talked about crowns. A major use for them in battle is to buy weapons from shops. Just like on the world map, items can now be bought with crowns from shops on the battlefield. Furthermore, shops now have shopkeepers with their own personality. Some of them might like you and give you a discount, others might hate you for your race, perks, alignments or recent deeds. Having high charisma will of course come in handy.

Another use for crowns is in the new quest system. We’ve described in more detail about this huge improvement here, but suffice to say you can win or lose crowns as a reward or request or you can even use them for bribing.

Alright, let us now present you the piece of resistance of this game. Heroes.

Firstly, we’ve added more avatars, portraits and voices to help with customizing your hero to your liking. Additionally, we’ve added new classes with assorting skills, namely the Venomancer, the Blighlord, the Rogue and the Chronomancer. Older classes were also reworked and some renamed to avoid confusion and to fit the lore better.

Secondly, we’ve added new perks to promote ranged attacks. Spellcasters will now cast fireballs as their normal attack, rangers will shoot arrows, and chieftains will throw rocks. Of course, fitting ranged weapons were also added to complement these perks. You might now stumble upon a magical staff or a bow with poisonous arrows, or a bag of javelins which can hit multiple units etc. In total, we’ve added 46 ranged items. The item stash was also increased as a result.

Ranged hero items

Thirdly, we’ve dedicated a big portion of our time to redefine the spell spheres. Many spell effects were changed and some completely new spells were added, such as Doppleganger and Fool’s Gold for the Illusion sphere, Whispers of Madness, Arcana Curse and Shamanic Call for the Chaos sphere, Frostblade and Glaciate for the Ice Magic sphere (now renamed to Cryomancy), Scry and Divine Peace for the Divination sphere, Shatter and Earthquake for the Rune Magic sphere (renamed to Geomancy), to name but a few. We’ve also added a totally new sphere called Contagion Magic, assorted with new spells that help spread disease across the land.

Geomancy   Homeguard Chronomancy   Blink Group


For fans who like playing with high level heroes we implemented something we call Platinum Mode. This Mode triggers when heroes are over level 50 and essentially helps balance units with heroes so that armies do not become under-powered when facing such uber-heroes.

Heroes may now also be affected by psych effects. Weak heroes might now fear Giants or fall in Awe when sighting a Dryad just like any other unit. We’ve also implemented a new poison type which reduces the hit points of the afflicted until death. This lethal poison can be inflicted via spells or units and can have fatal consequences, including for your hero, so you’d better stock up on healing potions. Furthermore, units can now be afflicted with multiple effects. An unfortunate swordsman may now be under awe, terrorized and diseased at the same time.

As for gameplay, we hope to achieve a better balance between the races, while also making them more unique in style. Several new researches were added, along with lairs and utilities which alter game mechanics. The Dark Elves in particular were modified so that they create tortured souls out of each creature they kill, exploiting their suffering to gain resources. Another game changing tweak was done with the XP gaining method, which is now proportionate to the enemy’s strength. Several scenario options were also added, namely No Items Exchange – which blocks heroes from equipping items mid-battle, Old Army Limit – which uses the vanilla army limit system instead of the food based one, and Permanent Retinue – which keeps your retinue alive for future battles even if they died in the previous one.

Celune's Favor

For the story lovers out there, we have released the next chapter in The Protectors, featuring Ice Mage Anagain and the High Elves. We’ve also added another custom campaign, the old (and now adapted) C.W. Magee’s Conquest Campaign. The previous WBC3 Campaign will be available for download as a separate DLC pack, fully supported for this and future versions to come. Furthermore, overall campaign difficulties are now more flexible, meaning the scenarios will be ever more different (and choices will have more weight). New scenarios and missions were also added for skirmishes and multiplayer matches.

chapter choice

The AI has also been greatly improved, now building all types of buildings and producing all types of units. It will now build walls to defend itself, raze shrines and shops if its hero is dead, carefully select mercenaries before battle, cast more spells like Change Weather or Black Portal etc. Unit AI was also improved: vampiric units will chase critters when they need healing and Queen Spiders will try to lay eggs on animal corpses. Ordering an attack on a unit with a group of units selected will now cause all units to charge at their maximum speed rather than going with the slowest unit in the group. Siege weapons will prefer to attack buildings rather than units (particularly the Battering Ram).

New terrain types were created, along with complementing features. You may now see mountain landscapes with snowy villages, muddy caves with interesting rock formations or ancient temples with spiky traps! The Random Map Generator also received a huge upgrade, making random maps more diverse and attractive.

Snow Houses

Lastly, we’ve taken a good look on what the atmosphere of the game is and how we can improve it. Many new beautifully orchestrated songs were added, each matching a theme of the game. We’ve also recorded a new system voice to announce the player of what’s happening (credits to Sara Mears). Several new sound effects were also added to better reflect the materials suggested by the visuals.

Well, these are but a few of the changes we’ve done since last year. It is impossible to cover them all in one article and we are sure we missed a lot, but you can read them one by one in this general changelog and this quest changelog.

Thank you all for the participation. We can only hope to bring you joy with this release and wish you happy holidays,

The Protectors Team

EDIT: If you are feeling generous, you can “buy us a Christmas present” via paypal donations here.

