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My conversation with Joel from Frozenbyte

tymaxbeta Blog

I got pretty lucky being able to chat with Joel himself, and thought that I'd save this here because he provides some insight to indy development :

TymaxBeta : I develop on mods and indy projects, and its pretty damn awesome to be talking to someone in your position, would you mind if I asked a little about the Dev proccess at FB?

Joel: well sure

Joel: I may be slow in reply atm though

TymaxBeta : no problem, I was wondering, what is the first step of development after creating the concept for you guys?

TymaxBeta : I mean, after design doc

Joel: ah

Joel: well

Joel: we don't do design docs anymore anyhow

Joel: it's a concept idea, then some prototyping or full development depending on what the idea needs

TymaxBeta : so is it art assets, levels? what comes first on the table

Joel: well for Trine 2 it's levels

Joel: levels -> programming and art in conjunction

Joel: I mean level design, e.g. gameplay blocks and such

TymaxBeta : so its gameplay before visuals?

Joel: yes

Joel: but our processes vary between projects

Joel: we don't follow any strict process guidelines or anything :)

TymaxBeta : yeah, one more thing

TymaxBeta : what would be your number one tip to someone starting out in indy development and release?

Joel: not stop working on a game until it's finished :)

Joel: don't drop projects just because you lose interest

Joel: that's my #1 tip

Joel: because finishing projects, the last 10% or so... is very educational

Joel: especially for commercial stuff, but I'd say for non-commercial too

Joel: just wrapping everything up

Joel: because it can be tough

TymaxBeta : Alright, thanks a lot for the insight. So long

Joel: have a good one :)

TymaxBeta : you too!

Joel: :)

Media releases and mods...

tymaxbeta Blog

From HLP I have learned a bit on how promotion works, I realize now, having a good plan of the profile and the media ready will make your mod stand out more, I hove nothing more to say, I mean, after the first media, trackers tripled, and we were featured on Pod Cast 17, the connection is obvious, ideas get you no were, the work is what brings you success.
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