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Post news RSS (#6 Dev Diary) Different faces of the Guardian

Introduction of main hero from Elfscape: Ancestors, including concept art.

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Different faces of the Guardian

Dev Diary 06

It’s time to meet the hero of Elfscape: Ancestors. She’s a Guardian of the Temple and we’ll never learn her real name. The Guardian was designed by our main animator, Kika. (She sometimes regrets giving her both horns AND wings, because they're difficult to draw. But they look cool so it's worth the pain.)

These are some of the emotions you will see in the cutscenes.

Here she is, looking at you all angry.

Guardian's emotion - anger

This is her neutral face, which you’ll see most of the time.

Guardian's emotion - neutral

And look, she can also be happy.

Guardian's emotion - happiness

This is a concept of how she’ll look in the game.

Guardian - game concept

And now for some details of the wings and horns.

Guardian - face detail (coloured)

Guardian - face detail (black&white)

And we’ll finish this article by concept art drawings which led to the final design of the Guardian.

Guardian - concept art 1

Guardian - concept art 2

Guardian - concept art 5

Guardian - concept art 3

Guardian - concept art 4

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