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《Drifting》is a third-person shooter-action game. The combat system revolves around air-to-ground, air-to-air shooting and traversing. Each encounter in the game challenges the player to develop a situational awareness in 3D space, which includes constantly prioritizing your target whilst observing the surroundings to find out the key to advance to the next stage.

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Ocean Courtyard
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​Hello rit2040, this game project looks wonderfull ! I'm just amazed of the cleanliness of the design overall. I would love to collaborate and team up with you as music composer of the game, really. I have 2 musical projects beside my future work as a piano teacher.

​​ps: I found your work on UE forum.

Hope to see you soon.

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rit2040 Author

Hello Raquold,

I've posted a reply on itch.IO under your comment. I hope you could read it there so I don't have to double post my reply. XD

Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice day!

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Scenery in《Drifting》

Itch.IO - Rit2040.itch.io
IndieDB - Indiedb.com
UE4 Forum - Forums.unrealengine.com

Ocean Courtyard

15 years ago while I was in college, I've tried out silent hill 3 for the first time, without prior experience of the silent hill series, the game scared the hell out of me and I almost couldn't finish it. During the intense combat and psychological pressure, there is one small section in the game that gave me a tiny sense of comfort - an abandoned building where the protagonist arrived after escaping the sewer area. While the building is eerily silent, there is no enemy, no jump scare and I couldn't help but lingering for a while even though I know I could easily progress further by pushing the mattress down the floor.

The game created a sharp contrast between intense pressure and a moment of comfort and safety - however brief it is - leave a profound impression in my mind, from which I could recall the rough layout of the building years after I finished the game.

The ocean courtyard serves a similar purpose in terms of providing that sharp contrast. After players go through a series of challenging levels (especially the water dungeon area), the pacing of the game slows down, the width and height of the courtyard gave players plenty of space to maneuver, the low staircase and arched ceilings is a gesture of peace and harmony. I hope that as players enter the ocean courtyard, they could enjoy the soothing environment I created and maybe lingering for a while just like I did 15 years ago.

I hope you enjoy this week's update, feel free to leave your thoughts on this subject, and have a wonderful weekend. =)

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