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In Wayward, there is a large focus on simulation, exploration, and discovery. There are no classes; there are no levels. Progression of your character depends on individual skill and stat gains by your interactions with items or objects in the world. You are free to play and explore the game in any fashion you wish.

Wayward is a traditional roguelike, meaning it has random environment generation, (optional) permadeath, turn-based gameplay, grid-based movement, complexity, non-modal interactions, resource/inventory management, and more. As such, Wayward is similar to games like UnReal World, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, or Dwarf Fortress.

Some of Wayward's key features include:

  • Sandbox survival game mechanics mixed with roguelike gameplay.
  • Over 630 items to craft, discover and interact with.
  • Deep, multi-faceted skill system with over 25 skills.
  • More than 50 creatures and animals to combat, harvest, or tame.
  • Iterative game design and community feedback driven with transparent development.
  • Online multiplayer with optional PVP mode.
  • 25+ hours of content and gameplay before reaching the “end-game” with supplemental content requiring hundreds of hours.
  • Infinite procedural generation with four island types featuring unique content for each biome.
  • Optional permadeath (hardcore), or respawning (casual) modes.
  • 45 milestones to unlock that provide unique gameplay modifiers.
  • Ability to rollback to previous versions or play the latest development build of the game before public release via Steam.
  • Choose from the following game modes: hardcore, casual, challenge, or custom.
  • Day and night system with temperature effects.
  • Character customization.
  • Dynamic reputation and difficulty system.
  • Play in turn-based (default), simulated turn-based (multiplayer only), or real-time modes.
  • Modding and Steam Workshop support with extensive development tools.
  • 18 custom music tracks.
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Wheels & Wetlands

Welcome to Wayward’s largest update to date! Here are just a few standout features from this release:

  • Actions menus have been moved to the new UI, allowing for a unique, unchanging binding for each action. Tooltips are now shown describing most actions.
  • Added minecarts and tracks, speeding up travel and moving items on land.
  • Configuration of action slots is now contained within a drawer of all actions with extra options about how the slot is used and restocked.
  • Added the “wetlands”, a new island type with unique terrain, creatures, plants, and items.
  • Doors now automatically open and close as you enter/exit them and no longer take a turn, but can be “propped” open for creature passage.
  • The equipment dialog has been moved to the new UI. Equipment now is only used for stats and other on-equip effects, and will not be used for mining, gathering, harvesting, etc.

Take a look at some of these features in our preview video if you haven’t seen it already:

We have made some huge steps in terms of modernizing our UI with this release and there are only a few systems left before we can start on proper keyboard-only and controller support.

The usability of actions has received a huge bump in accessibility, fixing many long-standing issues shared by the community, especially in multiplayer games.

No major update can be without its fair share of content, and this has it in spades. Nearly 100 items were added, new milestones (including a very game-changing one), a new island biome, new creatures, new plants, and more!

An extra special thanks to all the testers this time around that helped us squash a lot of the bugs during the development period. You can see their names scattered through this changelog on our public Trello board. On with the giganto-list:


  • Actions menus have been moved to the new UI, allowing for a unique, unchanging binding for each action. Tooltips are now shown describing most actions.

Action Menu

  • Added minecarts and tracks, speeding up travel and moving items on land.


  • Configuration of action slots is now contained within a drawer of all actions with extra options about how the slot is used and restocked.

Action Slots

  • Added the “wetlands”, a new island type with unique terrain, creatures, plants, and items.


