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"UnclGhost in name only, for it is neither."

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I've been working on a demake-style game based on Uncharted for a while. After some frustrating and persistent bugs, the basic gameplay is mostly finished and I'm mainly working on level design right now. The game will probably take around 10 minutes to play all the way through the first time, so nothing really fancy, but hopefully you'll enjoy it when it's done. I've been doing it with the resolution, palette, instruments, and control limitations of the Game Boy Color (inspired by the portable and recently-released Uncharted: Golden Abyss), and it's less trolly than The Lake, etc. Anyway, look for it in a week or two!

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Skeletrumpet Games

Skeletrumpet Games

2 members Developer & Publisher

Skeletrumpet makes indie games such as the Day at the Lake series. We also appear on Indievania, along with our sister company Nomesoft.

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