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"Sogni" is a Linear-storytelling game, a sort of interactive movie but I can not define that as I'm not able to reproduce the mechanical properties of games such as "Heavy Rain" or "Beyond: Two Souls".
The subtitle is "The beginning" because this game is only the first part of a larger story that I created. I worked on this game alone and I certainly did my best.
As already mentioned, the basic idea is to create a sort of "Interactive Movie" therefore everything will be based on simple interactions with the world around us, choices in the dialogue (to be polite or rude), some Quick Time Event .
The game is in Italian and English languages but without dubbing because I don't want that a bad dubbing ruins the game.
Sorry for my english and have a good dream!

English Version:

version of the game in english language. Tell me what you think about
it! When you will play it be a part of the game, try to feel the emotions
of the character, be a part of the dark... It is 50 minutes long so
there isn't a save system and you have to play it in one time only.
Principally there is only 1 problem: The
illumination of the doors so probably you will see some doors different
from others, I don't know how but I'm trying to solve this.
I recommend use headphones.
-Use WASD to move
-Press ESC to exit from the game
-If a console box will open during the game, just press TAB button

Sogni: L'Inizio - Eng

Versione Italiana:

Versione beta del gioco in italiano.Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!
giocate lasciatevi prendere dal gioco, siate parte del gioco, provate a
sentire le emozioni del personaggio, siate parte del buio...
Dura circa 50 minuti e non c'è un sistema di salvataggi quindi dovrete giocarlo tutto in una volta.
Sono a conoscenza di un solo errore:
l'illuminazione delle porte, vedrete quindi delle porte diverse da altre.
Non so per quale motivo, sto comunque cercando di risolverlo!
Vi consiglio di usare le cuffie.
-Usate WASD per muovervi
-Premete ESC per uscire
Se dovesse apparire una console box premete TAB

Sogni: L'inizio - Ita

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Three years... I have released Sogni: L'Inizio 3 years ago and the last update has been made 2 years ago, then no more news, no more updates... nothing. But today, after all these years, I made a decision: Start over the development of Sogni using the Unreal Engine 4 adding a new gameplay, a better directing, a longer and deeper story and all the things that can make this game greater!


Yes, Sogni is coming back! And you can also help me by supporting me on Patreon, maybe you could also be a part of the game! The name I have chosen so far is "Sogni: A Dream's Story" and it will be a totally different game compared to Sogni: L'Inizio. Why? Well I will try to briefly list the features of this new game:

  • First of all, the Story: In "Sogni: L'Inizio" you just saw the first part of the incredible story of Steven Olsen, the blind investigator. In this new game I will take this first part, I will change it a bit, and then I will tell you also what happens after the final. But you have already played "L'Inizio"? Don't worry, when you will play "A Dream's Story" you will say "Hmm maybe I already know this but I am playing it in a totally different way!"

  • Gameplay: Sogni L'Inizio hasn't a real gameplay, you just go around, talk with people, interact with some objects. In "Sogni: A Dream's Story" the gameplay will be totally changed. You will play a hybrid between the old Point and Click adventure and the new First Person adventures switching between those two mechanics just by pressing and realsing buttons. I already started the development so check this GIF (this is a very early version of the game, animations, models, etc. will be probably changed):

GamePlay edit x264

  • Directing: A lot of players complained about the directing and they were right! Men, I was "younger" but now I learned a lot about Directing so don't worry. There will be no slow introductions, bad camera positioning or poor shots. You'll see great character, very good dialogues, great shots and more!

For the moment, the development process is in its early stages, I am prototyping the new mechanics, adding a good Dialogue System, an Inventory System, etc. but for the moment the game is just an "Embryo".

There are a lot of things that will be changed in this game and I really look forward to tell you more about "Sogni: A Dream's Story". I will create a new Game Page as soon as I get new materials to show but I wanted to let you know about this decision so I hope that both who played Sogni and who did not will appreciate this new project. As I already said, if you want, you can support me on Patreon and you will allow me to create the game you were searching for!

