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Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors

Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors (or TPC), is a mod for Warlords Battlecry 3
and sequel to the Warlords franchise.
TPC is an ambitious project which focuses on a new interactive RPG experience and a streamlined &
modernised RTS experience.
It is stand-alone, meaning that it can be run without having the original
game installed.

Currently, TPC is in development (and has been since 2010), and has not reached a stable version.
However, there are beta versions available for download. All users are considered beta testers and are
encouraged to report bugs and make suggestions:

- On the TPC forum
- On the TPC Discord channel
Multiplayer games are also run on the Discord channel.

For more information, including the forum, videos and other, non-ModDB download links,
check out the official TPC website here. Becoming a member of the official TPC site will
also ensure your name's (or nickname's) appearance in the credits list once the mod is
fully developed.

Official website | Forum | Download | Feedback

Among various other features, TPC attempts to achieve the following:
- Provide new RTS and RPG elements which deliver greater strategic and role-playing depth,
including greater terrain influences on battles, unit types, dialogue choices, multiple endings
and psychological profiles

- Improve old, poorly designed systems or mechanics, including the resource, combat stat, damage type/armor, hero, retinue, conversion and terrain systems
- Integrate all official Warlords lore into the game, including lore from: Warlords, Warlords 2, Warlords 3 & its expansion, Warlords Battlecry, Warlords Battlecry 3, Puzzle Quest & its expansions,
Puzzle Quest 2, Puzzle Quest 3 and unofficial TPC lore to help fill any gaps (which is based on and respects Warlords lore)

- Provide new content, including music, maps, productions, heroes, items and a new story-driven, multi-choice campaign with diplomacy, new locations, quests, characters, and videos, which also changes based on hero traits and any of their prior actions or choices
- Provide the campaigns of the previous Warlords Battlecry games, including the Tears of Dawn WBC1 campaign, the Conquest WBC2 campaign and The Fifth Horseman WBC3 campaign, all updated with TPC’s gameplay
- Improve pre-existing content, providing new graphics, audio, features and functionality
- Provide up to 16 player gameplay which can be reliably played in multiplayer
- High resolution support for up to 4K
- Improve the editor, increasing the amount of control that map-maker’s have over their designs
- Fix every single one of the series’ bugs, from the most notorious to the most insubstantial, thereby providing the most reliable and bug-free experience in Warlords Battlecry history
- In general, bring the game up to modern standards and fulfil the potential of Warlords Battlecry, the founder of the role-playing real time strategy genre

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0.8.9 Download


Version 0.8.9 Release Notes

To fully patch and play 0.8.9, install 0.8.9 to a new folder (it's stand-alone), and apply patch versions 0.8.9a and then 0.8.9b after.

Version 0.8.9

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

Version 0.8.9a patch

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

Version 0.8.9b patch

TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

Warlords Battlecry 3 Campaign patch

The included version of the WBC3 campaign is prone to crashes. If you want to play the WBC3 Campaign in TPC, it is recommended that you download it from here and follow the instructions:

Custom Campaign: The 5th Horseman (WBC3 campaign) for 0.8.9b

0.9 Feature Rundown Video


Discover some of the biggest and most exciting changes in The Protectors version 0.9 in this early preview video! Please note that not all changes are covered in this video - there are so many that it would be impossible to go through each and every one! For more information about the changes made in 0.9, check out the changelog linked below.

Key Changes


  • New WBC2-style Conquest campaign with configurable AI heroes, unique items, secrets and interactable events.
  • New zoom feature for world maps.
  • New scout feature for campaigns that gives battlefield intel, such as the map layout and diplomatic relations.
  • Keep research system starts at tier 3 (instead of 1).


