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The current official demo can be downloaded via itch.io here. (Approximately 2-3 hours of gameplay!)
The IndieDB download will be available in the next version!


Legends of Astravia is a story-driven, puzzle-based RPG inspired by classic Super Nintendo games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the Legend of Zelda.

The game starts off in the small town of Mordin Village, bordered by forests and swamps on the western edge of Astravia. After being rescued by the local swordsman, Baldric, you find yourself at a loss for any of your past memories. Under the assumption you were a courier from the city of Valica to the east, you decide to prepare for your venture there, with hope that the familiar environment will help you regain your memory.

However, your plans quickly change when you discover a member of Mordin Village is in danger...

This game is in active development and will continue to receive periodic updates. It is free throughout its development cycle, until it becomes approximately 50-75% complete. From there, demos will be available to project contributors, until the game eventually becomes complete!

Current estimated project completion: 15%

I look forward to completing this project and hearing everyone's feedback!

Story Introduction

Over a century ago, a horrific, apocalyptic event known as the Great Cataclysm threatened to wipe out the world of Astravia.

Upon the brink of destruction, two heroes used their magical prowess to stop it, then vanished--overwhelmed by the strength needed to stop the apocalypse. The people of Astravia hailed their sacrifice.

However, the world's salvation was not enough to save it from discourse. At the brink of extinction, tensions grew between the sister kingdoms of Valica and Anatas. An imbalance of power between the knights of Valica and mysticians of Anatas erupted. A war ensued, and countless deaths could not be prevented.

Years passed and this this war eventually ended, and the two kingdoms formed a reluctant treaty. For a short while, it seemed Astravia would finally see peace.

Yet, it would not be long before the casualties of war would brew a hatred and malice that would bring forth a new threat to the world…


(Some features listed below are planned for the full game and are not available in the current demo)

  • Fast-paced “Action Timed Battle” system that relies on strong decision making.
  • Multiple party members with individual combat styles
  • Plenty of monsters, but avoidable combat encounters for flexible play styles.
  • Various dungeons, caves, and towns to explore with unique puzzles and characters.
  • Various side-quests with special rewards.
  • Crafting / Extraction / Enchantment system for weapons, equipment, and items.
  • Dynamic lighting, weather, and a fully-functional day / night cycle.

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Proposed Game Resolution and Interface Changes

A note about this article: the images have been reduced in size to help the reading experience, but it's recommended you click the images to view their full size to fully understand the proposed changes.

Since the beginning of its development, I've constantly swayed back and forth on increasing the resolution for Legends of Astravia. It currently uses the RPG Maker XP default, 640x480. The "Double Window Size" command allows the window to be resized to 1280x960. I sort of intended this to be the default view, since it gives a nice "pixelated look":

2x Window Size

The issue with this is that the character busts end up looking really fuzzy, and text boxes have very little room for dialog:

Baldric 2x

Increasing the resolution would have a lot of benefits, the biggest being user interface space, which is really an issue for more complex menus such as the item menus:

Item Menu

640x480 feels cramped and difficult to use especially by modern gaming standards.

However, if I simply up the resolution, the user gets an unusual viewport:

Huge Viewport

Having this much "information" visible is overwhelming and breaks the intimacy of the game.

The proposed solution? 1280x720 resolution with a double-size map viewport:

HD Busts with Pixel Graphics

I believe this is the perfect design. It allows for large amounts of user interface space, beefy text boxes, and pretty, HD busts that don't look rasterized and blurry.

Here is the side-by-side of the old resolution vs the proposed change:


So, as either a developer or a player, what are your opinions on this change? It would be a lot of work, but I think it would really pay off in the end. Please comment below, or, if you have a twitter account, you can cast a vote here.

Tileset Changes and Progress

Tileset Changes and Progress


New screenshots of the tileset changes, as well as an update on the various changes made to the game in the past week.

Quick Status Update

Quick Status Update


This is a small update explaining the lack of articles and updates as of late.

Roadmap: Februrary 2019

Roadmap: Februrary 2019


A brief plan of attack for the next month of updates.

Legends of Astravia Joins IndieDB!

Legends of Astravia Joins IndieDB!


This RPG inspired by classics like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Legend of Zelda has been added here to showcase its current development progress...

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