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Meeple Station is a cooperative Space station Simulation game. Strongly inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld (with a hint of Space Station 13). Where the complexity of a simulation game blends with the friendly and satisfying nature of a Real-Time-Strategy game.

Meeple are simple creatures. They're not human, nor are they incredibly intelligent. They're a race of space fairing creatures who enjoy industry, work, and exploration. But they need a lot of guidance, YOUR guidance, in fact.

Unique Meeple Roles

They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. And each Meeple has their own role, so you'll need to recruit the ones best suited for the jobs you need. Miners, engineers, refiners, janitors, guards or lab workers, there are plenty of jobs to be done.

Meeple are very fragile creatures, and if not taken care of properly, can be prone to any number of possible fatalities. If you're not careful, they could easily fall victim to starvation, suffocation, implosion, explosion, decapitation, electrification, incineration or just unlucky enough to get sucked out of an airlock or gobbled up by an alien.

Build it your way!

There is a wide range of paraphernalia for a space station. From simple furniture, like bedding and seating, to complex machinery, life support and power grids. You choose where and how to build it all, and your Meeple will have to adjust to your changes.

You will also be responsible for rigging up the main power grid, making sure everything is plugged in, and that you are creating enough power to keep everything alive!

You don't control individual Meeple, your job is to give them orders and create designations. They will always do their best to follow through on the jobs you create, unless of course they're being pursued by a giant electric man-eating space squid... although they may still attempt it.

Space is a dangerous place, putting aside natural disasters, solar flares and stray meteors, you also need to worry about pirates!

Meeple pirates are bent on destruction, they simply want nothing more than annihilation of everything non-pirate. That includes you and your Meeple!

If there are pirates near your station, they wont be able to resist the chance to create havoc. Defend yourself with trained Meeple, and combat turrets, otherwise your station will soon be a floating assortment of scrap.

A bustling station will bring in a lot of trade and commerce, traders will fly in from all over the quadrant to dock at your station. Which is fortunately very lucrative for you!

There are also plenty of resources just floating around. You can order your mining crew to get out there and salvage it. You can then refine the minerals you collect to construct and develop new components for your station.

Undertake a campaign, building difficult stations and meet pressing deadlines. Or sit back, relax and run your own little station, at your own pace, moving around the quadrant, exploring nearby planets and being a centre for trade and commerce.

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The last few weeks I've been putting together our engines feature for the game. What does a space station need quantum engines for? Finding more resources! ...and avoiding meteors and other dangers (Pirates! Arrr). They're not as easy to put together as you might think, checkout the process!


First up you're going to need a power source, and not just a basic plug in the wall, you'll need to build solar panels, power cells, cables, transformers, advanced cables and advanced power cells, just to get it all set up for your engine ignitors.


Next up you'll need fuel for those engines to burn, not any regular fuel, Dilithium fuel! This means fuel processors, storage tanks, pipelines and of course they also require power from your current power grid.


You'll also need little hazmat meeple to keep your fuel processors maintained. otherwise you'll get toxic fumes seeping into the rest of your station...


Once you have fuel and power stores, you can rig them up to an injector and igniter to feed into an engine core. Now you're all set to travel the galaxy!

But wait! There's more!

You can augment your engines, with more engine cores you can add more injectors or igniters which greatly improve the distance your engines are capable of attaining.

Screen Shot 2018 08 17 at 10 30

Ok so you might be thinking 'Why on earth does it have to be so complex?!". We love complex games, especially when you have the freedom to design your own system. The great thing about having an intricate system is being able to design it around your station. It doesn't have to be a forced 3x3 tile building that always looks the same and has to fit into strict conditions, you can have dilithium pipes running through the dining halls, or set up closed circuits and individual power grids for different components of your station. You can try to cram it into a tight little room, or spread it out with room for further expansion. It's YOUR station, you build it YOUR way.

If this sounds like your type of game, come hang out on our discord! ask us questions, contribute some ideas to development! Or if you'd like to grab it when it's released, go ahead and Wishlist it on steam!

Our Kickstarter failed, and why it doesn't matter

Our Kickstarter failed, and why it doesn't matter

News 2 comments

Our Space Station Simulator Kickstarter failed, but it doesn't matter, we're bringing you the game soon anyway!

Meeple Station now live on KICKSTARTER

Meeple Station now live on KICKSTARTER

News 4 comments

We've just launched our campaign on Kickstarter for Meeple Station! Our space sim is looking to raise $40,000 AUD in 34 days! Our Meeple need you!

This Week In Indie Games: September 9 2018

This Week In Indie Games: September 9 2018

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The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of September 9 2018.

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Meeple Station Linux Demo

Meeple Station Linux Demo


Meeple Station is still in early development, but if you'd like to know more about the game and what it has to offer, you can download our short demo...

Meeple Station MAC Demo

Meeple Station MAC Demo


Meeple Station is still in early development, but if you'd like to know more about the game and what it has to offer, you can download our short demo...

Meeple Station Windows Demo

Meeple Station Windows Demo


Meeple Station is still in early development, but if you'd like to know more about the game and what it has to offer, you can download our short demo...


Me and LunarShuriken hope how will be very nice if this arrive at igg-games with express speed as soon as possible.

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Looks like my kind of a game!

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