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Rise of Humanity is a strategic roguelike deckbuilding game.

The Hivemind project resulted in the most powerful AI created by mankind. At the time we didn’t know better than letting it control all of our automated work force. A disaster waiting to happen as the AI went rogue.

In Rise of Humanity you take control of a band of odd heroes who so far have survived the onslaught that started 50 years ago. They have discovered that the robots the AI uses to do its bidding are getting weaker and this is the time to strike back.

Each hero (and enemy) is controlled by a deck of cards. This deck gives your characters actions during a mission. Each mission is played out on a hexagonal grid in a strategic turn-based manner. Missions are procedurally build so no mission is ever the same.

Destroying enemies and finishing missions gives you access to new cards for your heroes. You built their deck as you play the game! However if they die, they will lose their progress so every decision counts!

Will you be the one to save humanity and let it rise again from the ashes of this onslaught?

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Check out our brand new trailer for Update 2:

New playable character: Danny

Danny might look like a punk, but he's actually a former acclaimed showman that excels in illusions and manipulation. His cards are tailored to divert the enemy but also to manipulate the deck of his allies!

Let's look at two new cards:

  • Shadow Clone - Deploy a holographic copy of yourself and use him to divert enemies or even attack them! Be warned: one Crusher attack and your clone's a goner. This card has a lot of nice combos to try out, so catch them all!

  • The Great Unveil - Ever wanted to play an enemy card? Now you can! With Danny's The Great Unveil card you can take a look at an enemy's hand and use one of their annoying moves against them!

New enemy type: MARV!

The MARV - or the chicken with a bazooka as we like to call it in the office - is the first ranged enemy in the game, which means it will shake up tactics quite a lot. No more hiding behind turrets or walls, this thing comes straight for your soul.

Let's look at one of the MARV's cards:

  • Vigilance - This is a reaction card, meaning the MARV will use it as soon as it sees you move in a 2 hex radius around it. Then of course, it will reward you with some explosive presents.

...and many more new cards!

The Warehouse, a new environment to play in!

We also conjured up the Warehouse, a magical place made for bot-clobbering. This abandoned multi-floor jungle of walkways and vines creates the most claustrophobic experience in Rise of Humanity yet. The level features a more narrow layout compared to the already existing levels. This also makes the Illusionist shine!

New Daily Challenge Missions!

The daily challenges just got more challenging! More enemies - yes, including the MARV -, more demanding mission goals, more tension in general.

Four challenge types will possibly get you into full-on nail-biting mode:

ESCAPE – Be a sci-fi Houdini and make your way to an ever-changing escape zone while dodging robot raids. All heroes need to escape, so make sure to bring some elbow grease.

DESTROY – Airborne AI shuttles dropped some deadly bombs that eradicate your whole team if you’re too late. Get going and wreck them all before time runs out!

SURVIVE – The robot horde has spotted you, but help is on its way. Can you stand your ground for long enough without getting annihilated? Pro defense tactics are required.

KILL THEM ALL – Classic mode. Just wipe out every robot and claim victory. Simple as that.

A brand new animated limited edition card

Our community over on discord voted on the Deploy Turret card to be turned into an animated one. So here it is! Make sure to play the game between March 31, 2022 and May 31, 2022 to claim your animated Deploy Turret card.

Tweaks and Fixes

And of course a lot of bugfixes and tweaks based on your reports and suggestions! Just to name a few:

  • Polish language added thanks to our community member vito74m / A100N
  • Quality-of-life improvements of the gameplay camera
  • Fixed numerous bugs that would cause the game to not respond

...and much more smaller bugfixes and tweaks!

Confident of your robot-ravaging skills? Try to get first on the monthly leaderboard! There’s a new challenge every day! Don't forget there is a 20% discount active for a limited time!

Want to give the update a try? Click here➑ Bit.ly

UPDATE 2 coming March 31st! 🀩

UPDATE 2 coming March 31st! 🀩


MARV the chicken with bazookas, Danny the trickster madman and the Warehouse, a multi-floor jungle of walkways is coming to Rise of Humanity Update 2...

Can you make it with a random deck?

Can you make it with a random deck?


With the latest update, we introduced a battle condition that will have your heroes face deadly robots with a completely random deck in their hands...

Can you eliminate all the bombs in time? πŸ˜¬πŸ’£

Can you eliminate all the bombs in time? πŸ˜¬πŸ’£


In Rise of Humanity's new Destroy! mission, your heroes must eliminate bioweapons before they explode... The clock’s ticking, so you better make a run...

How to beat the new Survive missions

How to beat the new Survive missions


In Rise of Humanity's new Survive missions, our heroes have to make it through an excruciating NINE (or more) rounds among a horde of deadly robots and...


awesome game

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Looks great!

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