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Hello! I am a full-time Unity developer for training software. I love to make games and music on the side. My current project is Skettle. I hope you check it out and give a watch.

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You know, blogging is a very introverted activity yet extroverted at the same time. You find yourself looking at your life in a different lens. You comb over everything that happened between the last blog and the current blog. You take any event, from eating a decent meal to sketching your food, and stretch it till it looks like fine lace. You flourish any and all loose strings to keep your life from feeling empty or underwhelming, but you keep it real so not to lose yourself in lies. This is the introverted side, an author like nature that expands when let loose on your own life. The other side of your nature is the extroverted elements of your life. You are posting your blog online of course. Why? Why else, you want people to read it. But who knows, maybe there is one solitary member of the blogging community out there that simply blogs for creativity and typing practice.

That poor poor blogger. So lonely.

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