  • Some weapons can now be dual-wielded, providing bonuses to attack, and use a new “Dual Wielding” skill.
  • Doors now automatically open and close as you enter/exit them and no longer take a turn, but can be “propped” open for creature passage.
  • The equipment dialog has been moved to the new UI. Equipment now is only used for stats and other on-equip effects, and will not be used for mining, gathering, harvesting, etc.
  • You can now change the number of action slots per your needs, up to 48 slots (four full bars). The game defaults to 12 action slots (one full bar).
  • Added unique icons for each action to be used in action slots and item/action menus.
  • Added a new magical item that can “absorb” and “exude”.
  • You can now set any action slot to be used automatically on movement. Removed the old “Auto Chop/Mine/Harvest” option.
  • Your cartography skill level now increases the radius of drawn maps significantly.
  • Unlocked chests can now be picked up while they have items in them.
  • Added the colossal komodo monitor, an apex predator of the volcanic islands.
  • Merchant NPCs will now better equip armor and weapons in their inventory.
  • Added a new magical property, “Progress” for adding bonus civilization score to an item.
  • Added a new magical property for increasing the growth speed of plants called “Prosperity” available on dirt and other tiles/ground-types and stacks with quality/fertile soil bonuses.
  • Item names in messages and other text now display icons.
  • Added “Basalt” rock to the volcanic islands, along with tons of new basalt items, housing, doodads, and more.
  • Crafting efficacy is now shown in the crafting item tooltip when over 60% in the recipe’s skill.
  • Crafting success and quality chances are now presented in the crafting tooltip after having at least 30% and 60% skill, respectively.
  • Added a new wandering undead creature to the wetlands.
  • Boats can now be used as storage containers.
  • Merchants now have hunger and thirst properties and will consume food/drinks or heal themselves with their inventory items.
  • Added swamp water in various states and forms across multiple biomes with a new filtration item and recipes for filtered water.
  • Boats can now be placed or built on top of water.
  • Added bindables for “move all of same quality”, “quick move all of same quality”, and “drop all of same quality”. (Thanks BrianReckliss!)
  • Cave entrances will now appear collapsed when digging them or filling them in from the opposite side.
  • Added the “Rouseabout” milestone and milestone modifier that allows you to reduce the difficulty of crafts at the cost of only being able to unlock crafts from picking up the item or learning it from an instructional scroll among other modifiers.
  • Added wooden planks, and as a result, many wooden crafts can now be disassembled back into the planks.
  • Added a new “Thaumaturgy” skill that works with magical components and items.
  • Sandstone can now be used just like granite for all tools/weapons (in most cases, less effectively).
  • Added a new look and item/tile for “Cobblestone” flooring, while its old appearance is now “Granite” flooring.
  • Added cattails, a useful resource to the new wetlands biome.
  • Added a new milestone and milestone modifier named “Murderer”.
  • Introducing the quick and ravenous coyote to select island types.
  • Damage types now have icons.
  • Added a new “cut” status effect that is a weaker version of bleeding that low-level creatures and hurting your hands can cause.
  • Added a custom game option for setting base item decay.
  • Added a custom game option for setting base item durability.
  • Specific creatures can now be set to “always spawn” in custom game options.
  • Added an option to “Disable Overlay Support” which will reduce GPU load but will stop overlays from other programs or the Steam Overlay to function properly.
  • You can now click action slots to use them.
  • You can now slot an item over an action to use that item with the previously configured action.
  • Added an option to drop automatically into containers instead of the ground.
  • Recipe levels now have associated icons to help tell which levels are higher than each other.
  • Added two new books.
  • Pouring water on a player will now wake them up from sleep/rest.
  • Added a MOTD server argument.
  • Added a “Disable Movement Animations” option (for creatures/players).
  • The version string now shows the build date/ID when using the development branch.
  • Added a new launch option to force overlay support.
  • Action slots now display icons for the slotted item & action simultaneously.
  • Added a multiplayer game setting to enable/disable traveling.