  • Overhauled combat stat, damage, armor and resistance so each is easier to understand (e.g 10 combat means 10% chance to crit/dodge, whereas the resistances to damage types have replaced the armor stat so that 10% slashing resistance means a 10% reduction in slashing damage).
  • The resistance stat now only affects a unit's resistance to afflictions (the percentage damage reduction, or rather new armor, handles all damage reduction). Resistance also now resists both psychological afflictions and physical afflictions in the same manner (if any affliction fails to inflict the target, the target gets 'Endurance' (which has been renamed from Courage)).
  • Decreased RNG by removing deathblows/misses, by removing the proportional comparison in the combat stat for melee attacks, and by giving the damage stat a small variation.
  • The combat stat now works the same way for both melee and missile units (all units deal direct damage instead of only melee units having to roll).
  • Crit effects have been re-evaluated so that they are more balanced with one another.
  • The effectiveness of damage types is not as extreme.
  • New rock-paper-scissors style unit type system (spearmen are more effective against cavalry and cavalry are more effective against archers etc).
  • The bias that certain races had against others has been minimised (whether that bias was as a result of the race's theme or damage types etc).
  • Complete rebalancing of all unit stats, building stats and abilities (they are now much more thematic and more in-line with their appearance).
  • Most units now have new thematic abilities.
  • Multiple new afflictions such as confusion, silence and ghoulplague.
  • New psych affliction attacks and physical affliction auras.


  • Cover bonuses are now stronger and are applied to all units equally (large/huge units now receive bonuses).
  • Terrain types like snow, ice, swamp and desert slow land movement speeds and some also give negative cover and can't be built on.
  • Terrain height now provides a specific and similar bonus for melee units, missile units and buildings (instead of a bonus which scaled with terrain height, units/buildings which are higher up than others get a specific bonus). The bonus provided is also more substantial.

Resources & Costs

  • Each resource type has been given a unique role (gold is used for everything, metal is used for advanced productions, stone is used for buildings and crystal is used for unit/building abilities and researches).
  • Redesigned costs for all units, buildings and researches (and notably lesser costs for spellcaster units, some of the costs of which have been transferred to their spells).
  • Some of the income generated from ore mines, quarries and crystal mines has been transferred to gold.


  • Races have unique themes and economies (such as necromancy and necromantic conduits for the undead or cover and altars of couatl for the ssrathi).
  • Poison/disease cures and similar answers to common playstyles are now available to every race.
  • Trade is now available to every race.
  • Races have different efficiencies at each keep tier level, meaning that they now have early/mid/late game advantages (such as lower unit costs and more/better research).


  • Rally points can now be queued.
  • Rally points now check whether or not a mine is full before producing a miner.
  • Using the crtl key, a player can set all their rally points.
  • New ability auto-cast system (when an ability is left-clicked, one unit uses it. When an ability is right-clicked, all selected units with that ability use it. Middle-clicking an ability toggles autocast for the selected units. Middle-clicking a unit image opens the ability manager, which changes whether or not to autocast certain abilities by default).
  • Automatic proximity conversion (it's much faster, multiple converters stack, and conversion orders can be issued and queued).

Unit Level Ups & XP

  • Unit level ups now give percentile bonuses instead of linear ones, and are much stronger.
  • Unit XP gains are based on the killed enemy (it no longer divides the XP gained by the unit's power level).
  • Level up requirements are based on the unit's power level (so a swordsman requires less XP to get to level 2 and a tyrannosaurus rex requires more).
  • ASP costs are fairer.

Fliers & Diving

  • When a flier attacks a ground unit, it dives (this reclassifies them as a floating unit for a short period of time. During this time, they still can fly above other units/buildings/obstacles as normal).
  • Ground units can attack diving fliers (anything which can attack a floating unit can attack diving fliers, so both ground units and fliers can attack them. Diving fliers can still attack other fliers).

New Building System

  • Buildings are either classified as base buildings or defense buildings (all buildings in the primary construction panel are considered base buildings, whereas all buildings in the secondary towers and walls construction panel are considered defense buildings).
  • The first keep a player constructs creates their 'base radius'. Enemy players can't build any buildings within this radius.
  • Base buildings, aside from the keep, must be built within the player's own or an allied keep's radius.
  • Base buildings constructed outside of the 'base radius' cost additional resources and take more time to build based on the distance from the 'base radius'.
  • Defense buildings can be constructed anywhere outside of an enemy's 'base radius' without additional cost (they also don't require to be within a player's own or allied keep's radius).
  • Build queues from other builders are now visible when a building is being placed or if the shift key is held down.

