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Kickstarter updates and some new game play eye candy!

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Hi folks,

Hive Quest will be hitting Kickstarter soon and needs your support!

Over the past few months a huge amount of coding and design has gone into lots of cool new features. This has definitely transformed Hive Quest into a more streamlined and pleasing experience.

Here’s a few of these new features, some of which appear in the video above -

  • The book of hive lore that condenses all info about your hive into an interactive reference guide.
  • War against other hives – enemy hives AI is now fully implemented and presents an ever present threat to the player’s hive.
  • Create drone swarms to attack or defend.
  • New resources to collect – food, gloop, nectar & aphids.
  • Unique artefacts waiting to be discovered throughout the landscape.
  • Strange new puzzles waiting to be discovered and solved.
  • Better animations.

Not to mention the great dollops of eye candy that have been added to the environment so players exploring the landscape will be met with beautiful scenes and enchanting locations.



The new demo will include all of these additions and is intended as a vertical slice of game play to give users an overall impression of what the full release will be like. It will be made available for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign, so don’t forget to sign up for notifications now on the KS pre-launch page to get access!

Have a great week & stay safe,




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