  • Consumed protected items will no longer be selected in item menu actions like, for example, adding fuel.
  • Each game mode now displays the milestones available in it.
  • Improved the appearance of binding hints — keypresses now appear on keycaps, and mouse buttons/scroll are now icons.
  • Chests can now be opened and used while in your inventory.
  • Tamed creatures that can swim can now travel with you.
  • UI scaling now functions correctly for players that have scaling set through their OS.
  • Boats now have varying levels of speed that allow you to move faster.
  • Soil and other ground-type items will now reveal that they have an impact on the growth speed of plants and mushrooms.
  • Terrain will now show its magical naming and properties when inspected.
  • Active filters are now highlighted more prominently.
  • Partially-transparent UI now blurs whatever’s behind it to make it easier to see what UI is currently interactable. This can be disabled in performance options.
  • The inventory, crafting, and container dialogs now use the same filter & sort UI as the rest of the game.
  • The “till” action has been split into the “till” and “pack ground” actions, to allow its use with the new “use when moving” functionality.
  • Improved the formatting and readability of action tooltips.
  • Action slots can now be configured to restock to matching items only of the same quality.
  • Improved ultrawide monitor support by allowing configuring the maximum width that the static elements will take up.
  • The “drop items at feet when facing tile blocked” option now takes into account a tile with the maximum amount of weight.
  • Replaced the optional non-pixel font to improve consistency between them.
  • Items consumed via fishing and starting fires will now skip protected items. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Improved readability and visual style of drawn maps.
  • Items and actions slotted into action slots can now be dragged to move them to a different slot, and shift+dragged to copy them to a different slot.
  • Wayward now defaults to using a custom window title bar on Windows and macOS.
  • Fishing for treasure chests now will bring up the treasure chest to your facing position.
  • Starting a fire now mentions which tinder and kindling were used.
  • Item worth now calculates everything inside containers.
  • The active inputs are now highlighted in binding hints.
  • Some uses now appear with icons in item tooltips.
  • The default font mode is now “balanced”, resulting in larger blocks of text being in the more readable non-pixel font.
  • The container name is now revealed when attempting to place items in a container with no room left.
  • Breaking open locked containers is now part of the attack action, rather than requiring moving into them.
  • Improved the default Steam Deck controller layout.
  • Some “uses” now appear in doodad tooltips.
  • Dropdowns and text inputs now have a border when focused in order to improve accessibility.
  • Stat messages no longer appear before action messages when consuming items. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • The chat box now grows vertically as you type, giving you more room to see your messages.
  • Tooltips positioned based on the mouse position are now centered on the mouse.
  • Knives are now considered tools.
  • Item tooltips now display their respective equip slot icons in their “equip” use.
  • Sprites with alpha will now multiply/blend with tiles below, improving the look of some sprites on different types of water for example.
  • Item notifications now show over NPCs when trading.
  • Improved the appearance of some UI elements.
  • Civilization score is now revealed in item tooltips.
  • Bindings of input macros now appear as “Key, Key” rather than “Double Key” to improve understandability (due to being used for more default bindings.)
  • Gravel tiles now change tile types more frequently and will change to different tiles/feature different resources depending on the biome.
  • The tooltip for the craft action in an action slot now displays the same tooltip as in the crafting dialog.
  • Items that can be used for an action, but don’t receive any tier bonuses will now show as tier “0”, indicating quality will not impact its tier.
  • Inspecting corpses now displays the decay.
  • Doodad names now show in the actions menu for the pick-up action.
  • Added additional/missing custom game option icons/tooltips in the pause menu.
  • Lava will now cool down when adjacent to water sources.
  • Harvest tooltip messages are now easier to understand and feature more information on the plant.
  • Reduced volume of pick-up sounds slightly.
  • Replaced “Power Mode” option with a “Low Power Mode” option.
  • Field of view transition is now skipped when teleporting.
  • Tightened the range at which tamed creatures follow you.
  • Updated the help menu and removed any old information.
  • Tweaked the color of ash to be a bit darker in contrast to basalt and ash cement.
  • You can now sleep and rest on boats.
  • Swimming and boats now use different sound effects.
  • Doodad actions are now allowed while on boats.
  • Stamina reduction from jumping will now take into consideration max weight bonuses and starting/max stamina.
  • Bindings of “Left Shift or Right Shift”, “Left Control or Right Control”, etc, now appear in binding hints as “Shift”, “Control”, etc.
  • Added more environmental interactions with NPCs
  • Updated the wording and tooltip description for “Disable Crafting with Protected Items” due to confusion on what it does. (Thanks Glycerine!)
  • Tweaked order of custom game options based on popularity.
  • The notoriously-annoying double click binding for context menus has been replaced with a “double tap” bind which only triggers specifically for touchscreen taps.
  • Added more contrast between the ice/snow walls and flooring.
  • Containers can now be opened from merchant inventories.
  • You can now bind things specifically to touchscreen taps (as opposed to clicks, which still trigger on taps as well.)
  • Added sound effects for protecting/unprotecting items.
  • The way newer UI elements in-game display has been updated to more closely match the game’s menu UI, improving consistency.
  • Tooltips opened when navigating with the keyboard can now be dismissed with the “menu cancel” bind. (Esc)
  • The “trapping” magical property has been renamed to “ensnaring” due to a skill name conflict.
  • Unlit torches now show their decay values.
  • Wayward versions are now displayed by "Wayward: Version Title" and "Update #", where applicable, for example, "Wayward: Horizons (Update 6)"
  • When resting or sleeping, it will now reveal what was rested or slept on via messages.
  • Water spawned as part of a template will now contaminate itself when adjacent water is present.
  • Many non-essential UI components now hide until the player respawns.
  • Added a help button to the pause screen.
  • Wayward will now generate an SSH key automatically when using the SSH option for dedicated servers.
  • Interface scales lower than 1, IE 0.5x and 0.75x, are now better-supported in-game.
  • Improved rendering of centered UI elements.
  • Rock/stone items are now considered “granite” and are renamed accordingly.
  • Focusing (or clicking) on a container dialog now makes it the “active” container for use with “move to” actions.
  • Sleeping and rest interruption messages will now display all reasons why your sleep/rest was canceled.
  • Added a unique message for creatures that do not accept offerings.
  • Dialogs now have a pixel-based minimum size rather than a screen-space-based minimum size. Dialogs now have no maximum size.
  • Added a developer option to reload UI icons.
  • Improved the look of the changelog menu when failing to load.
  • Dedicated servers will now ignore the "savePath" launch option. Instead, it is recommended to use the "+savePath" argument to change this for servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed re-tamed creatures sometimes not attacking enemies. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed some items receiving the “Worth” magical property when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed incorrect quest requirements showing in the pause menu.
  • Fixed spawning radius issues. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed dropping containers into the void giving the contents back. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed some blurry menu graphics on retina/high-DPI displays.
