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Join Freyja, Bam, Mishima, and Phenez on their journey Towards The Pantheon! Gone are the RPG cliches of potions and elemental powers; in Towards The Pantheon you dive head first into a simultaneously lighthearted, fun, dark, and painful adventure in this fresh and exciting world! Out now on Steam & Itch.io!

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Background music consists of soundtrack demos for Towards The Pantheon.

Website: Towardsthepantheon.com

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Towards The Pantheon is a 2D top down role-playing game in development where four unlikely heroes venture through a variety of regions to find and defeat the source of The Sworn Light at The Pantheon.

Gone are the RPG clichés of potions, wars between elemental gods, and the journey where someone accidentally stumbles upon a unique magical power that enables only them to save the world. Instead Towards The Pantheon is a unique and unusual game that follows Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the cyborg, and Phenez the dead on their simultaneously lighthearted, fun, dark, and painful adventure.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of classics ranging from Paper Mario to Silent Hill to Golden Sun, Towards The Pantheon is a personal game that is currently aiming for a 2017 release.

Development Team:

Connor O.R.T. Linning (Director, Producer, Programmer, Soundtrack Composer, Story Writer, Game & Character & Enemy Designer, QA)

Leandro Tokarevski (Pixel Artist, Character & Enemy Designer, QA)

Kyle Mountifield (Enemy Designer, Additional Game Designer, QA)

Maerel Hibadita (Promotional Artist)

Daniel Tindall (Additional Game Designer, QA)

Tyler Rogers (Additional Game Designer, QA)

Nicolas Kaufman (Additional Game Designer, QA)

Programming, Audio, and Editing by Connor Linning. Artwork by Leandro Tokarevski. Copyright Connor Linning. All Rights Reserved.

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