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The Sandman NEVER sleeps. His eyes become so tired that they eventually fall out and must be replaced. Eyes are the source of The Sandman's magic. He carries a sack so that he may collect the eyes of humans who are so overwhelmed by nightmares that eyes pop out of their sockets. The Sandman enters human dreams trying to transform it into a nightmare so that he can collect more eyes to fill his sack. The Dream Knights are part of the dreamer's sub-conscious trying to protect them from nightmares.

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For the past month I have been re-developing the narrative and adding a lot of additional animation and bug-fixes.

I aim to take a surreal approach to the animation. For example, when Fudge is blown up then he his literally blown to pieces in a more comical than realistic way. I want to use over-the-top cartoon gore to add to this effect.

Other such animations will include Fudge swelling up and bursting like a balloon. I want to have fun with how bizarre and outrageous I can develop the animation to be and might experiment some more with particle effects. I think I need to work on developing anticipation or build up in my animations (like when a pitcher winds up to throw the ball).

I will also soon be re-developing some character art and the text and its display format in-game.

Dream Knights First Development Blog

Dream Knights First Development Blog


2 years of Dream Knights development - reflecting on the past and present.

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