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BattleSense is a 3rd Person Multiplayer Action Shooter, which is heavily influenced by fighting games. Shooting duels are not won by good reactions and aiming alone. Players also need to predict their opponent during a battle and adapt to quick changes to come out on top. The time to kill is higher compared to other shooters, which gives more options for counterplay. Suprising your opponents is not enough to defeat them.


In BattleSense, players have access to several Abilities. These are available almost anytime, regardless of equipment. Each of them costs Stamina Points (SP), which limits their usage. SP slowly regenerates over time, when it is not spent on Abilities. In general, Abilities are defensive actions or to help you travel around the arena quicker.


Most weapons are unconventional and have no real world counterpart. They differ greatly in their usage, and their performance in different situations. Each Player can carry up to three different weapons and freely switch them during combat. The rate of fire is lower than in traditional shooter, making the player think more before taking a shot. In addition there are also melee weapons, which in generally do more damage to make up for their range.

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Project EMG, the Electro Magnetic Gun

Research and Development Report 001, July 21, 2094.

Executing Weapon Quality Inspector: Dirk Carpenter
For the attention of: Marvin Serkon

Table of Content:

  • Current stage of prototype development
  • Test Subject Reports
  • Closing Remarks

Current Stage of Prototype Development

We are pleased to present the first prototype of our latest weapon design project.

As observable in the illustration above, the gun is designed to be wound, or rather winding itself around its wielders arm, allowing intuitive and ergonomic usage while still preventing any unintended dislocations. The weapon is manufactured from our latest Living MetalTM alloy, which (quote) “appears to be breathing” (end quote), as reported by observers.

To allow for more combat flexibility, we designed two fire modes for the EMG.

The primary attack fires a small, fast moving particle projectile. Due to the low power of the projectile, this attack fires nearly instantly which allows for intuitive usage.

The secondary attack fires a big, slow moving particle projectile. Due to the sheer size of this projectile, firing requires a noticeable charge up time. However, due to molecular vibrations within the projectile, it may phase through otherwise solid obstacles. And, by our design standards, the secondary projectile inflicts great torment on any unfortunate victim.

As a last feature, the EMG can combine its attacks: An internal tracking system detects impact of primary projectiles. As soon as a primary projectile connects with bio tissue, the EMG redirects all its secondary projectiles towards the point of impact. This, naturally, may yield in devastating results.

Test Subject Reports

During testing, our participants reported that using the primary attack very much reminded them of traditional fire arms, for it was very intuitive to use. As for the secondary attack, our test subjects were unconvinced initially. However, they found out that hitting an enemy with it was (quote) “oddly rewarding and satisfying”. (end quote)

As testing progressed, our participants have discovered that abusing the phasing property of the secondary projectile is an effective way to (quote) “smoke the coward rats out” (end quote). On the contrary, they also soon learned that staying away from the secondary projectile when used against them, was the best way of dealing with the EMG’s attacks.

The only abusable design flaw that was observed was when the secondary attack was used in Close Quarter Combat. The long charge up time often allowed the target to get out of harm’s way.

Closing Remarks

Mr. Serkon, I would formally request that for future tests, we may be supplied with weapon testers that are not former asylum inmates

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