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Surviving Medieval is a survival strategy with indirect control and tower defense elements. Inspired by RimWorld, Prison Architect and Dwarf Fortress

  • Build a settlement the way you want it, with completely flexible tile building, whether it is a town or a complete castle ready to withstand any battle
  • Manage peasant’s demands so they can not only survive, but be happy.
  • Make sure not to run out of gold and plan the economy of the settlement wisely.
  • Research new technologies and improvements for currently existing technologies.
  • Develop industry in order to build a strong economy and army.
  • Trade with merchants.
  • Build walls, ballistas, and traps to ensure the survival of the settlement.
  • Survive for as long as possible.
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Surviving Medieval was announced last week so I decided to share the plan of how it is going to be developed and when it is going to be finally available. In order to make it a simple reading without complicated and unnecessary technical details, I broke up everything into simple categories and approximate due dates.

June 30: all gameplay features are done along with initial balancing. Closed Beta follows shortly after that. (way to sign up for the betta will be provided in future updates)

July 31: Until this date, all time will be addressed to bug fixing, balancing, and finalizing of all art.

August 19: Until this date, all time will be addressed to not gameplay relevant features (ex. save game)

August 20: Ealy Acces launch!

I plan and hope to stick to those deadlines, but sometimes game dev is unpredictable so we will see how it goes.

Be sure to add Surviving Medieval to your Wishlist on steam: Store.steampowered.com

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