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This week, we will show the level transition we've created for when changing levels.

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This week, besides working on the level design, we've worked on a level transition, a sliding animation for when the player leaves a room and enters another.


To create our level transition, the UI has two animations, one for entering a room, and one for leaving.


When the player leaves the room, an image representing a black screen comes from the left and moves to the right.


When the image reaches its destination and fills the screen, the game loads the next level.


When the level is loaded it plays the entering animation, which starts with the image filling the screen,


Then the image moves to the right until it goes off screen.


This creates a seamless transition, making it appear that the level is instantly changed during a simple sliding transition.


In conclusion, we're currently testing our level design, and besides the transition, we also have other systems in place for when the player changes level, like where the player spawns in the level, depending where they came from.

Thank you for your time!

Bino Studios


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