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Immerse yourself in a deep, vibrant, cyberpunk style atmosphere.

Once the arrival shuttle doors open to the city you're free to do as you please. Remember that every action has it's consequences. It's up to you to determine how to survive.

Accomplish the daily activities to keep your character strong and healthy. Eat, drink, sleep, and cleanse. Gain knowledge and adapt to your surroundings. Lock your doors.. Hire bodyguards.. Keep a low profile.. there are many strategies that will help keep your character alive and out of danger.

Engage in hand-to-hand combat or equip various weapons to take down your opponents.

RPG Elements
Practice and enhance your skills to increase the overall effect of your abilities.

Employment System
Combat and violence is not the only way to earn your keep. There are many individuals and organizations alike that are willing to hire. Choose employment that best fits your playstyle as you may increase skills related to your occupation.

Syndicate Management
Create and grow your own syndicate. Hire agents to carry out and execute requests. Take part in the manufacturing and trade business to expand profits. Sabatoge your rivals and take control of territories in order to increase income and expand.

Galactic Exchange
All corporate securities are traded on the Galactic Exchange. Within this market players may buy or sell stocks, given they have the appropriate credits.

Card Game
The most common strategic card game played across the galaxy. Competing for credits is not recommended until the game is properly learned.

Three Main Factions
Each faction has a unique relationship with one another. Doing 'favors' for one faction will have adverse effects on the others.

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The new trailer is finally here!!!

Chat UI

The chat UI has a new look and feel. Added new chat response logic and various enhancements. Cinematic Bars have also been added.

Area 9 - Slums

Introducing a whole new game area. The slums consists of 2 main districts. The business district and residential district. The business district consists of several shops and restaurants as well as the popular Riot Bar. The residential district consists of Hotel Sinistrum, the Gromada syndicate headquarters, train station, and a landing pad.

Gromada Syndicate

The Gromada are all of what you'd expect from an organized crime syndicate. Gambling, killing, thievery... Obtaining anything they want through ways of fear and extortion. The organization succeeds on the absence of policing and true government. The syndicate's control on the black market wreaks havoc on corporate value and their ability to capitalize on profits. The Gromada takes it's image and reputation highly. Agents are disciplined, combat hardened, and strike fear into any citizen who crosses their path.


  • Fixed bullet tracer issue which caused the tracer to be hidden behind certain objects.
  • Randomized AI walk and animation speeds.
  • Added train departure and return sound effects between districts
  • Added new AI idle animations.
  • Added ventilation smoke within certain areas.
  • Improvements to AI node and pathfinding.
  • Fixed card game bug where the start button would not initiate a new game.
  • Reduced the area in which player melee attacks deal damage. Melee is now more accurate.
  • Increased dialog chat delay for reading purposes.
  • Decreased player diving distance.- Increased weapon bullet damage.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the cinematic bars to freak out.
  • Fixed bug that disabled rain effects.
  • Fixed bug where Gromada syndicate members had radio chatter audio.
  • Fixed camera bug when talking that restricted zoom functionality for other zoom events.
  • Increased knife throw distance.
  • Fixed a reversed animation bug on the player that occurred while sleeping.
  • Several player animations have been smoothed and synced properly.
  • Fully functional mechanized enemies.

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Proxyndic January Update v0.38

Proxyndic January Update v0.38

News 1 comment

Proxyndic January Update. New Wiki, Mechanized characters, and future plans.

Proxyndic HUGE New Years Update v0.37

Proxyndic HUGE New Years Update v0.37


The new years update for Proxyndic is here! Below you will find the entire list of changes, additions, tweaks and bugfixes. Dont forget to subscribe and...

Proxyndic Update v0.36

Proxyndic Update v0.36

News 1 comment

Proxyndic Update v0.36! See all the new updates and features here.

Proxyndic Milestone Update v0.35

Proxyndic Milestone Update v0.35

News 1 comment

Proxyndic Milestone Update v0.35. Many new features and bug-fixes!


Tracking. This reminds me of gunpoint a bit.

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hey man i have to ask, the map its hand made or its procedural?

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Proxyndic Creator

As right now, each city layout is "Hand made" and not procedural. However, things may change in the future as city layouts are not quite finished yet.

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yay!! (also how goes the counting in the steam thing i really want to test it >w<)

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Proxyndic Creator

The Business Men Steam group numbers are relatively low at the moment due to the group being quite new and all. But rest assured, in time I believe we will reach the 1000 member goal for a demo to be released. You may help by simply spreading the word. Tell you're friends about the game and anyone who may be interested. It is entirely up to the community to see that Business Men succeeds.

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Latest tweets from @proxyndic, @businessmengame

Expect a large and lengthy development update in the near future.

Jun 13 2018 by proxyndic

The website wiki sections have been updated to include more information about the game.

Jun 13 2018 by proxyndic

The Gromada HQ interior has been added to the residential area of the slums.

Jun 12 2017 by proxyndic

Fixed a bug that allowed the player to vertically punch characters who were positioned on higher or lower levels.

May 15 2017 by proxyndic

Proxyndic Q1 2017 Update v.04 is released. Check it out here: Sites.google.com

Mar 24 2017 by proxyndic

Expect to see a large Q1 update this weekend! 3/24/2017

Mar 23 2017 by proxyndic

Created an email notification icon that flashes whenever the player receives new mail on their HDA.

Mar 23 2017 by proxyndic

"Spam" emails will now be randomly sent out over time.

Mar 23 2017 by proxyndic

Increased the throw distance of a knife.

Mar 23 2017 by proxyndic

Fixed a reversed animation bug when the player is sleeping.

Mar 23 2017 by proxyndic

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