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About Elderine:

Magic, riddles, new friendships and a quest to discover himself amid a world grasped by a dark, ancient evil. An ordinary boy, who finds himself in the least ordinary of circumstances. Jason always wanted to live in a fantasy world, to escape from homework, school, his boring life and most of all his overbearing aunt. Luck was in course for this young boy, as he soon finds himself magically warped to the land of Hasparia.

A land where magic, monsters, mysterious creatures and heroes really do exist. With a fledgling wizard a strange imp and others as companions, Jason sets off on his own journey of discovery, in this strange world that he now must call home. It's not all adventure, though, as Jason is the prophesied hero who will destroy the dark evil engulfing the lands.

At every turn, they are constantly evading the scope of a mysterious force. Who, as it seems will stop at nothing until their quest has failed! Dreams really can become Destiny.


  • Zelda style role-playing game.
  • Story-Driven Adventure.
  • Real time combat system.
  • Grow stronger with each dungeon you master.
  • Skills e.g. Crafting and farming.
  • Go fishing - just because you can.
  • Own a farm, become a farmer - An adventure in itself!
  • Restore a plot of land so you can farm,fish and build a guild.
  • Rescue various people who will offer you quests, skills and offer you services.
  • Find and collect relics and trophies.
  • Original Music created specifically to accompany the storytelling experience.

All feedback is greatly appreciated. Our aim is to make Elderine a fun and enjoyable experience.

We know the feeling...

We know the hype about RPG Maker games... so here is our own joke at our own expense :)

From the game engine that brought you classic game titles such as:

  • Generic RPG Game: 271 and its sequel...
  • Generic RPG Game: 272

We are proud to present... Generic RPG Game: 273 Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

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The choices we make in life are dependent on many factors; upbringing, social status, intellect and experience to name a few. Each decision we make, however small, can shape our character and will have a butterfly effect on future events.

The latest update of the game attempts to recreate the impact of alignment on decisions made in the game. (you may have noticed the devil and angel image on the hud) Starting with a clean slate, play the game how you want to play, butcher the innocent purely because it’s Monday or donate all your gold to the poor. But beware, each decision will have a fundamental impact on the how the story unfolds…

As you progress in Elderine, you will encounter many people. Choose to help them out of the kindness of your heart, or extort every penny from their purses. Each choice will alter your alignment so much so that the choices you make could impact how you interact with others, quests you could receive, and who will want to follow you in your cause. Will you be the hero of the land or the boy who wanted more?

Dreams can become Destiny - But the Choice is yours!

Build a Home - Farm - Form a Guild

Build a Home - Farm - Form a Guild

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Starting with a small distraction from the main questline, we have implemented the first stage of a central hub – a place where the player can farm...

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