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Depths of Destrus

is a roguelite rpg game, where you start in a dungeon with nothing but your appearance and name.
You find new items and enemies the further into the dungeon you go.
Will you die and start over? Or will you survive?

If you want to try our game, you can download it at Netherrain.net.

Any ideas and/or feedback is highly appreciated.
Join our Discord Server for live updates and more about the game.
(Questions made on Discord will also be answered faster, than on GameJolt or other platforms.)
Or follow us on twitter @NetherrainGames.

Should you find a glitch, or anything preventing you from playing, you're welcome to write to us on Discord :)
Depths of Destrus is still under development, so please do expect bugs here and there.

Skill Examples:

Finders Keepers
Boxes have a higher chance of containing consumables.

Mana Shield
Damage taken is reduced by 50%, but your mana is drained for the damage prevented.

Empowered Regeneration
Health regeneration time reduced by 35%

Frost damage has a chance to freeze the enemy in place for 2 seconds.

The Team

Valorless - Team Leader & Lead Developer.
Archdragon - Developer, 3D Artist & Concept Designer.
JenTheFoxy - Pixel Artist & Music Designer.

Game Tester Testimonials

MaZTaT - Destrus is the type of game you sit back and enjoy. It implores you to relax and digest its intricate hallways and discover every secret its depths hold.

Quibi - Well the game is okay, at this moment it’s not something I would choose to play over other titles (at least not yet), but it’s a decent working game nonetheless.
It still needs work, needs more ideas, but it’s a work in progress.


Movement - W A S D
Attack - Left Mouse Button (Mouse0)
Interact - E
Inventory - I
Map - M
Active Skill - Q
Hotbar - 1 2 3 4 5 6
Pause - ESC
Skip Dialogue - Space
Screenshot - Prnt Scr
Feedback - F5
Console - F12


Easy - Enemy Damage & Health decreased by 30%
Normal - Play the game as intended (100%)
Hard - Enemy Damage & Health increased to 250%
I regret my decisions.. (Insane) - Enemy Damage & Health increased to 500%

Item Stats

Strength - Increases physical damage
Vitality - Increases your maximum health
Intellect - Increases magical damage
Willpower - Increases your maximum mana
Dexterity - Increases your movement speed



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Depths of Destrus

Depths of Destrus


Demo release of the in-development game Depths of Destrus.

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