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Summary of last month - Diagonal walls. Out of town this month.

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Welcome back to Prog.

There wasn’t much progress this month due to illness and a different project having issues getting off the ground. What I did do however was sketch out ideas for the next level and work to implement diagonal walls in my wall tilemap rule system.

For the next level I was wanting to create a water processing plant where the player will be able to use/avoid water overflow valves during combat and roll over pipes. Part of my concern with this whole idea was why would there be a large water processing plant in the desert? I guess it could be a mid way point, a pump for groundwater, a collection place for rain, and/or a distribution place for several towns in the area. I don’t necessarily need to justify it being a large plant, but when designing the set dressing I do want to be mindful of certain aspects. One prop in particular I want to make a set piece would be a large water pipe coming out of the facility towards the town. I doubt it would be buried to make maintenance easier considering it's the frontier.

While planning this out, I noticed I was adding in diagonal walls despite not having the ability to create them with my current tile set. So I’ve set out to try and add some. Here are some screenshots of my test scene.




As for this month, there will not be much progress if any by the end. Going out of town for a while to visit family.

Here are the sprite numbers.

Non unique NPCs (32/384)

Props (33/113)

Nice of you to drop by and I hope you enjoy the game!

I'll be back next month.

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