  • Fixed importing a saved game putting it on the bottom of the list instead of sorting it, unless you previously modified the sort.
  • Fixed conflicts not updating when changing a binding. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed being able to disguise previously traded items by using containers.
  • Fixed terrain quality not changing in certain instances when digging. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed the background flickering when the Steam overlay was up. (Thanks HojaHybridTheory!)
  • Fixed only old dialogs closing with the “close all dialogs” binding.
  • Fixed “Disable UI Opacity/Effects” options not affecting certain elements.
  • Fixed the “Storing” magical property allowing for values above 100%. (Thanks ruancsfox!)
  • Fixed instances of casting on the exact tile (or around it) not bring up treasure chests from water.
  • Fixed potential out-of-bounds issues. (Thanks TheBlackHand!)
  • Fixed duplicate quest requirements getting pinned.
  • Fixed long island names wrapping in the middle of a word.
  • Fixed container items not generating the proper magical properties when generated via loot and not crafted. (Thanks ruancsfox!)
  • Fixed things getting weird if you load a very old save that had loaded a mod that happened to have something with the same internal name as something official added later.
  • Fixed players/NPCs being able to stand on top of each other on cave entrances.
  • Fixed rendering issues related to tall objects. (Thanks Eleiy!)
  • Fixed pangolin meat cooking into generic meat. (Thanks TheBlackHand!)
  • Fixed max travel time not able to be set from the game settings menu from a dedicated server.
  • Fixed the sleeping/resting prompt showing after death when being damaged multiple times in a single turn. (Thanks Whaffles!)
  • Fixed not dying the turn you stopped sleeping/resting after being fatally damaged and/or interrupted multiple times.
  • Fixed a desync occurring when a player respawned on a different island that they died on when in casual mode. (Thanks Amax!)
  • The transparency of some dialog elements is now limited, allowing text to remain readable when dialog opacity is set to low values.
  • Fixed an exploit with eating or consuming items. (Thanks Ruiner of Fun!)
  • Fixed sometimes pathfinding over land while in a boat while using path-to-tile. (Thanks Lonely Shikari!)
  • Fixed centering issues with the unread indicator for notes.
  • Fixed the incorrect menu entries showing in the title bar on macOS.
  • Fixed durability bars not being visible until a single turn has passed. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed help articles linking to incorrect places in the options menu.
  • Fixed “phantom” doodads displaying in the fog (for real this time). (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed mushrooms not being considered as things you must “gather” to gain their resources.
  • Fixed filling in caves resulting in the incorrect tile types on certain island types.
  • Fixed grass growing into the wrong quality. (Thanks psusi!)
  • Fixed filter inputs de-selecting when selecting and releasing the mouse over the terrain. (Thanks Azak!)
  • Fixed the “Playing Typing Sound” not working for inventory/crafting filters. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed electron pathing errors when reloading the game.
  • Fixed the game options icon tooltip not showing the proper value when disabling a creature’s ability to spawn aberrant.
  • Fixed igniting torches requiring tinder when using “ignite with”.
  • Fixed context menus not closing when right-clicking dead space.
  • Fixed arid cactus map decorators showing in underground maps. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed many doodad, item, and merchant equipment spawning inconsistencies.
  • Fixed doodads not breaking and dropping during certain interactions when opening up cave entrances.
  • Fixed tiles getting deleted when caving/filling in cave entrances using certain interactions.
  • Fixed “Random” not working for the starting island custom game option.
  • Fixed slow/limited connections not always being able to download full map data when connecting to a dedicated server. (Hotfixed) (Thanks Who!)
  • Fixed dirt terrain decorators overlapping other tiles.
  • Fixed tanglehead grass not dying when other tiles were placed over it.
  • Fixed non-tiered item actions showing a bonus from quality when inspecting the action.
  • Fixed containers opening when screenshot mode was enabled. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed decay bar changing positions when a durability bar was present. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed players not timing out when unfocusing their game window when connected to a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed the traitor milestone not working in some cases. (Thanks DankBud!)
  • Fixed some smoothness/consistency of screen scrolling. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed old seawater wells not being converted after pouring fresh water into them.
  • Fixed certain dialogs not being able to be opened after screenshot mode was enabled. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed particles being cleared even when other players change layers.
  • Out-of-date mods display will no longer say “Error loading mod.” instead of “Incompatible with this version.”
  • Fixed campfires (and other doodads) that are overflowing having different stages of fire from tile event for a turn when the tile event had a bigger stage.
  • Fixed menu buttons always appearing with their mouse-over background color.
  • Fixed treasure chests appearing under the player when digging.
  • Fixed canceling the first connection to a server still creating a character on the server. (Thanks Colossus!)
  • Context menus with sub-menus now close simultaneously rather than one level at a time.
  • Fixed challenge mode not increasing decay time of items properly.
  • Hidden creatures are no longer shown in tooltips.
  • Fixed gathering water in some instances resulting in an incorrect tile type for the biome/island type.
  • Fixed a desync related to picking up doodads.
  • Fixed water tiles sometimes getting a “quality” when digging shallow water.
  • Fixed being able to spawn on top of creatures.
  • Fixed the order of the moving/facing bindables in the controls menu not matching WASD.
  • Fixed the preview path staying visible after canceling movement when using the move-to-tile bind directly. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed excessively-long words being cut off in messages instead of broken across multiple lines.
  • Fixed the shoot action on projectiles not always shooting the exact projectile the action was used on.
  • Fixed stationary stat multipliers not displaying any value in the icon tooltip.
  • Fixed the “Dig” option in the action menu showing in cases where you could not actually dig.
  • Fixed “See more” showing in tooltips when you can already see more.
  • Fixed a desync related to the first player movement after joining the server.
  • Fixed an ancient issue causing very long stats (such as very high weights) to be clipped.
  • Fixed the shoot action on projectiles requiring being directly adjacent to enemies.
  • Fixed empty wells not getting filled with fresh water when poured.
  • Fixed “Also Bound To” warnings on mod-added bindables not being clickable.
  • Fixed corpses not appearing in the inspect dialog.
  • Fixed using the up arrow and down arrow in the chat box moving the selection to different UI elements.
  • Fixed some tooltip locations in the options menu.
  • Fixed named aberrant creatures displaying their names as, for example, "Aberrant "Mittens"" instead of just ""Mittens"".
  • Fixed corpses of named creatures appearing as, for example, "Aberrant "Mittens" Corpse" rather than "The Corpse of "Mittens"".
  • Fixed pangolins giving you positive reputation when killing them.
  • Fixed certain items not starting on fire when placed/thrown on top of fire-producing doodads.
  • All instances of “pickup” and “pick-up” have been corrected to “pick up”.
  • Fixed multiple action slots configured to the same item resulting in only one being able to be restocked.
  • Fixed using the escape bind in filters replacing current word with a previous word. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)