Army Limit

  • Army limit is now a preset option in scenario options (it scales with the highest level of keep a player has, so they start with less than the preset amount at keep level 1 all the way until they reach keep level 5, in which they get the preset amount). Any bonuses such as from morale, perks or researches, are added onto this number.


  • Maps can have a preset army limit, a preset victory condition/gametype and sides can have a preset hero (which is fully customizable and can even be one of the player's own heroes).
  • New terrain tiles such as extended ramps and clouds.
  • Any terrain tile selected in the menu will display underneath the cursor when hovering over the map.
  • Most lists are now alphabetized in a large, right-hand scrollbar.
  • New event conditions and effects.
  • Events are renamable.
  • New advanced diplomacy window with configurable dispositions and a new 'neutral' disposition (for instance, there can now be a player which is allied with two others which are enemies with one another, or there can now be multiple sides on a map which are neither enemies or allies with other sides).


  • AI uses races and their abilities better, purposefully timing them for specific occasions.
  • AI knows how to build heroes (such as which skills or perks to invest in, which ones to prioritise and which ones not to invest in).
  • AI tactics are more advanced (they know how to produce specific types of units, how to predict danger, how to defend their bases or allied bases, how to protect or destroy mines, how to retreat armies, when to cast certain spells and more).

Heroes & Spellcasting

  • There's no longer any spellcasting failure (spells are always successfully cast).
  • Spells are unlockable (instead of being levelled up individually).
  • Spell levels are based on the hero's ritual skill and intelligence stat.
  • Higher-cost spells are more efficient than those with lower costs.
  • Exploitable spells replaced or have new effects (such as intoxication and ymorgia's touch).
  • Certain spells have new effects (such as home portal which summons a portal structure which can teleport units, or divine peace which prevents all units and buildings from being able to attack or use abilities within a specific radius for a duration of time).
  • Hero traits (such as good, evil, experimentalist or traditionalist), now only affect the RPG side of gameplay (such as events, questlines and campaigns).
  • Heroes from 0.8.9 onwards may now be imported into following versions (after they are imported, they are respec'd so the player can reinvest their skill points however they like).


  • New necklace and belt item slots, with plenty of new items.
  • Items unlock spells instead of spell sphere bonuses (instead of giving +3 to Necromancy for example, an item might give access to the Vampirism spell). Any spells unlocked this way are cast as well as the hero casts any other spell (so a chronomancer could equip an item which gives access to summon imp and cast that spell as well as haste).
  • Items are upgradeable and renamable (when an item is upgraded, the player gets 'skill points' which they can use to improve any positive bonuses provided by the item. When an item is fully upgraded (when it yields the same amount of skill point value as an artifact-level item), it can be named however the player wishes).


  • Handicapping now levels up and gives a number of skill points to a weaker hero depending on how much weaker they are compared to the strongest hero in the game (when determining the strongest hero, items are included).

Producible/Resurrectable Retinue

  • Retinue units can be purchased and resurrected at the keep (the cost of producing the unit is based on the race the unit belongs to, the race being led and the level of the unit).
  • Retinue unit abilities are unlocked by default.

Changelog: Docs.google.com

Website: The-protectors.webs.com

Donations: Paypal.me

Discord: Discord.gg

Thanks for watching and for your continued support!

  • The Protectors Team
The Protectors version 0.8.9 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.9 FULL now available

News 34 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9 of The Protectors is finally here.

The Protectors version 0.8.8 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.8 FULL now available

News 8 comments

My fair warlords and warladies: it is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors. Witness...

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

News 5 comments

Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! 'Tis the time to celebrate the release of the newest version of The Protectors. After almost one year of development...

Showcasing the new quest system

Showcasing the new quest system

News 3 comments

As the new version is about to be launched, we would like to present a feature we’ve been working on intensively: the quest system.

