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Vortex is a top down competitive local multiplayer shooter game where the goal is to fly around in neat looking spaceships and kill your opponent by making his life miserable.

How do I ruin his life? It’s super simple. You fire at their vortex until awesome pickups appear. You then pick them up and fire them right back into their vortex.

Neat looking spaceships! Tell me more!

Choose the right one:


The Rapier


The Gladius


The Claymore

What are these awesome pickups? There are eleven total awesome pickups to wreak havoc on your opponent. They are split into two categories: offensive and passive.



Minelayer: It poops mines


Gunship: It drunkenly goes around and shoots at you if you get close


Fighter: Deadly in packs


Defense: Protects the vortex


Mine: Don’t touch it no matter how shiny it is


EMP: Not pronounced ‘emp’


Nuke: Nuke



Beam: It helps your horrible aiming


Repair: It’s like a band-aid


Shield: Ramming speed!


Clear: Nothing near you will survive

Please Read

Please know that we at Displace Media are working hard to bring you this game. We will be releasing this in Early Access once Greenlit. The game is completely playable end to end for 2-3 players. Our focus next is to add four players. Sounds, effects, graphics, HUD and game balancing are not final and will be tweaked continuously based on community input.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as we had fun making it.

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Displace Media

Vortex - Join us at Power of Play 2015 - Bellevue

Vortex - Join us at Power of Play 2015 - Bellevue


Destroy your friendships with the ultimate space top-down shooter party game! Vote now on Greenlight. We will be at the Power of Play 2015 in Bellevue...

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