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In WotM, your choices always have an effect... You find your own way through the game. The story is set in Ultam, a town of broken peace. Survival depends on discovering the secrets of this once quiet place... Or break the chains holding you in hopes that you can escape in time to save Ultam's residents... And everyone still in the light. You are forced to put your limited experience to the test against an enemy who could be anyone. You're challenged to learn what is really going on in Ultam... Before it's too late.

I strive to create an original experience through unique story, audio, and visuals.
The plot is woven into the dialog and the game itself, and you can expect an interesting plot that changes depending on your actions. The latter two are still being created, but the beginnings of which can already be seen. This doesn't just end with the maps and music though. The battle system, menus, help system, and many other tweaks throughout the game all work to create what will become an experience rarely seen elsewhere.

I'm developing "Way of the Magi" alone, with some commissioned work from artists. It's been in the works since November, although it didn't move on from a story line until late December. Way of the Magi is scheduled to have it's first official version launched in Fall(Northern Hemisphere). It will be updated with new paths and other possible features, many of which can be voted on by the community. A public Alpha version is scheduled to be launched by the end of this Summer, enjoy! Feel free to give it a try, everything is free! ;)(donations are very appreciated though, and will help cover the costs, and support future projects!)

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Way of the Magi is back, with a lot of new content! New maps, items, monsters, armour, and better combat

are just some of the new additions! Many core elements of the game have begun to emerge, enjoy!

Better Combat

Tired of fighting countless overpowered Dark Essence? Tester's cries for various balanced enemies have been heard, and, although Dark Essence(and rage essence) will still be your most common enemy, you will find

they have gone a long way towards being balanced. That's not all though! New equipment have been introduced, much of out as rewards for those adventurers who will take risks to reap their rewards. New equipment in hand, a second Great challenge waits, should you find the path that opens up the graveyard.

(It's up to players to find it, but... "A mistake will guide you there, should you strive to mend it")


Many Maps

Two new dungeons are now open! Knight's Dungeon and the Graveyard have been made available to those choosing the paths leading to them. Most paths lead to at least one of them, so everyone can enjoy a change

in pace for awhile. Knight's Dungeon focuses on puzzles, while the Graveyard offers a dark atmosphere and difficult opponents to overcome. You'll also find a shopkeeper, and secrets to explore on improved and expanded maps.


Equipment and Questing

Death's Deal is now available, along with many previously unnamed quests. Now, for your convenience, quests descriptions have been added!(Not fully complete) This should be a useful aid in navigating your way through your chosen path. Also to help you as your progress through your story, is equipment that has been scattered across the map, greatly assisting you in your battles. These can be found anywhere from dungeons, to quests, or other characters needing help. A certain one even has an... added bonus.

You'll find it especially helpful, though it's not openly available. Who will be the first to find it?

WotM Alpha V 19 Halloween

Download Here

Next update will be on Saturday 14th, focusing on visual and mechanical improvements

Stay tuned! :-)

Way of the Magi V .05

Way of the Magi V .05


It's been a long while since the last update, but since then there's been a lot of changes. With many factors creating a better atmosphere, a new combat...




The latest update has now been released! Cut scenes have been made more fluid, the story expanded, and maps improved.

Way of the Magi - First Alpha Release

Way of the Magi - First Alpha Release

News 1 comment

This is our first release, both to help development(Thanks to the many willing participants), and show a bit of what we have so far! I could not show...

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WotM Demo

WotM Demo


Battle Demo for Way of the Magi! The update with these features added and more will be announced soon!

WotM V.195 11-28 Rtp

WotM V.195 11-28 Rtp

Full Version

This is a smaller update, and includes improvements to the questing system, Easter eggs, and bug fixes! For the full List of bug fixes, please see below...

WotM Alpha V .19 Non-Rtp

WotM Alpha V .19 Non-Rtp

Full Version 1 comment

A BIG step up from my last open Alpha. There will still be glitches here and there, though nothing to worry about. This is my Non-Rtp version! do NOT...

WotM Open alpha Version .19

WotM Open alpha Version .19

Full Version

A BIG step up from my last open Alpha. There will still be glitches here and there, though nothing to worry about. RTP is included, although I can post...

Way of the Magi OpenAlpha Version .1

Way of the Magi OpenAlpha Version .1

Demo 2 comments

The very FIRST open Alpha for Way of the Magi! Enjoy! RTP is included, so no hassle... Have fun! Changes- +A new Title Screen +An Expanded Story +Much...


Very nice. will be watching.

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CosmicArchitect Creator

Thanks :-) Please excuse the wait- I honestly haven't checked here in awhile. The game is currently close to being updated, and you should be able to expect one(finally, I know) this weekend! I hope you enjoy the new improvements, I've done my best to make it worth the wait moving up to a new engine!

By the way, if you would like more regular updates on what is going on, I do so on my twitter. Here I only post bigger news like an update releasing or a major change in the game. This may change in the future, but that's just how it's ended up being easier for me to manage.

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CosmicArchitect Creator

Oh! It seems I have neglected to notice that my twitter feed was no longer up. I was wondering where it was when I checked up today xD I probaby changed the handle at some point...

In any case, it is back up, so you can all see that I am still working on this project! Sorry for the mistake!

edit: IT still won't be displaying the latest tweets for some hours, you can click on @WayotMagi at the top of feed to see current news :)

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CosmicArchitect Creator

There seems to be an issue uploading the file... I apologize if it does not go up tonight. :/ For the last hour, I've re-entered everything a few times on multiple browsers... Well, at least I can continue my work now that the project is fixed. I'll try to have the file by tomorrow, the program will continue running tonight, so it might still work.

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CosmicArchitect Creator

The release is out to everyone in the Alpha! Please message me if you are interested :-)

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CosmicArchitect Creator

The next Alpha release is set for the next week! Details are in the forums.

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CosmicArchitect Creator

The first Alpha launch has been rescheduled to 1PM Eastern Time tomorrow.

I apologize to those who had already been added to the alpha testing list. Multiple errors were discovered, and I have decided against releasing it until they have been resolved. I thank everyone who hope to support me in testing this project, and I don't want to waste your time by leaving errors that would bottleneck everyone into not even being able to complete the test. I will also use this time to introduce some new features while I'm at it, so it will be worth the wait!

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CosmicArchitect Creator

the first closed Alpha will be release at 10 PM tonight. Please contact me if you would like to become a part of it, it is still possible after the initial release.

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Made a small game for my #Valentine. x3 I hope you all have a great #ValentinesDay2017 too! (I'll have WotM news soon btw 🙂) #indiedev

Feb 14 2017

A closed alpha tester Version is now available. This is not an official version, but if you wish to help, PM me for details #indiedev

Nov 25 2016

Very close to finishing the next release! You may notice a things missing though. Data was lost, but it will be recovered for next update.

Nov 13 2016

Hoping to complete fixes sometime this weekend. I'll make sure to update you all as soon as there is a clear ETA! #indiedev

Nov 3 2016

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