  • Items that are consumed, but returned (like water containers) no longer provide crafting and durability bonuses based on their quality. Tiers and aptitude will still apply.
  • You can now set down fertile soil and other ground-types over/around plants.
  • Increased the chances of more talc per tile.
  • Talc is now much more common over limestone in the coastal biome.
  • Overeating and overhydration are now scaled based on the food and maximum stamina.
  • Wells now require to be connected to larger bodies of water in the cave below to get “unlimited” water status.
  • Well crafting difficulty has been reduced but requires slightly more materials to craft.
  • Reduced minimum spawn rate slightly.
  • The recipes you learn from old instructional scrolls are now weighted so lower skill, lower worth crafts, and can come from the current island/biome type are more likely to show up first.
  • Merchants can now attack creatures and be attacked by them.
  • Aberrant creatures that produce resources will now have increased quality chances.
  • You can no longer water route from created puddles or adjacent to expansions of pre-generated water unless connected to a large body of water.
  • Spores can now be “planted” without tilling the ground/tile.
  • Decreased the temperature in Arid and Ice Cap island biomes slightly.
  • Tripled the reputation impact for killing creatures, making it a more viable strategy to increase or decrease your reputation.
  • You can now till using your hands.
  • Boats will now have a defense bonus when inside them but can be damaged in combat.
  • Non-metal knives can be disassembled, but they no longer get weight reduction when crafted.
  • Decreased the scaling effect of player health for aberrant health, leading to more strength needed before reaching the cap. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • The damage modifier for boats has been reduced in half.
  • Lava damage has been doubled.
  • Untamed creatures will now lose their aggression towards the enemy of the tamer unless they are actively in combat with the enemy.
  • Creature re-animation is now limited and gets rarer the more they have respawned.
  • Increased the spawning chances of merchants slightly.
  • The mitigation effect from the parrying skill now scales with damage. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Goats no longer spawn by default on coastal islands at 0 reputation.
  • Travel time is now greater based on how far you are away from the edge of the map.
  • Combined water tiles no longer contaminate each other fully when both bodies of water contain massive amounts of water.
  • You can now only contaminate wells if they don’t have an unlimited source and are less than half full.
  • Stone house templates on coastal islands will now only generate inside caves. Wooden house templates will only spawn on the overworld.
  • The quality of floors, walls, and other building materials now affects civilization score.
  • Papaya trees are no longer passable.
  • Water stills now have a chance to spawn in abandoned house templates.
  • Reduced the max attack of snakes.
  • Crafting efficacy messages are now displayed at 30% skill instead of 20% and exact values are revealed at 90% instead of 80%.
  • Wisps no longer spawn in the ice cap biome.
  • Reduced the skill check/difficulty of adding fuel to torches.
  • Several actions that caused global reputation changes in multiplayer games now only apply to specific islands.
  • Skeletal remains now animate when a tamed creature walks near them or an item is thrown at them.
  • Hammocks no longer give sleeping and resting debuffs when over water, snow, swamp, or cooling lava.
  • Tweaked fire source tiers for doodads so that torches/candles/stills perform relatively worse versus other fire source doodads.
  • Slightly increased the generated creature count on coastal islands.
  • Spruce seeds are no longer harmful to consume.
  • Gravel tiles can no longer produce fresh water.


