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The Hit is a multiplayer stealth-shooter, set in an open-world city with tens of thousands of NPCs. Track down your target and kill them as quickly and cleanly as possible, before the other players can manage it. Try to stay incognito, or photograph other players and take out hits on them.

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Street sign placement
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are w ooking how the "tool" works (debug mod)? Or there will be an editing tool?

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aDFP Author

Both. These are my editor tools. Getting the game playable is my priority right now, but I'm working on versions of these tools for the player.

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Following up from yesterday's post, here's the street sign placement tool in action. The blue box defines the area where the sign will be placed, and the red box shows the final placement area. First, the tool checks for walls within the blue area, and then building facades. If it can't find either, it will place a free-standing sign on the pavement, otherwise it will analyse the wall or facade to find a suitable place, free of windows or brickwork. I'm expecting this system to work okay about 95% of the time, and I'm placing signs at every junction, so the odd misplaced sign shouldn't impact the gameplay significantly.

When I return to working on the interaction system, I'll be making the signs into 'things you can interact with', meaning you'll be able to store and communicate information. Communicating a street name to a taxi driver will result in asking them to take you to that street, while doing the same with a pedestrian will mean asking for directions.

I'm keeping it 'simple-ish', so you'll only be able to retain a small amount of information at any time, though there'll also be tools to analyse chains of information, which could end up getting very complicated. As I write more of the interaction system, I'll share some more details of how I'm going to keep the game fast and intuitive, despite the enormous quantity of information you'll be able to access. I'm happy with the systems I've designed, but the proof will definitely be in the testing.

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