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This week, we will give you a sneak peek of the level design!

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This week, we will show you the progress of our level design, our vertical slice contains 20 levels, containing the game's ingredients like icy tiles, hole tiles, and boulders.


As previously mentioned, we will give you a peek into our level design:

This is the first level of our game, it simply contains 1 boulder, and the level can be solved with just 1 push, this serves as a tutorial, showing the game's main mechanic.

game 5

This level is still easy, but with more complexity, containing more boulders and requires more pushes in order to be solved.

We can also see a placeholder for the game's collectibles, in the final game, we will have photos for the player to collect.

game 6

In this level, there are ice tiles, the player needs to use one of the boulder to stop the other boulder's trajectory, in order to solve the level.

game 1

This is the introduction of the hole tiles, once the player pushes the boulder, it will fall inside the hole, afterwards they are able to walk on top the hole.

game 2

Here is a more complex level, containing boulders, ice tiles, and hole tiles.

game 4


In conclusion, the level design of the game is mostly complete, however we will continue to do user tests, and improve the levels based on feedback and how the players perform while playing the game.

Thank you for your time!

Bino Studios


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