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Unity is a feature rich, fully integrated development engine for the creation of interactive 3D content. It provides complete, out-of-the-box functionality to assemble high-quality, high-performing content and publish to multiple platforms. Unity helps indie developers and designers, small and major studios, multinational corporations, students and hobbyists to drastically reduce the time, effort and cost of making games.

Using Unity, you can publish your game on the following platforms: Mac OSX App, Windows Executable, Web Browsers (using the Unity WebPlayer), iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Unity supports the creation of almost any game imaginable, including:Browser-based MMOGs, First-person shooters, Racing games, Real-time strategy games, Third-person shooters, Roleplaying games, Side-scrollers, ...and many moreVisit the gallery section of our site to see some of the games that have been powered by Unity.

You can download Unity for free from anywhere on our website. No charge whatsoever and no strings attached. Anyone who meets the terms of the license agreement can use Unity to create, publish and sell games for desktop computers and the web at no cost.

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Greetings all and welcome to the December Devlog update!

A lot has happened since our last update, and we are anxious to share the results - and plans for the future - with you all.

Build v0.3 – Current public release

First off, let's talk about the current build on Itch.io – v0.3

Early November we finally swapped out or old Test Ketches with our test Brigs – Which first of all meant MORE size and MORE firepower! The same model used is the low poly version of the more detailed model that the player will use in the coming entirely new build of ToW – v0.4

We moved to Itch.io for our releases and updates, therefore making patching and updating clients MUCH easier. Be sure to download the demo through the Itch.io client to keep up to date!

What does Build v0.3 consist of so far?

  • 5 Nations to play as; English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Pirate – More nationalities will come at a later point, such as China, Russia and young America.
  • 26 gun Naval Snow, based on the HMS Ontario
  • Admin panel to set up your test scene
  • 3 swappable ammunitions:
    • Basic Shot (Hull/Armor damage)
    • Chain Shot (Sail, Rigging and Mast damage)
    • Hot Shot (Heated to cause fire – which left unattended makes the gunpowder magazine explode)
    • Canister (Crew damage) and other munitions will be added later when other mechanics are implemented
  • Basic AI intelligence for the NPS's (Non Player Ships)
  • Functioning flooding and fire system on board that must be fought if occurring.
  • Test map with islands for tactical play
  • A fully working day cycle system. You can let it run its course or freeze it at a certain time of day/night
  • A fully working and customizable weather system with calms, storm, fog, rain, thunder and even snow dynamically being added to your ship

The last week we have also added to v0.3 the beginnings of new incoming systems you meet in v0.4:

  • A basic dynamic damage texture system showing the damage done by the cannons on both yours, and your allies/enemies ships
  • More dramatic updated explosions when the powder magazine explodes
  • Updated explosions sounds
  • New fire sounds
  • More visible water splashes (still needs some colour tweaking)
  • New Cannons particles

Open Testing

In addition to testing it for hours and hours internally, we have also run open servers and tested the current build with many outside testers. And we have also joined privately set up servers. It has been a blast and taught us a lot! Although the build is running smooth and very stable we did encounter a minor Networking issue that sometimes does not allow the player to connect to a server if they have just jumped out of another due to a long running master server timeout. Normally they have only had to wait for about 5 minutes and it was sorted out. Although we have looked into the matter, we are focusing on fixing this bug for the coming .0.4 build.

Should you NOT prefer to play PvP (who doesn't love a good single player match?), and purely want to test your skills against the computer, - or simply want to train and hone your skills before you meet your nemesis - you are of course fully able to set up your own server and play as single player against as many NPC/AI ships as you choose. Or even just spawn ships of any available nationalities you wish, and just spectate the carnage…

That concludes for v0.3 features. We will not add much more to v0.3 in anticipation of build v0.4

Update - weather and sky

Build v0.4 – Coming soon

The next build is the biggest update so far and features a completely reworked/rebuilt game with increased performance and vastly improved code, furthermore it will also mark a new milestone for further development as we now will start to put in the finer details such as skill systems, upgrading systems and more. Features that will be added to the existing ones to expand the game to new heights.

Update - Larger magazine explosion

Here are some of the highlights of what's to come:

  • New and even further improved water system
  • Improving and building on the implemented damage system
  • Basic skills system allowing to specialize more
  • More detailed ships for the player (Also adding a different version of the Naval Snow)
  • New Texture system to the ships – to increase the graphical visual experience for the player and allow players to customize their own paint job (based on historical colour schemes)
  • High quality cannon models and a few other objects on deck when hit/damaged can reflect that damage (or destruction)
  • Basics of the coming ship customization and upgrade systems implemented – tailor the ship to your own play style
  • Basic levelling system with implementation of new ships and ship classes
  • New WIP Menu System

Ship Modelling work & Progress

Finally, it is exciting to show you some updated screenshots of the ongoing modelling work. All of these models near completion and consequently will lead to more ships making their way into the game when finalized.

