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Post tutorial RSS Pimp your game’s Steam page in 10 easy steps (+1 difficult one)

In this article, I'd like to give some tips to fellow gamedevs on how they can revamp their game's Steam page and increase its visibility in 10+1 essential steps! We did all these for our game, Rise of Humanity and I'm happy to say we had great results :)

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1. Prepare a super eye-catching capsule image for your Steam page.

The small capsule will be the one displayed in ALL LISTS on Steam. If it's eye-catching enough, it works like a mouse magnet - users will hover over it to look at your game's screenshots.

Which brings us to:

2. Add some super colourful screenshots.

The first 4 will be visible to users browsing through Steam looking for the next game to play, so make these super pretty.

3. Test if the capsule generates more clicks on your game for a week or two. If not, then try switching it to an even more eye-catching version.

4. Add a video that shows actual gameplay of your game.

Skip the cinematics. Ain’t nobody got time for that on Steam! :)

5. Record a stream with (preferably funny) devs playing the game. Put it on a continuous loop on your game’s Steam page.

This helps with the visibility of the game, drives traffic to your Steam page and you might even get featured in the GAMES STREAMING NOW section of your genre's store page.

Don't forget about the Broadcast Artwork (the customized background image displayed on the two sides, as you can see above) - this gives your page a more professional feel.

6. Use the Tag Wizard to add tags to your game. Keep the very specific ones, eliminate Indie, 3D or anything very general (except free to play if applicable)

7. Write a very on-point Short Description. Remember to include: the games genre, USP (what makes your game stand out, why is it different from other games), something that describes the general feel and experience of playing your game!

8. Write a long description.

Include a description of the game mechanics, USPs in more detail, etc. though in our experience, this is not as important as the following step:

9. Add some kick-ass GIFs between the paragraphs. These will make the long description look more action-packed, your Steam page more professional.

10. Localize EVERYTHING. Unless you're a genius/CIA agent/polyglot fluent in 8 different languages, you will need to outsource this to a localization company. We'd suggest to have your game and page localized in at least 5 languages: Simplified Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America) and French.

Last, but definitely not least:

+1. HAVE A LOT OF LUCK! You can do a lot to attract more users to your Steam page but let's be honest, it's also down to a loooooot of luck.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a different experience? Please don't hesitate to share with us, we'd love to hear from fellow gamedevs and share some tips! :)

bloodyspasm - - 13 comments

Super useful article!! 🥰

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NoraBla Author
NoraBla - - 3 comments

Many thanks for checking it out! :)

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