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Patch 0.3.3 is live! Lot´s of new content and many bug fixes.

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We just released the pantropy demo version 0.3.3.

Thank you for all your bug reports. We tried to fixed all reported issues. There are still some low-priority things on the list that we´ll take care of during the polishing phase.

mech battle

So what´s new?

Player drones

We have added the basic drone. It´s the most simple of our 3 drones. You can remote control it, carry stuff around and use it for building. Combat and mining variants will follow soon.

PantropyClient 2017 02 05 12 03

the basic drone can be used for scouting and building

It was super fun to test the drone, make some crazy stunts and do some air races. Can´t wait to see what you guys will do with it.

Player base turrets

PantropyClient 2017 02 05 12 01

turrets are expensive but pretty deadly too

Julian added craftable sentry turrets. This will make raiding a lot harder. Make sure you put some of these on your base! We´re currently using a placeholder model until our artists have came up with something nice.

no entry sir!


Implants are finally a thing! The first two implants went into the demo. A chest implant that raises your overall health and a leg implant that raises your running speed. More implants are planned.

More gates

PantropyClient 2017 02 07 22 57

small and medium gate

The medium sized gate made it into the demo. We might add big things soon and want to make sure you have a proper garage for it.


PantropyClient 2017 02 08 14 27

The medium cargo container is also craftable now.

Ingame music

We just added over 1 hour of ambient music to Pantropy. The tracks were made by Túrion.

Check out his awesome work here:



PantropyClient 2017 02 08 14 21

The black spider-bug creature. We still need a name for it.

It took a while but we decided to re-write our creature/AI-system from scratch. It´s still simple but it works. We have added one single creature and will see how everything works out. Once the system is polished we will start adding the other creatures too.

No team member was harmed during gif recording!

Content in progress

Anjar has been pretty busy working on the player ship. This might not make it into the demo but will be part of the alpha for sure.


Transport your team mates or the smaller mechs

Jim is working on some nests for our creature.

w3 3

Nests will be found on the map and can be destroyed.

Dmitry is working on additional ores.

screen low

Working on the high-level ores.

Whats next?

We will have to do some base loading improvements and re-write the audio system. More creatures, weapons and a map is also planned for the next patch.

See you next time, thanks for reading!


Menumorut - - 581 comments

I can only LOVE your game....Where can I buy it? Can I support you?

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Pantropy Author
Pantropy - - 75 comments

Thanks a lot. Not yet. But you can join the multiplayer demo www.playpantropy.com

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