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WARZONE-X is a multiplayer first-person game developed in 2755 where large corporations fight for the few resources left on earth combining the experience of science fiction and cyberpunk worlds in a death match with futuristic technology. 5 classic game modes based on team fighting and can play up to a total of 12 players per map or solo mode against bots. Classic game modes: - Deathmatch: Also known as DM or Deadly Combat, it is the typical all-against-all duel, each by his side. The objective is to have the largest number of frags (deaths made by the player) at the end of the time, or be the one that reaches the limit of frags established in the game. One of the best known modalities that are derived in this way is the one-on-one, also known as 1on1 or Duel. - Teamdeathmatch: Also known as TDM or Deadly Team Fight. Here, the rules of the game are the same as in Deathmatch, that is, the winner (this time, "team" instead of "player") is the one who reaches the limit of frags establ

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Project update, improvements WARZONE-X project moves to Alpha version 2.0.

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The WARZONE-X project passes to the Alpha 2.0 version, the graphic interface has been improved almost in its entirety, so the maps are being optimized, the player's HUD has been finished, new characters have been added, among the many improvements, new maps will come with the other modes of other games is being worked on the integration for command (control) and the game manual has begun to be designed, which will soon be available on steam where it will detail everything important about the game if future achievements integrate steam achievements, among other features that will be shown in this update, the project is progressing well so far we hope to be able to move to a beta version at some point.

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WZ X 30 03 2020 10 23 15 a  m  5

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 25 37 a  m  6

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 25 46 a  m  6

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 26 00 a  m  4

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 26 29 a  m  3

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 30 14 a  m  1

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 30 43 a  m  2

WZ X 30 03 2020 10 31 32 a  m  7

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