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In the last Dev Blog, we introduced the Level Progression of the Amazer. This article focus on the art design of the stages.

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Amazer Dev Blog #2 - Level Design


Amazer is built with Unreal Engine 4 which is commonly used for realistic high quality game. In Amazer, we are trying a new way to use voxel (volumetric pixel) graphic in video game. Instead of making every tiny pixel 3 dimensional, we designed monsters and level with voxel as their own traits and used simple polygon on other stuff.

These are our new model design of maze and walls.

Basic WallBasic Floor

Cage (Boss Arena)Stair

As the maze is randomly generated, we are making it cell based with everything of the same size. These are the basic building block of the level. As you can see in the cage and stairs, everything are built with cube and they are larger than other voxel game out there. The cube is not only for aesthetic but the mechanic like the tiny cubic peephole in cage and steps in staircase.

These are some additional wall design which will be used randomly in game.

Wall T-1Wall S-3

Wall S-1Wall S-2

Their function is completely the same as a basic wall which is nothing at all (except being a good and nice wall). There might be more of these with actual function like obstacles and spikes in the future.

This is the end of this short article. You can check out our previous article about Level Progression here and the page of early demo of Amazer here. Another early demo will be up soon, be sure to play it when its here. Thanks for reading till the end and leave us feedback if you have one. :D

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