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HIVE Game Descrpition

HIVE is a multiplayer online side-scrolling sci-fi shooter where two teams up to 5 players fight on HIVE's planet core. The battle is set on an hexagonal shaped map splitted into 6 different zones, each one with its own gravity direction. You can play heroes of different races and equip them with weapons and abilities of your choice to fit your favourite game style and combine with the rest of the team to reach the most competitive set.

During the match you can improve your gear by buying upgrades from the special store using the money, the Altenum and the experience you have earned. The better you play, the more you will improve your character!

The United Federation of Governments (UFG) from earth, the EVO (Machines and Droids banished from the Earth) and the NHC (Non-Human Creatures), are immersed in a heavy war for years to take planet HIVE IV under control, which is full of altenum, a highly valued resource, very important for these three races. Since the conflict started, some gods from Continuum (Universal Elite Gods) decided to solve this up by creating these bloody games between factions, forcing them to fight each other for Altenum on planet HIVE IV’s core, where each race sent their best warriors to face the challenge and protect their people.

  • Competitive multiplayer game
  • Games up to 10 players
  • Dynamic gravity map
  • Frenetic dash movements
  • Custom weapon & ability system

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Hive Olympic Games!


We have great news! The event of the year has arrived, that moment for which you have been preparing all this time while playing HIVE day and night. Are you ready? So pay attention, because there are important prizes!

From July 28th to August 12th, the first HIVE: Altenum Wars Olympics will be disputed

These Olympics will consist of a series of tournaments and competitions that will allow to add points with which HIVE users will compete to win a PlayStation 4 or a PS4VR pack among other prizes. Only the bravest Hexadiers will rise to glory!

The competitions are the following:

  • HIVE Assemble! Build your team, get your recruiter link here Gleam.io and give that link to your friends. For each new player you bring to HIVE you will get 100 points each. New players will have to enter to your link to verify that they have played HIVE.
  • HIVE 4v4 Tournament: Participate in the Great HIVE tournament with your 4-player team. The members of the winning team will get 2,000 points each, 1,500 who remain second, 1,000 third and fourth. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th will get 500, the 9th to the 16th 250, and the rest 100 points.
  • End of Season 0: At the end of the tournament, the LPs of the current HIVE: Altenum Wars league will be added as points for the Olympics for the registered players.
  • The Altenum marathon: At the end of the tournament, the users who have played the most HIVE hours from July 28 to August 5 will also be counted, those with more hours played will get up to a maximum of 500 points.
  • Olympic Star: Play HIVE and show us your outstanding play, or your funniest moments through twitter and mention (@CatnessGames). The user who gets the tweet about HIVE with more retweets and I like you will earn 500 points!

To participate in the Summer Olympics of HIVE you must register with your username. But beware! Depending on the platform in which you play, the registration process will be different:

  • If you play from Steam use your Steam account and register at Challonge.com
  • If you play from PlayStation4 within the European Region or Australia, this is your link Challonge.com
  • If you play from PS4 America, use this registry Challonge.com

Thus, three parallel tournaments will be held in the different platforms, but the ranking of the Olympics will be the same, it will be a ranking with Cross-Play!.

Administrators of the tournament will schedulle the games and verify the results. Results of all private games are public here: Hive.catnessgames.com

On Monday 13th we will count the points and will be announced the winner of the Olympics, the player who is at that time in the highest position of the Olympics ranking will receive a PlayStation 4 or PS4VR (user choice). There will also be a commemorative Skin for HIVE: Altenum Wars customized by the winner!

But these are not the only prizes, the top 5 will receive a special HIVE: Altenum Wars mouse mat, the top 10 will get HIVE: Altenum Wars T-shirt, and the top 50 in the Ranking will be given more HIVE: Altenum Wars Keys, both Steam and PlayStation 4 (in its special version), so they can give them to their friends and play with them.

For more information see the full competition rules: Hive.catnessgames.com

We are on Greenlight!

We are on Greenlight!

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HIVE just get live on Greenlight! and we upload a new video with more gameplay!

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