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'Protectorate' is space station simulation inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You are a human captain commanding the Terran Union’s outpost in deep space. Orbiting a planet of your choice, your goal is to keep your station up and running, to keep the population alive, to serve the interests of the Terran Union (or your own) and to run the best space bars this side of Wolf 359.

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Here Comes the Cavalry


We finally have people on the station! Sure they all look like clones and they can’t walk properly (they float around at the moment) but they finally exist.

So now when you recruit officers, the transport ship arrives and drops them off.

I need to work on the animation of a person as they walk around now and also to start work on assigning these new officers to systems.

Also, I should probably make it clear that in theory the people shown in the clip should perish as soon as they enter the station seeing as I didn’t establish any kind of atmosphere for them to you know, breathe.

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