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SpaceSlog is a sci-fi spaceship sim with an emphasis on ship building, crew interaction and story development. Inspired by titles such as Rimworld, Starship Theory and X-COM inc Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Universe.

Your capital ship has been attacked by an unknown enemy. Several survivors have managed to escape in a small ship, now alone, hungry and lost in space, you must guide them to safety.

  • Build your ship any way you choose.
  • Random encounters with planets, space monsters and other alien life forms.
  • Send away parties to planets and scavenge for food.
  • Meet other ships, friend or foe.
  • Manage your crews moods and needs.
  • Trade or wage war with passing ships, planets or factions.
  • Heat, power, atmosphere sim elements.
  • Extensive Mod support.

Why should you support me to create SpaceSlog?

I have a proven track record working on a completely free modification for the best part of the last 10 years. The mod has been regularly updated and to date has had over 3/4 of a million unique downloads. You can find out more here.

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Improvements to core features

This blog has been taken from our webpage

With the initial test build released on Itch.io i have spent a bit of time making improvements to some of the core features of the game to improve usability.

When multi selecting an item it will now only select up to 200 items of that type, this should help performance if you have too many objects that are the same. I also removed the ability to multi select hull pieces as there are always quite a few of these for each ship. There should also not be any reason for you wanting to multi select all hull.
To further improve performance, I added a VisibilityNotifier to each Entity in the game, this is a node provided by the Godot engine and allows us to check which items are being shown on the screen, or what the player can actually see. Using this we can now make sure only those on the actual screen will be selected.

Multi Select

I further improved the multi build tool adding new sounds to let the player know when the multi build has started. Unfortunately you cannot hear those sounds in the gif below. I now need to allow multi build for removing build objects and blueprints.

Multi Build

Skin and Hair Colours

I have moved skin and hair colours into a separate JSON file. This allows modders to easily change what colours they want in the game and for which race to assign them to. As you can see below, the pawn data file accepts an array of colour categories, this means you can create separate categories of skin tones and add as many as you want to each race.

The Skin Colours data file.

The Pawn/Human data file

This also means you could have different coloured skin tones for humans too if you really wanted.

Green Human

SpaceSlog now has an Itch.io page

SpaceSlog now has an Itch.io page


I have now created a page on itch.io for Spaceslog.

Building Objects and Materials

Building Objects and Materials

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Information regarding the build menu in SpaceSlog plus a little more info on how modding works for the objects that can be built.

Modability in SpaceSlog

Modability in SpaceSlog


Some information regarding some of the extensive modding available in SpaceSlog.

Welcome to SpaceSlog

Welcome to SpaceSlog


SpaceSlog is now on IndieDb - We will be posting updates here semi-regularly.


Good you are proceeding. I hope to see more updates from you and maybe I'll do an early preview of this once you reach a certain threshold. (While it's great that there are so many indie devs and games, there is too much vaporware these days as well. I'm hopeful on Space Slog though)

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It sounds great and the titles you've listed as inspiration lead me to believe it could be a very immersive and fun game.
That said, one of the very fist thing people will be introduced to is the name of the game itself. While in the grand scheme of things it doesn't amount to much, I hope SpaceSlog is a working title, it may not do justice to the end product.

Either way, best of luck, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.

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produno Creator

Hello and thanks for the interest! I completely understand about the name and I do have my own reservations about it too, but I have thought long and hard and spent way more time than I probably should have trying to find something better that has not already been taken in some form or other. SpaceSlog was the only name I could find that fits that criteria whilst being a good representation of the game itself.
That being that we are in space and the journey to keep our crew safe is meant to be a long hard slog, although a fun long hard slog! Anyone that has played my previous game will know I like to keep things challenging and SS will be no different.
Maybe I shall write a post about this sometime over on my webpage.

If it's any better, feel free to call it SS instead :D. I did do a poll over on our Discord and it seems people are split about 50/50 on the name so far.

That said and although its a different medium but how many people would have liked the name 'Facebook' before that became popular? Probably not many. There are probably loads of examples like this too, so I dont think the name is all that important and not something I should be stressing too much about.

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I concede your points, it's hard to come up with something original that encapsulates what you want to describe, Space Slog it is then. In the end, it's the substance that counts, that and how well you execute it.

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Looking forward to it!

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produno Creator

Thanks! :)

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