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Frozen state is a game about adversities of existence and surviving in the dilapidated, Siberian city Duga 40.
The city, where an extraterrestrial parasite has obliterated the population, causing infected people to become vicious alien hybrids.

Our home - www.frozenstate.net

Alpha version of Frozen State is now available through Steam Store for 9.99$

The price will be gradually growing over time as the development gets closer to the finish.

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Hi all,

To begin with, I’d like to thank everyone who was helping us with testing the new controls and for providing so valuable feedback. It was incredibly insightful, thank you!Majority of the players has agreed that the new control scheme works better and it should become permanent. However we still think that there is room for improvements, and we would like to try a few more things in the future, besides we want to be sure that when the controller support is in place you would have the exactly same experience as if with a mouse and a keyboard.The freelook mode is still there (to activate press “X”), if you have issues enabling it, try to delete Setting.txt file, it should help.

So what is new in this update?


Those of you how were playing the so called “Beta” build, might have seen them already, if you haven’t here they are.

The Mother - a female version of the Gaunt, has less HP and deals less physical damage that her male counterpart, but her poisonous spits have much greater chance to poison your character.

The Step Daughter - a fast and deadly hybrid, almost impossible to outrun her on foot, inflicts significant amount of damage with her brutally disfigured, sword-like arms.
The Widow - a female hybrid whose face were completely melted off by an acid secreted from the some kind of glands on her head. Her sharp claws cannot penetrate heavy armor, but even a scratch will intoxicate the body and prevent blood from clotting, leading to a death from blood loss.
The Spine - sometimes even being dismembered, some parts of the hybrids’ bodies can continue to live and evolve as unique, self-contained organisms
The Piecer’s attack and vision distances were slightly nerfed. We also decided to increase the amount of ammo generated in the world that you could have slightly better odds against the new enemies, which are all quite fast.

New Weapons

So, the energy weapons are finally into the game, though for now, until NPCs are still in work, you can only obtain the energy weapons by killing Gargantua. The drop chance a quite high you won’t need to kill a dozen of them to get a cool gun)
Maser Gun

Maser Handgun

B.P.C. - Big Plasma Cannon

Laser Sniper Rifle


The size of the world has grown a bit more again. If we combine all 51 location in one it will be just slightly over 5 square kilometres.
With the new system of spawners it became possible to randomise entrances in the underground levels, for now it works only in one “Uncharted” location, but as I make more underground levels, I’ll be steadily adding them to the old locations too.


Now when you consume a drink, food or a med kit, you’ll get a notification that this item was consumed. It also accompanied with a corresponding sound like chewing or drinking water, it’s not a big thing but provides additional feedback to your action and just feels cool))


As usual, you all have been super helpful with allocating the bugs. Actually, we fixed a few very serious bugs:some enemies weren’t saving properly when you travelled from one location to another. It means that whenever you return to a location that you had visited there may be no enemies at all. [Fixed]inventory list was distorted or appeared like in one line [Fixed]disassembling multiple items had a bug that could give you hundreds of resources [Fixed]infinite loading on the Gas Station location [Fixed]some other minor bugs
VERY IMPORTANT: If you notice that you frame rate dropped significantly, delete the Setting.txt file, for some unknown reason the new version sometimes doesn't wipe the old file and it causes an error which makes a call every frame affecting the performance.Thank you,Devs

Update [8] Alpha 0.080 Build 68

Update [8] Alpha 0.080 Build 68


Hi all, It is Sunday and we have something new for you. Yes, yes it’s a new update with new things and improvements. In the previous update, many of...

Update [7] Alpha 0.080 Build 63

Update [7] Alpha 0.080 Build 63

News 7 comments

Happy New Year! All our team wants to thank you all for the patience and understanding, we really wanted to release this update earlier, but life has...

Alpha 0.073 build 40 is out.

Alpha 0.073 build 40 is out.

News 3 comments

Sorry for a delayed update, it took us a bit longer than usual, but we did and reworked a lot of things. First of all we finished the the stats system...



News 1 comment

Hey there, I hope everyone is doing great. We finished the first iteration of mini map, there is still a lot to be done, but even now it’s working nicely...

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One of bloody brilliant yet critically underrated rough gem of survival. An unique experience (Soviet-era like buildings, technologies, and so slavically familiar setting) in cold-frozen Siberian-alike territory. Yeah it have it flaws, it have some bugs, but damn i enjoy it really. Few patches, few stitches and it's definetly playable. Thank you for dedication and work.

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Nice progress Satori

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Hm, I thought I heard that there was going to be a save function eventually but I guess not. Untracking, not a fan of permadeath. Good luck with the game though. :)

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Satori4 Creator

As I said it will be, but of course it up to you follow or not)

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Alright. Well, is there an ETA on that? I'll buy the game as soon as that's in it. The reason I assumed it wouldn't be in the game is because everyone but me seems to be fine with the game in it's current save state. So it seemed like you were going in a different direction. I'm sorry if my post sounded rude, I was trying to make it sound nice while expressing my opinion at the same time.

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Satori4 Creator

It's fine, no offence taken)

I think it's just a matter of taste. Some people prefer to discover new things every play through, and treat death penalty like a chance for a new experience, others see a set back in it.

Anyway, another save system will be implemented once we start putting the quests into the game. Wish I could tell you the date but at first we have to finish the dialogue, NPC and quest systems. Unfortunately, It all takes quite a lot of time(((

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Alright, awesome. Well, I tracked the game again, I'm looking forward to when it's added. :)

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Satori4 Creator

thanks, man))

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