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About the Game

Historia Realis: Roma is a grand strategy and political simulator game that takes place during the Roman Republic (300 B.C. - 14 A.D.). By controlling a character and their dynasty through the Republic, participate in war, political intrigue, and rich story elements that let you forge your own legend of greatness.

About the Developer

Hi, I'm Lucas!

I'm an award-winning indie game developer from Brazil. I started making games as a hobby in 2012 while working on my Master's degree in History. I was a History teacher for three years and made games in my spare time. I released two games on Steam: Painters Guild and Roguemance.

I love history and games. I do art, code, design, music, marketing, and pretty much everything in my games. My favorite period is Republican Rome, so Historia Realis: Roma is a very dear project to me.

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DISCLAIMER: "metzge" -- while listed as the creator -- is not Lucas the developer, but a volunteer who's helping out with marketing projects. To contact Lucas, send him an email at lucas@historiarealis.com.

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Hey, Lucas here with another Dev Diary of Historia Realis: Roma, the grand strategy game where you can be a Roman during the Republic and do all that fun stuff like run for offices in the cursus honorum, fight wars, assassinate rivals, give speeches and so on.


  • CODE: Structured the “long events” in a hash table, JSON format.

  • ART: Made some characters for the upcoming Patreon tiers. Also an avatar.

  • COMMUNITY: Discussed the Patreon and other ideas on Discord.


I don’t think code stuff is too interesting to talk about, but that’s what I worked on this week. Here is the basic data structure for the long events:

Events are working in a simple manner right now, with characters creating and joining them randomly, then leaving to create and join new ones once they expire. There are no consequence to the events yet. What stops me from progressing further are a couple of unanswered questions that would be nice to figure out before I continue:

  • Should I use a hash table for characters too? Would there be a performance increase over an array if I’m often going through each entry anyway?

  • Should each event have its own hash table, or should they use the same one? In that sense, should the contents of the event be destroyed after they end? And if they are destroyed, how will history be stored in the game?

Anyway, the next steps will be to reward the event winners and penalize losers, as well as to implement costs for joining events and the relationship consequences (namely, that characters become more friendly when they’re on the same side of an event, and less friendly if they’re on opposite sides).


A few people have asked me if there’s a way they can donate to the project. There isn’t yet, but I’m planning a Patreon so that it’s possible. For those that don’t know, Patreon is a platform where you can contribute monthly to projects you like and get cool rewards. It’s like an ongoing Kickstarter. I’d really appreciate the support, and I’m thankful to those who have showed interest in contributing.

Character silhouettes to represent the 3 Patreon tiers.

I'm thinking of doing these 3 Patreon tiers:

  • $1Tribunus Plebis — You get a Discord role + can vote on stuff for the game.

  • $5Aedile — Role + Vote + Reddit flair + Painters Guild Steam key

  • $10Praetor — Role + Vote + Flair + Painters Guild key + Roguemance key + Avatar drawn by me.

Painters Guild and Roguemance are my previous two games, and I figured that I can give you guys these games as thanks for the support. The same goes for the avatar as special thanks. This is the one I drew for me just yesterday, it’s simple stuff but made with love:

Thanks for reading my Dev Diary!

If you have any suggestions or questions, please reply in the comments. Thanks!

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Terfilis - - 43 comments

Look very interesting! Good luck!

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