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TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

Patch 52 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9b of The Protectors is finally here. Requires version 0.8.9 FULL and patch 0.8.9a. Heroes from previous versions are NOT...

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

Patch 22 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9a of The Protectors is finally here. Requires version 0.8.9 FULL. Heroes from previous versions are NOT deleted, but saved...

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

Full Version 33 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9 of The Protectors is finally here. This does NOT include patch versions 0.8.9a and 0.8.9b. To fully patch up and play...

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

Patch 20 comments

Quick fixes regarding multiplayer stability and other minor gameplay tweaks. Requires patch 0.8.8a. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

Patch 2 comments

What started out as a hotfix ended up as a patch. Requires version 0.8.8 FULL. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

Full Version 39 comments

My fair warlords and warladies: it is my pleasure to announce that the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors is finally released. Witness...

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how do you move the game window it minimizes when i click on the boarder to move it

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
WBCKharn Creator

Unfortunately, 0.8.9b and below don't like it when the mouse is off-focus and the game will always minimise.

But for 0.9, this behaviour can be altered by the player, so you can choose exactly how the game responds to the mouse being off the window, such as leaving the game on screen and even running instead of being paused if you do choose that option as well.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do you think Ssrathi how the race and king of the dwarves were taken from Warhammer? If the series continued, would we see skaven? Could there be new sides besides the 16 races from part 3? Is it possible in the future to add new units and races and not just balance changes?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
WBCKharn Creator

Warlords and Warlords Battlecry do appear to have taken a lot of influence from Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. There's some artwork for the Ssrathi that have their leaders looking just like the Lizardmen - right down to their equipment.

Infinite Interactive did have plans for an expansion for WBC3 if it sold well enough. The aim for it was to separate Goblins from Orcs - making a new playable race of Goblins. But unfortunately, the game didn't do well and so the expansion idea was canned. And by version 1.03, the game lost all official support.

As for our mod, we technically do have new units, albeit recolours of existing units (with the exception of the return of old, removed unit models, such as the WBC1 Dragon, WBC1 Dwarf Infantry and WBC1's Rock Giant). A new race is planned, but we'll need entirely new models to make that a reality, which may or may not ever happen.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Brothers is there an ETA!?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

some time in june, if everything goes smoothly.
that's what i heard though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello, sorry for noob question, but I cant seem to find a guide, or instructions on how to install the mod. Which full version should I download first, then do i download the campaign patch, then the newer version? Also, which folder should I install the mods in? The data folder? I just want to make sure I get this right so I don't break anything Lol. I've already beat the campaign, but Id like to play it again with this mod, and possibly make some new friends for multiplayer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WBCKharn Creator

Install "0.8.9 full" into its own folder (so NOT in any existing WBC3 directory). The mod is stand alone so it does not require anything from the original game and should always be kept separate to it. Mine's E\Programs\Enlight\Infinite Interactive\The Protectors.

Then install 0.8.9a to that same directory - so the installer is given the main folder for the mod. (Again, E\Programs\Enlight\Infinite Interactive\The Protectors for me)

Then install 0.8.9b to that directory as well.

But due to an installer error, you'll end up with 2 WBC3 vanilla campaigns, but only one works (The Hero of Etheria). The other is meant to be an updated version but the installer only adds the updated files and not the whole thing. The update just adds some decursing locations so it's not really important. But if you want the "full TPC version of the vanilla campaign, then you can download that from Mod DB as well. There should be instructions on its download page on how to install that.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This makes things way easier, thank you so much!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello :) What does it mean item is "heavily cursed" - i can't take it off, or i have some debuffs too?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WBCKharn Creator

While normal items have a slim chance of being cursed with a random debuff, certain items will always be cursed with a fixed debuff and these are referred to as 'Heavily cursed'.

You can break the curse of an item via multiple methods, the easiest in 0.8.9b being via a quest. Once decursed, a traditional items simply loses its curse. But heavily cursed items are destroyed upon being decursed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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