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Progress devlog for Fates of Ort - we cover the underworld, exploring a character's soul, the Howling Plains purgatory & a magical barrier.

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This week we focused heavily on adding more areas, all with a very otherworldly theme. The first one to show is this skeletal underworld. This area is an aspect of the afterlife, and is usually not accessible for the living. The particle effect for this area came out really well. We used the snow particles as a baseline, but inverted the direction upwards instead.

The next area is the internal workings of a specific character's soul. I won't reveal too much about it at this point to keep the mystery alive!

The last area to show is the Howling Plains. This is another aspect of the afterlife, a kind of purgatory for lost souls. You will get hopelessly lost here, unless you have someone (or something) to guide you. The area is inspired by the Lost Woods from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Without a guide, the player will loop around in the plains aimlessly.

Finally, we added this magical barrier that serves as an obstacle to those who aren't yet sufficiently skilled in the arcane arts. This will be used in a few places as an optional opportunity to find loot and rewards.


Cool stuff man, I like the graphics. I think you could add more images, screens from the game, graphics etc, to the article. I think it would draw more attention. Keep it up!

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