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Survive amongst a mythical woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures & intriguing puzzles. As the Hive Mind, you embark upon a dangerous and sometimes dark journey to find safety for your insect tribe. Inspired by folklore & fairy legend, and the artwork of modern fairy artists, Hive Quest is a Real Time Strategy trip into a whimsical world that is intended to delight and entertain.

Players of Hive Quest will find themselves in the role of the ‘Hive Mind’ – an omnipresent entity in charge of micro-managing the growth of an insect colony.
Laying eggs, building new hive sections, managing resources and exploring a mysterious woodland filled with magic and oddity are important elements of gameplay. Warfare is also an ever present reality, with Insect colonies engaging in swift and deadly skirmishes, or subterfuge and theft. Players also acquire a magical creature that assists with spell components and uncovering secrets that may open up new areas or upgrades.

With a large dollop of craziness, humour and the magic of the Wild Woods, be ready to spend time dancing with the fey!

Coming to PC on Steam

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It’s a big day for fans of Hive Quest – the latest HIVE QUEST DEMO (PC/ MAC) has just been publicly released!

It took a little longer than I’d hoped – bug fixing, voice acting and some unforeseen speed bumps had to be sorted at the last moment, but that’s all fixed now.

This demo is a vertical slice of game play, showing the main elements of the game including:

  • Hive management
  • Exploring a beautiful woodland
  • Caring for your pet creature
  • Puzzles
  • Swarm battles
  • General strangeness & oddity

You can download the demo yourself by visiting the website and subbing to the newsletter

OR by buzzing over to the Discord and visiting the demo-download channel

Thank you to all supporters from the bottom of my heart for following the progress of Hive Quest so far. It has not always been an easy journey, the path at times twisting & turning unexpectedly. However, now I am hoping the community will rally around the game and the upcoming KICKSTARTER to create the energy needed to bring the project to life and get into Early Access on Steam. Fingers crossed!






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Hive Quest Kickstarter announcement

Hive Quest Kickstarter announcement


Kickstarter updates and some new game play eye candy!

Hive Quest gets a big new addition to the UI

Hive Quest gets a big new addition to the UI


Players can now organize the Hive better using the new Book of Hive Lore!

Hive Quest gets new cinematics, landscape improvements and a Kickstarter update!

Hive Quest gets new cinematics, landscape improvements and a Kickstarter update!


New 3D models, opening sequence eye candy and mooore...

Hive Quest and fun with the new insect swarms

Hive Quest and fun with the new insect swarms


After the last update and strategy thoughts - here's some news about an important new strategy element!

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HiveQuestMac app

HiveQuestMac app


Hive Quest Kickstarter DEMO - Mac Version This download is a ZIP file which contains the UNITY executable to run the game




Hive Quest Kickstarter DEMO - PC Version This is a ZIP file with the Unity executable inside

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