EDIT2: We've setup a discord channel where we can meet, chat and play online. Invitation:

Showcasing the new quest system

Showcasing the new quest system

News 3 comments

As the new version is about to be launched, we would like to present a feature we’ve been working on intensively: the quest system.

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

News 13 comments

The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0.8.6. With over 580...

The Protectors needs you!

The Protectors needs you!

News 3 comments

Is your hero doing well? Having fun leveling up, fighting foes, building empires, converting mines, casting spells and what not? Good, good. Mine's doing...

Epic Modular Music

Epic Modular Music

News 7 comments

The Protectors now supports fully customizable modular music, bringing gaming experience to a higher level. Music will now change based on what the player...

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Full Version 57 comments

Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! 'Tis the time to celebrate the release of the newest version of The Protectors. After almost one year of development...

TPC_beta_v0.8.6a_patch HOTFIX

TPC_beta_v0.8.6a_patch HOTFIX

Patch 56 comments

*Fixed hero level up bug *Fixed host migration message *Fixed AI special retinue not taking ASP costs into account correctly *Maximum AI special retinue...



Full Version 68 comments

The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0.8.6. With over 580...



Full Version 161 comments

One of the most balanced and stable versions yet, version 0.8.5 brings a new chapter, custom campaigns, new units, side colors, new hero classes and skills...



Patch 8 comments

Hotfix for the critical burn bug and the 30k+ hit points bug that made the game unplayable.



Full Version 16 comments

This patch unlocks original units for production as well as balancing stats, costs and spells. New features such as the spell timer, the cross-reference...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 949)

What cheats do you have? Do you have a god mode cheat? Thanks in advance

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Nevermind i just found the cheats

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WBCKharn Creator

Keep in mind that cheats don't work in multiplayer and people only tend to play with heroes around 20-30 in multiplayer as well.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I can't describe how much I love this. I'd have to write at least ten fantasy book to tell all those awesome tales.
I've lived many lives and fought against dragons and titans.
It really is an amazing game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The necromancy school needs at least one offensive spell, strip flesh is not that fun and rarely useful imo.

Also, it would be cool for Pyromancy and Ice Magic to be in more classes, perhaps a Hellknight for some decent melee / pyromancy action? I especially love the Ice Magic sphere and would be excited to see it replace Poison for the Lichelord, or at least get a few hybrid classes.

Overall, it's an amazing experience and I appreciate all the work that has been put in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JoeTheBartender Creator

Strip Flesh could be more like Curse of the K'Oulis from the Contagion spell sphere. Atm I agree it's pretty underwhelming and I've never really seen it used.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I also would like to add to this discussion, and here's what i think about that: i've already seen it mentioned somewhere around here, but it would be really great if we had an ability to choose what secondary type of magic we'd like to use (for Lichlord, for example - Necromancy would be primary, and choises for secondary would be - poison, contagion, pyro-, cryomancy, rune magic (or geomancy) That would give character build a lot more synergy and variety and would give a new way to balance out things for certain classes.

Another idea i had on "offensive necromancy" could be creating a "boneshaping" magic sphere, with spells like "bone spear", "bone tower", "create bone giant" and so on - it could work similarly to rune magic. Could be a good secondary magic type for a true Necromancer build.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think replacing it with something like "Hand of Darkness" could be cool. Make it behave something like the "Hand of Flame" and other hand spells, and perhaps it could use that cool black lighting projectile some mages use.

Thanks for the response, and keep up the great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Even better idea, seeing how it's so high level, make it so anything it kills automatically become skeletons on your side!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If you don't mind, i'd like to ask something: Have you ever considered making more hero models based on existing units in the game? Like, for example: Emperial archers for characters with archery, or Blackguards, Spider Priestesses and any other ones. I always wanted to play a character model that was different from the default banner-wielding protagonist. Would serve a great deal of variety, i think. Perhaps a system could be implemented, where a player would be able choose what custom model for their hero they'd want to use?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
JoeTheBartender Creator

We have, yes. As much as we'd like to implement re-skinned units as hero models, we have to be relatively strict about which ones we allow. This is because we're planning to implement a retinue skin system which allows retinue units to pick an alternate colour scheme for their avatar. If we aren't careful, we can end up with retinue units being misinterpreted as heroes and vice versa.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Would it be then too much to ask to add something specific? I've always thought the undead lacked a certain variety of avatars (namely - nothing skeletal, outside of resemblances on the default model). Perhaps a modified Liche sprite could be added? I think it would make sense to have a general among Liche (outside of Undead's titan). Sorry to bother your team with such trivial questions, and I would understand if it goes against your plans with the retinue skin system. I just want to know if something like that is possible.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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I've been a huge fan of Warlords Battlecry II and III. The protectors is a mod for WBC III which brings some nice ideas to the original game such as an improved hero leveling-system, balance changes (in the first skirmish I played to try this mod out, I ran into barbarian war hounds which were strong and pretty useful, compared to their weaksauce-version in WBC III) and the re-introduction of bronze and zinman-mode. The new perk system brings an interesting twist to alter your playstyle. You can…

Jan 11 2014 by MCDT

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