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Tiberian Sun Reborn is a standalone game recreating the universe of Tiberian Sun in a FPS. The project first started in 2004 with a first release in 2008, and has been entirely redesigned in 2011 onward to bring a more immersive Tiberian Sun experience. We invite you to visit our website : www.w3dhub.com

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Its very very good. Thx for this game

A fine standalone shooter with that Tiberian Sun feel you need, even better than vanilla Renegade!

Awesome game! i always did dreamed about a 1rd/3rd person tiberium era game! but sadly the lack of Offline bots and online players to play with make it not what it should be...
i do hope we get AI maps one day so we can enjoy max number of bots in maps and big battles, then i will give it 10

everything u need

Amazing... just Amazing

having Tiberian Sun turned into a well balanced FPS/TPS hybrid just works

I think the team did wonderful. It gave me all of the nostalgia from Tiberian Sun, and added some new features as well. I was really impressed with the amount of detail that BHP did, considering I feel that is one of the things that APB is missing. I'm looking foward to superweapons and the new vehicles being added.

Those guys did really a nice job here!


I like how they re-maded Tiberian Sun from a RTS to a FPS game its amazing not to mention the grpahics(for a renegade X egnine)All i can say is i cant wait if they are thinking to make this game on Unreal Engine

A like Tiberian Sun.

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