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I got pretty lucky being able to chat with Joel himself, and thought that I'd save this here because he provides some insight to indy development :

TymaxBeta : I develop on mods and indy projects, and its pretty damn awesome to be talking to someone in your position, would you mind if I asked a little about the Dev proccess at FB?

Joel: well sure

Joel: I may be slow in reply atm though

TymaxBeta : no problem, I was wondering, what is the first step of development after creating the concept for you guys?

TymaxBeta : I mean, after design doc

Joel: ah

Joel: well

Joel: we don't do design docs anymore anyhow

Joel: it's a concept idea, then some prototyping or full development depending on what the idea needs

TymaxBeta : so is it art assets, levels? what comes first on the table

Joel: well for Trine 2 it's levels

Joel: levels -> programming and art in conjunction

Joel: I mean level design, e.g. gameplay blocks and such

TymaxBeta : so its gameplay before visuals?

Joel: yes

Joel: but our processes vary between projects

Joel: we don't follow any strict process guidelines or anything :)

TymaxBeta : yeah, one more thing

TymaxBeta : what would be your number one tip to someone starting out in indy development and release?

Joel: not stop working on a game until it's finished :)

Joel: don't drop projects just because you lose interest

Joel: that's my #1 tip

Joel: because finishing projects, the last 10% or so... is very educational

Joel: especially for commercial stuff, but I'd say for non-commercial too

Joel: just wrapping everything up

Joel: because it can be tough

TymaxBeta : Alright, thanks a lot for the insight. So long

Joel: have a good one :)

TymaxBeta : you too!

Joel: :)

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CJ_COIMBRA - - 40 comments


As you are watching our game Chesster, I'd like to invite you to check it on Steam Greenlight. Every vote is important and welcome so if you feel like voting for us thank you very much!


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Oleomingus - - 208 comments

Thank you for tracking "somewhere".
We really appreciate your interest in the project.

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RaptorXL - - 218 comments

ok you cant be 1st gen gamer, you'd be like 40 or 50 by now lol.

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tymaxbeta Creator
tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

I was literally playing Pitfall for the Atari Video Game System on the CRT yesterday mate...

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Surrealness - - 182 comments

Hey there, just wanted to say thank you very much for tracking Surreal System. It means alot to us and we appreciate your interest. (:

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CJ_COIMBRA - - 40 comments

Thanks for watching Chesster! We are very close to our demo now!

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CoS_Ethan - - 255 comments

Thanks for watching City of Steam!

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UnclGhost - - 4 comments

You have excellent taste.

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FEED_ADMIN_038 - - 1 comments


Good bye for now, but I doubt this is over.


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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

Shut it, Spam-Bot.

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