Ships based on known ships, and not 100% accurate copies

  • HMS Unicorn
  • HMS Fly
  • Pirate Brig
  • Merchant Brig
  • East Indiaman
  • 3rd rate Warship
  • USS Essex

Other ships in the making are:

  • Redone Pirate Ketch/Schooner/Brig (A facelifted version of the test Ketch)
  • Queen Anne's Revenge (The original Blackbeard's ship built on plans of La Concorde)
  • 4th Rate Warship

In conclusion, download a copy today and give it a spin. We look forward to see you on our test servers! Who knows, we might hop in and say hello!

May the winds always be in your favour and lady luck on your side!

Best regards from the Wolf Pack Games development team

SugarMill : Dec 15th : Early Access

SugarMill : Dec 15th : Early Access


SugarMill is coming to Early Access Thursday Dec 15th. Here I summarize the main features that are in this version.

Tokyo Warfare 1.4 BIG UPGRADE + New trailer

Tokyo Warfare 1.4 BIG UPGRADE + New trailer


With this update Tokyo Warfare has been deeply updated and expanded. Also a new trailer has just come out to celebrate.

Earth Liberation will arrive on Steam Early Access on 15 December 2016

Earth Liberation will arrive on Steam Early Access on 15 December 2016

Earth Liberation

Get ready for a mix of fast-paced RTS gameplay and old-school style gaming experience! We are very excited to announce: Earth Liberation will arrive on...

Dev Blog 7 - December 5th 2016

Dev Blog 7 - December 5th 2016

Shinobi Life Online

Our new blog has got info on our first village, Kenjutsu combat system, and more!

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Alone is a psychological horror game that changes the world as the player progresses, and aims to unnerve the player. Can you find the mystery behind...

Poly Adventure

Poly Adventure


Poly Adventure is a charming first-person puzzle adventure game inspired by games like Myst and King's Quest. Embark on an adventure to unravel the mysteries...




Game is free. Hard and confusing game, collect small balls and exit the Labirynt.(Try to remember to not pressing E)

Crimson Keep

Crimson Keep

Hack 'n' Slash

Crimson Keep is a first person Hack n'slash roguelite. The player descends into a hellish subterranean labyrinth full of monsters, traps, and treasure...

Overflo Game

Overflo Game


The town of Overflo's water source is being contaminated by toxic sludge. Solve the mystery of this 2d platformer adventure with puzzle and combat elements...

Gerty - Robots In Love

Gerty - Robots In Love


Hello, lovely robot! Your parents want you to settle down and find a partner, or it's the scrapyard for you! Oh boy! Also: The evil GateKeepers are about...



Real Time Strategy

SugarMill comes to break the rules of village building simulation. Get ready to deal with food expiration, thirst, real world measurements and transportation...



First Person Shooter

Liveout is a FPS Horror with combat in true Cry Of Fear style! Embark on a journey through a twisted world. You are Richard. A paranormal investigator...

Endless Legacy

Endless Legacy


Endless Legacy is a RETRO infinite randomized dungeon crawl rogue-like RPG with a nice 80's style. Progress through the eerie dungeons with ur map, and...

Silent Manor

Silent Manor

Third Person Shooter

Public Demo Out now! Old school third person horror makes a comeback in Silent Manor! A fan game heavily inspired by Silent Hill 3, filled with atmosphere...

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Great Engine.
An engine up to large projects. We use it in Oberion Games and recommend !

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I'm looking for a serial number for unity 5 pro version. If anyone could hit me up with that I would appreciate greatly. Thank you.

sorry that was me before. for some reason i wasn't logged in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

Really nice engine. Could use a more updated UI. Still learning. HOW DOES I CAMERA???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Unity is the best! We are developing a vehicular combat DesperatioN with Unity. Making the best of the graphics and physics check us out guys Indiedb.com Desperationgame.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Love Unity. Its easy to use, very user friendly and the support is out of this world with tons of video tuts...
why would you choose anything else really.
and if any 1 is intrested check out the game im making atm

yea i totally made this comment to try get people to chech my blogs out, sue me XD

Stay Indie chaps..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

God bless unity!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

help me if i install a unity webplayer i play 3d game and doesnt work please help me :(

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Unity3D is very good engine. We create LOA under this editor - Indiedb.com

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The advantages of Unity are: +You can build for nearly all major plattforms +Easy to learn +Great assets pipeline, which supports most 3D packages +Great and helpful community and hundreds of useful tutorials +Good documentation +A big fund as backbone. So this engine will be further developed and getting better +one of the most optimized mobile engines So why I give only 7 out of 10? Well, Unity has unfortunately some really weak points: -Basic version is free. But if you serious about game development…

Sep 21 2011 by dongiboy2000

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Terrible engine.

Jun 9 2013 by HobbyPsychopath


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