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Post news RSS (#47 Dev Diary) Map travels

Hello! We're still working on our map, so we're bringing you an article about the map upgrades (with nice pictures!).

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Map travels

Dev Diary 47


Following on this article about map upgrades, we will show you how the different upgrades are represented on the map. These upgrades are dependent on the player’s collection of Lahmu statue heads.

starting point

Number of heads: 0
You have no perks yet. You can access the map feature, but there is no map available for you yet. You see just a picture of the temple in the main city.

Elfscape map - upgrade 0

1. upgrade

Number of heads: 3
What do you gain?
A map. When you complete a level, the map will be updated with its tile. The map will not show you where you are, but you can guess it based on the tile design.

Elfscape map - upgrade 1

2. upgrade

Number of heads: 6
What do you gain?
A compass. The map will now show you your location.

Elfscape map - upgrade 2

3. upgrade

Number of heads: 10
What do you gain?
A restricted teleport. And how is it useful? After completing one environment and getting back to the city to advance in the story, you will have the possibility to teleport from the city to the story room (which is at the end of every environment) and vice versa.

You can notice that most of the level tiles have a brown square in the middle - this square represents a teleportation seal. If the level tile has this square, you cannot teleport there. In the picture, the last levels in the environment are without the seal, indicating that you can teleport there now.

Elfscape map - upgrade 3

4. upgrade

Number of heads: 14
What do you gain?
Full teleport. You can teleport to and from all the levels you have already gone through. (Observe the missing teleportation seals in this picture in comparison with the 3. picture)

Elfscape map - upgrade 4

5. upgrade

Number of heads: 18
What do you gain?
Lahmu statue’s head indicator. The map will now show you where you have already collected the Lahmu heads, and where some heads are still missing.

Elfscape map - upgrade 5

6. upgrade

Number of heads: 22
What do you gain?
Coin collecting indicator. The head counter indicator will be upgraded with icons for the coin collection, showing you in which levels you have already collected all the coins (big+small)

Elfscape map - upgrade 6

What do you think? Do you like the design?

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I feel astec ,, it's nice 😌 👍👍

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