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Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them with a place to showcase their hard work (in-progress or complete) to fans seeking original gaming experiences. Welcome to the official Indie DB BLOG, watch this profile to keep updated, join to show your support.

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Hey there! I’m Seamus, the new Editor-in-Chief for ModDB and IndieDB and I couldn’t be more excited to be here with you. You’ve likely noticed me doing the headlines over the past month and popping up around the sites commenting on articles, but let me give you some more background about myself.

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked in the games industry covering and promoting games in a variety of ways. From writing about them for sites such as IGN, Gamespot, AusGamers and more, to promoting them for several publishers and helping build communities around games for developers. Although I’ve worked with studios big and small, I’ve always had a strong love and interest in indie games and the often unique stories behind their development.

Jak And Daxter

Growing up I played whatever I could get my hands on, including the incredible Jak & Daxter series.

At heart, I’m a writer and a sucker for details and research, who loves learning about and sharing games, stories about their talented creators and seeing others play and appreciate them as much as I do. To be able to do exactly that in my new role with DBolical and to work on such renowned sites such as ModDB and IndieDB is an incredible opportunity.

I’m looking forward to becoming more familiar with the sites, the communities that have grown around them over the years (and you of course!) in the coming months. I hope to help grow ModDB and IndieDB and to see them continue to be wonderful hubs for indie games and modding communities around the world. As well as a place for gamers to discover new, interesting indie experiences and reasons to return to favorite classics through mods.

Therefore, I’d love to hear what you think we could be doing better or differently across ModDB and IndieDB. I know INtense! has a lot of plans in the works and I’ve already been brainstorming a lot of ideas just in the past month, but we always want to be listening to you and ensuring the sites are continuing to evolve and change to suit how you use them.

Fallout New Vegas

As I grew older I quickly came to love RPGs, including a personal favorite to this day, Fallout New Vegas.

Would you like us to continue the weekly mod and indie game round ups? Or is there a particular feature you really want us to implement? Perhaps you’d like to see more original content highlighting new mods and upcoming indie games more? Let us know, whether it’s in the comments here, through Facebook, Twitter, Discord or over email! You can always find us at support(at)dbolical.com and you can find me personally at seamus(at)dbolical.com

Of course we’re always looking to expand and grow ourselves as a company and to support the game development and modding communities in new ways. As part of my role with DBolical, I’m also a producer/scout for Modularity Games, a video game publishing label all about finding and helping games with modding capabilities succeed through funding and promotion. So be sure to hit us up at publishing(at)modularity.games if you are working on a game you’d think would be a good fit for the label.

We’ve got a lot of plans in the pipeline for Modularity Games that we can’t wait to share with you soon and for you to be a part of. While the team at our sister site mod.io is still hard at work creating the ultimate modding API cross platform service for game developers. So if you are working on a game with mods be sure to get in contact with the team at hello@mod.io to learn more about the service and how we can work together.


Journey cemented in me my love for indie games and the unique stories they can tell.

Again, I’m incredibly excited to join DBolical, to be the new Editor-in-Chief for ModDB and IndieDB and to be part of these fantastic communities that have grown over so many years. If you ever want to ask or question or chat you can message me right here on the sites, you find me on Twitter where I post regularly about indie games and mods, or email me at seamus(at)dbolical.com.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing you around the sites!

Hello indie developers. 11 months ago we let our community know that we are building mod.io, a cross-platform mod API for games. A number of games signed on as early adopters, and last month we proudly powered over 100,000 mod installs.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of our Mod Browser and Manager plugin for Unity, which makes it easy to integrate user generated content directly into your Unity Engine games. It is highly adaptable, open-source, has built in UI with search, supports all stores and takes minutes to setup and get running. Features include:

  • Platform agnostic, supporting 1 click mod installs on Steam, Epic Games, Discord, GOG, itch.io with plans for full-console support
  • Connect your community, with our Discord ModBot and embeddable web app
  • Synchronized subscriptions, mod ratings and installs
  • Powerful search, filtering and tagging of mods
  • Flexible default UI, with easy integration

If you are familiar with Steam Workshop but need a solution that works on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store, itch.io, Discord, GOG and other places in the future, then mod.io for Unity is the tool for you. For non Unity Engine developers, anyone can start using mod.io via our API or C/C++ SDK, we are building plugins for other popular engines like Unreal and will email you as they become available.

If you are interested in experimenting with mod support, we'd like to hear from you and invite you to download and start using our Unity plugin. We look forward to enabling the creativity of your community, and extending the life and success of your game with mods.


