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Year 2235 ... and humanity is inserted in an interplanetary community ... artificial intelligence and robotics are part of the societies ... there is a war between different companies and civilizations that want to take control over new underdeveloped planets ... there is a code in order to galactic law that prevents control through war and force so some companies take dark and secret ways to advance their control objectives ... this mechanism is the black market and secret missions for intelligence and paramilitaries ...

You're a bounty hunter ... you're SKYLARK



The "galactic federation" that seeks to maintain compliance with the galactic law.

This federation has a great army very powerful, almost indestructible but its action is very eventual, only before an inevitable intervention since it generates general malaise and always arouses distrust communities.

The galactic law seeks that each society decides for itself and sanctions those who intend to abuse or control other societies by force. Likewise, the frauds that they intend to submit to companies are considered illegal even if they decide it but it is shown that they were deceived.

All those civilizations that exceed a high level with at least 5,000 years of peaceful continuity participate in the federation.

Skylark attack

Skylark attack


The companies belong to the particular civilization that originated them but are interplanetary in their action, producing and selling their products throughout the galaxy.

Some companies are very powerful and claim to have more control over the societies to increase their profits and secretly seek to obtain seats in the galactic federation to have bargaining power and action.

For this, some have developed intelligence services and secret paramilitary services with the aim of obtaining technology, information and armaments.


Each civilization is made up of a people, planets, government, technology, weapons, culture and habits, religions, special abilities, specific resources, among other things. Each civilization has a level of general development and specific levels of development in key areas. The weaker, lower-level civilizations are targets of other civilizations and powerful companies that wanted to take advantage of it.

Mechanism of Missions and Leveling:

The companies and some civilizations will want to take advantage of certain weaknesses of the system and the weakest groups and will want to do it incognito so as not to arouse the reaction of the federation. For this they will resort to the black market where they are presented with rewards that in exchange for monetary units, weapons, information, skills and technology will be hired to carry out the missions.

Once the objective of a mission has been achieved, the bounty hunter may choose to agree with the faction that hired him, go to another faction to renegotiate, resort to the federation or remain in possession of the spoils, since each possible decision will have its consequences.

Some missions give the possibility to choose a new skill for the character.

When completing missions and defeating your opponents, the character acquires experience points that can be exchanged in genetic engineering centers to improve their skills as well as in mechanical centers where implants can be obtained to achieve new abilities as well as drastically improve certain aptitudes.

WZ-X Team is:

David Correa: Unreal Dev / Colombia

Marcelo Monte: History & Music / Argentina

Ian (Sebastian): History & Music / Argentina

Steven G: Modeling & Animations / Colombia

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