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You awaken to a world engulfed by death and disease, with very few signs of life. You look around to see the damage that has been done. The Elven Sages had foreseen that you would awaken to stop the blight - but you were too late. The forests have become filled with diseased creatures and infested artifacts of a ruined civilization, a civilization you used to be a part of... You quickly come to your senses and ready your weapon, remembering your vow to protect and restore the sacred Elven Forests for all of eternity.

Classes and Customization:

Customize your loadout prior to each match by choosing a class, a weapon, and a set of 10 abilities. There are two caster classes: Wizards and Druids; and two melee classes: Rogues and Clerics.

  • Level up your character to unlock new survival campaigns and to equip higher level spells and weapons.
  • Level up each weapon to unlock weapon talents and enchantment slots.
    • Weapons gain experience 4 times as fast as your character.
    • A weapon's level cannot surpass a character's level
    • Each weapon has a primary ability and an ultimate ability
  • If you have a Wizard weapon equipped, you can only equip abilities for Wizards and Casters. If you equip a Rogue weapon, you can only use Rogue or Melee abilities.
  • Once a match is over, you can re-select your class, weapon, and spells before playing another match. Players are never expected to lock their character into choosing one single class.

As the head developer, I have always been a fan of games that offer the player many ways to progress and customize their character, and even more importantly: games that offer a lot to do after you've progressed your character. As with any game that has a level-up system, there will always be a point where players hit the maximum level.

After hitting the level cap, players will gain access to hidden areas of each survival campaign, offering new objectives and bosses that are not available to players who are still leveling up. Additionally, players can compete in casual or ranked PvP scenarios.

Available Game Modes:

Survival Campaigns: (Single Player / 2-4 player co-op):

Choose a class and create a customized load-out and see how long you can survive while exploring the Afflicted Elven forests! Enemies will continue to spawn in waves, getting stronger every round. However the waves of enemies are not the primary focus - while surviving is important, players will also be left to explore and discover many new weapons, spells, and items by completing formal quests as well as hidden objectives exclusive to each survival map. At the end of each match, players will be rewarded gold and extra experience based on how many waves they survived.

We are currently working on two Survival Campaign Maps to showcase in our Early Access phase:

  1. ThornHaven Woods
    • Available at level 1.
    • New zones and quests unlocked at level 10 and at level 20
  2. (Name TBA)
    • Available at level 10
    • New Zones and quests unlocked at level 20

Arena Mode (1v1, 2v2, 3v3):

Enter into a battle to the death alone or with a team, and fight to be the last team standing! Arena maps are much smaller than other maps.

Survival War Mode

Survival war is almost identical to the normal Survival Campaign, except there's another team of players on the other side of the map to compete with. Work to find and eliminate the other team's base camp to prevent them from re-spawning in order to win the match! After your team has won, you may choose to carry on with the game as a normal survival campaign, or exit the match to claim your winnings immediately.

BattleGround Scenarios (large team battles)

Join a large team and battle the enemy team for control of the objective! Battleground scenarios include objectives such as capture the flag, king of the hill, and last man standing.

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Gameplay Trailer #2


Check out this short gameplay trailer showing the current state of the combat system in The Afflicted Forests. There is still alot of work to be done to get it where I'd like, but this video should still do a good job showing the fast-paced and intense combat you can expect from The Afflicted Forests!

And here is another video showing some progerss on a shader I'm making for applying dynamic effects to character models. This shader uses triplanar mapping with multiple blend layers similar to how a terrain would work, but since a character model is much smaller and much easier to optimize than a terrain, there is much more room for creativity with this shader.

cw 1

Dev Update #3

Dev Update #3


Some videos displaying my recent progress on The Afflicted Forests over the past few months.

Progress Update - Talents, Gems, and The Crescent Woodlands

Progress Update - Talents, Gems, and The Crescent Woodlands


Check out our latest updates to player customization.

GamePlay Trailer #1

GamePlay Trailer #1


Here's a short game-play trailer showcasing our progress as of 2020.

Dev Update #2

Dev Update #2


Professions, Energy System, Character Customization Interfaces, New Enemies, and Targeting Updates.

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