See you soon! Have a good dream!

Sogni: L'Inizio, new and maybe last update

Sogni: L'Inizio, new and maybe last update


Sogni: L'Inizio has been updated to V 1.03 for the english versione and to V 1.02 for the italian version. This will probably be the last update for the...

Sogni: L'inizio Beta Updated to V1.02

Sogni: L'inizio Beta Updated to V1.02

News 2 comments

The beta of the game has been updated to V1.02 for the English version and to V1.01 for the Italian version.

Sogni: L'inizio Beta Released!!

Sogni: L'inizio Beta Released!!

News 3 comments

Finally my first game is ready and it's released, download it!

The game is almost ready!

The game is almost ready!


The develompent of the game is almost done so be prepared for the release!

RSS Files
Sogni: L'inizio - Ita V1.02

Sogni: L'inizio - Ita V1.02

Full Version

Versione beta in italiano di Sogni: L'Inizio. Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate e per favore lasciate un voto! :) -V1.02- Velocizzata l'introduzione; aggiunto...

Sogni: L'Inizio - Eng v1.03

Sogni: L'Inizio - Eng v1.03

Full Version 3 comments

Beta of the english version of Sogni: L'inizio is here! Tell me what you think about it and please give a vote! -V1.03- Introduction is now faster; added...

LionWanderer - - 4 comments

Ho terminato la demo e questa è l'ultima parte in cui do la mia "opinione" sul gioco, alla fine. Mi scuso di nuovo per questo indecente "doppiaggio", non so perchè l'abbia fatto in verità. Vi rinnovo i complimenti, spero di vedere presto il rilascio ufficiale del gioco completo :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Fafri Creator
Fafri - - 21 comments

Grazie e non ti preoccupare per il "doppiaggio", magari se lo avessi inserito io, tu non lo avresti fatto XD
Grazie ancora per i consigli ed anche per il voto! :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes
LionWanderer - - 4 comments

Innanzitutto complimenti per il gioco. Fin dove sono arrivato, è fatto veramente bene, ed è sempre bello vedere italiani che lavorano bene.
Ho giocato la demo per il mio canale e vi lascio il link della prima parte, al termine c'è il link per la seconda e quando caricherò la terza, nel finale includerò anche la mia recensione personale :)

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Fafri Creator
Fafri - - 21 comments

Grazie mille! Sono contento che vi piaccia :) Sto guardando ora il video e mi scuso per l'introduzione abbastanza lenta XD
Quando lo hai finito, se ti va, lascia anche un voto qui su IndieDB ;)

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mrKaizen - - 175 comments


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Fafri Creator
Fafri - - 21 comments

Grazie mille!!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
NotGoodAtLying - - 16 comments

Hey Fafri,

The game over-all is pretty awesome. I am currently enjoying the story you were trying to tell here and i cant wait for more from you. The art style is awesome and the audio is spot on.

A Couple of things i would say negatively about the game, is about the pace of the narrative, like your subtitles, take to long to proceed through. "Ready?" <- this took 20 seconds to go away, i read it in 1.

Other than that the game is flat out amazing and deserves more attention, hopefully things will continue to go well through my playthrough, and you have a great night.

Also, i uploaded a commentary for the world to see on YouTube, if your interested...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Fafri Creator
Fafri - - 21 comments

Thank you very much, I'm just watching the video :)
You're right about the problem that you mentioned, I will deserve more attention!
When you will complete the game please give a vote :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes
cirflexx - - 71 comments

This looks like a cool game. Ill defenitely make a video about this game.
I got a question though.

Can you upload the downloads to indiedb itself under the downloads section?

Mediafire has A LOT of popups and because of that I really dislike the site.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
cirflexx - - 71 comments

Since I can not find the sit key anymore.

By uploading the downloads to indieb your game will also be visible under the 'Downloads' section of Indiedb itself, this way more people see your game.

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