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This is a split-screen fast-paced FPS game where you and up to 4 players (drone soldiers) fight in a deathmatch using duel auto gun that can either fire regular bullets or double grenades. The players will fight in a map filled with power-ups that accelerate the game's pace to another level. It is recommended to play at the maximum player count of 4 players for really high competitiveness. You can download the game on itch.io for free! Be sure to give me your absolute honest feedback so I could further improve the game. Player Controls Mapping: Player #1 = Mouse and Keyboard Player #2 = Controller Player #3 = Controller Player #4 = Controller Enjoy! :)

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Game Title

It's been a while since the last update, I hope the time between updates shrinks in the future. Anyway, let me show you what I have added in this update!

1. Added "Snowy Peak" Map. (Don't fall off the mountain)


2. Added "Gear Works" Map. (Again, don't fall off)


3. Added a full settings menu which allows us to change the volume of sound effects and the music and change the graphics quality of the game.


4. Improved the looks of the main menu.

screenshot11 1

5. Removed the platform in the Shooting Range that will bring you back to the main menu, because it's obsolete because the escape button will do the trick.

6. Increased the height of the stairs in the shooting range.

7. If any of the players playing gets all 4 power-ups (4 because I'm not including health), the player will get blind and can barely see until one of the power-ups depletes.

8. Very slight improvement in Graphics.

9. Increased the number of rows of maps when selecting a map from 3 rows to 4 rows.

10. Fixed the graphics glitch of the line in the Shooting Range.

That's all there is to this update since I've added a settings menu that allows you to change graphics quality, many more people who don't have a good Computer/Laptop can play with much less lag. But anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this new update and have a nice day! :)

New Update V0.0.3 (download on Itch.io)

New Update V0.0.3 (download on Itch.io)


Here is the new update V0.0.3 for Split Soldiers, which includes two new maps and a new Power-up!

Split Soldiers: Definition

Split Soldiers: Definition


I am going to show you all, what is the "Split Soldiers" game and what are the main features that it holds.

EMatthews77 - - 10 comments

To start off, I could not put this feedback on your itch page because there is no comment box, but I'll type here instead. I manage to play your game and I got to say that its challenging, but fun FPS deathwatch. Here is a few suggestions based on playing the game. First add a single player to which you battle the CPU, next have the option to change the fire button from the mouse to the “X” key along with the double Grenada to the “Z” key because most gamers does not have a mouse. I hope these suggestions would help improve your game.

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