The IndieDB, ModDB & mod.io team
Scott, Pat, Turu & Jackson

Unity Plugin for Mods

Unity Plugin for Mods

Unity Plugin for Mods

Unity Plugin for Mods

Every year we make the annual pilgrimage from Australia to San Francisco to attend GDC (Game Developers Conference). 2019 is no different, we look forward to immersing ourselves in video gaming culture, meeting plenty of developers, playing games and discussing trends in the industry.

As well as providing a bit of coverage of the event, this year we are lucky enough to be invited to help judge Best of the MIX on Monday night. I look forward to playing a stack of indie games, hopefully not embarrassing myself and showcasing some of our favorites.

Mon MIX image

My primary goal at GDC is to continue to introduce mod.io our open modding API to more developers, publishers, platforms and partners. We've had a busy year building out our tools, and are in a great place where we believe we are ready to scale and really help games at every level succeed with mods. Some of the key functionality we've recently added includes support for Steam and GOG authentication, a drop in Unity Plugin with Unreal Engine support next. Join our community on Discord to stay up to date.

modio trans

One of the hardest parts of indie game development comes after the actual development has finished: getting your game noticed. Whether than means by players, YouTubers, streamers, press, and any others who would find what you’ve made interesting and enjoyable – there’s only so far that you alone can spread the word.

While IndieDB as a whole exists to help indie developers share their projects, there’s one particular part of IndieDB that we think you should know about: our giveaways. Easily one of the smartest things you as a developer can do to encourage others to tell their friends and followers about your game is to give them a copy of it – and our giveaway system is designed to make that easy, smooth, and guaranteed to get noticed.

Here’s how it works. Developers can submit their game to IndieDB’s giveaways system, specifying what game the giveaway is for, the time the giveaway starts, and which digital storefront they want the winners to redeem their copies on. Since each giveaway runs for 24 hours, IndieDB will guarantee 24 hours of promotion for it on our homepage. Think of it similar to how a Steam Daily Deal appears on the Steam storefront.

The available storefronts include:

  • Steam
  • GOG.com
  • Origin
  • uPlay
  • PlayStation Store
  • Xbox Marketplace
  • Unity Store
  • Itch.io
  • ...and more!

While IndieDB requires at least 20 keys per giveaway, we recommend you provide 100 keys to cover the 24 hour giveaway period for maximum exposure and engagement.

A new addition to our giveaways system includes the ability for entrants to follow your game on IndieDB with links back to its profile. This is a powerful system for driving people to not only enter the giveaway itself, but to stay tuned regarding future updates, patches, or demos you may post in the future.

For more developer info about IndieDB’s giveaway system and how it might be better for you than buying an ad, check out this page. For IndieDB users, consider becoming a subscriber – because not only will you get to visit the site ad-free, but you’re 5 times more likely to win in each giveaway that you enter!

At DBolical, we are huge believers that mods bring out the best in games. From the moment we launched ModDB in 2002 and started playing mods like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Insurgency, Killing Floor (and so many others) we were hooked. Today, indie games like RimWorld and Cities: Skylines with incredibly active modding communities inspire us, and reinforce our belief that enabling the creativity of the community is a very powerful thing.

Two years ago we started working on mod.io, an open mod API for game developers (much like Steam Workshop) that allows user-friendly browsing, uploading, and installation of mods. With mod.io we are building a highly customizable drop-in platform to support mods (for studios large and small), that has allowed us to work closer with game developers than ever before.

Now that mod.io has approached the point where we are ready to onboard games to further our vision and help developers succeed, we are proud to announce a brand new initiative: Modularity. Modularity is a new games publishing division with a focus on investing in and supporting games that are created by modders, inspired by mods, or have strong modding support themselves.

Some of the biggest games that still reign supreme today were spawned from mods: recent smash hits like PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds coming from the ARMA 2 mod scene; Dota 2 having its roots as a Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos custom map; the highly-moddable Cities: Skylines becoming the true city-building genre successor; or classics like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rising to the top of the Steam charts from its humble beginnings as a Half-Life mod.

Modularity is looking for the next generation of games that have the chance to stand tall as mod-focused titles. Games with a fierceless independent streak. Games that dare to do something different. Games that, in finding success, steer the industry in a whole new direction with their creativity, innovation, and strong sense of identity.

Modularity is thrilled to announce its debut title under the label, Meeple Station - a highly moddable space station building simulator which, after already seeing great success as a top-selling beta on itch.io - is launching on Steam Early Access today. Inspired by deep and creative simulations like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress, Meeple Station lets you build and manage a habitat for your meeples, all while surviving the dangers of deep space like meteors, pirates, and deadly alien encounters.

suicide 2

If you're a developer who has found their start in the mod scene, is working on a game with strong mod support, or is inspired by other mod success stories, get in touch with Modularity and tell us why you think your game is incredible, and what kind of assistance you need to realise your modding-powered vision.

modularity logo top color

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