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600x60 toricky

Toricky is a love letter to 2D Japanese Action-Adventure games with beautiful manga visuals.

Explore a crazy world filled with funky creatures and have fun playing with every item you see.
Using your skills and wits, you'll have to save the day by collecting mysterious jewels called "Crystars".


Toricky and Momo are 2 exploring birds always seeking for new adventures. Following one Yellow Crystar requesting their help, they will arrive to a legendary Palace where Jewels with a mysterious power called “Crystars” were enshrined. The place, which should be filled with people, seems to have been deserted. What did happen? Where could have the inhabitants of the Palace gone? To find this out, Toricky and his flying partner Momo will begin a great adventure where they will have to solve numerous puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, fight terrible Pirates and save a mysterious Princess !




  • An Old School designed Action-Adventure Game, illustrated with beautiful Manga visuals.
  • 56 Crystars (+Secrets) to find and save through 7 immense Zones filled with dangers and puzzles.
  • 12 Gigantic Bosses requesting unique strategies to defeat each of them.
  • 30+ hours of gameplay for the completionist
  • Fantastic soundtrack composed by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) and Dale North .
  • Refreshing gameplay based on Flying changing from "Run & Jump" Classics.
  • 66 Steam Achievements to unlock, Steam Trading Cards to collect and Badges to craft.
  • Over 400 lines of dialogue fully voiced in Japanese
  • In-game text localized into 10 languages






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Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to present you a new gameplay video showing the first 10 minutes and one of the early game Boss Battle of our high-flight action-adventure game TORICKY-S!

Details of each parts of the video:

  • 1:40 The first Crystar (Tutorial)
  • 4:55 The Crystar Palace (Main Stage)
  • 6:45 2nd Crystar
  • 8:02 3rd Crystar (Mini-Dungeon)
  • 11:16 Boss battle

The video is showing Japanese gameplay footage but the game is already translated and available with English texts.

TORICKY-S is available for download on the Japanese Nintendo Store:

And we're running a 25%OFF Launch Discount until July 14th 23:59 (JPT)!

Hope you've enjoyed this gameplay video.

If you liked it, please consider supporting me on Social Media.
Have a nice weekend!

Toricky v.1.5 Update & Up to 49% WinterSale Discount

Toricky v.1.5 Update & Up to 49% WinterSale Discount


Hello everyone,Toricky is 30%OFF & all DLC 40%OFF for Steam WinterSale. Up to 49%OFF on the Deluxe Pack! Also Toricky's v1.5.0 Update is available with...

[Major Update] Toricky version 1.2 & Weeklong Deal 20%OFF !

[Major Update] Toricky version 1.2 & Weeklong Deal 20%OFF !


Greetings everyone, Toricky's v.1.2 is finally here with a lot of improvements! And we're celebrating it with a 20%OFF Weeklong Deal!

Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North Team Up on Toricky's Soundtrack

Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North Team Up on Toricky's Soundtrack


Hi, Everyone! This time, I'd like to talk about Toricky's musics! I think music is a key component of a game's universe and during 2016, we had the opportunity...

Happy Summer Sale!-Toricky is 30%~49% OFF on Steam!-

Happy Summer Sale!-Toricky is 30%~49% OFF on Steam!-


Hello Everyone! We're celebrating Steam Summer Sales with 30%off discount on Toricky, and 40%off discount on all DLC. A total of 49%off Discount on Toricky...

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Toricky Demo (for Windows)

Toricky Demo (for Windows)


We are pleased to announce that a Demo for Toricky is now available on Game Front! The Demo introduces some of the game's main mechanics through 5 short...

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