  • Added modding support for magical properties. Learn how it’s done from the new modding guide on the topic!
  • Added modding support for biomes.
  • Updated the interface of the “Wayward Types Viewer”, previously known as the “Wayward Documentation”.
  • Added support for player-like NPCs that run with simulated turn mode in single-player.
  • Languages can now provide definite article rules as well — ie, “the” (definite) in addition to “a/an” (indefinite).
  • Nightly versions of all mods are now published on Github.
  • Mods can now register “tags” for items, doodads, and entities, to apply as needed.
  • Fixed encumbered status not being updated when weight bonus had changed.
  • Don’t include "node_modules/@types/*" folders in published mods
  • Fixed moddable Prompts not working correctly.
  • Fixed group dropdown tooltips staying in the document forever.
  • Fixed some modded things not being associated with their registering mod, causing resource paths to break. (Thanks fluff!)



  • Added TARS-powered NPCs that you can spawn.
  • Added an NPC UI panel.
  • Added “Angler” mode.
  • Added a “Maintain Low Difficulty” option for Survival mode.
  • Added support for Volcanic islands.
  • Added a “Follow” Player/NPC task.
  • Added a “Data” panel for saving/loading previous TARS configurations.
  • Improved Gardener mode.
  • Learned to use bandages during battle.
  • Added an option to adjust the accuracy of the planning algorithm
  • Allow exploring islands in multiplayer when the server has travel enabled.
  • Fixed the “Move to Player” task not working correctly when the player is on another island.
  • Fixed issues moving around when encumbered in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed issues purifying water
  • Learned how to effectively use backpacks.
  • Fixed the “Enable TARS” check button being able to get out of sync.
  • Fixed issues gathering treasure in different world layers (cave/overworld).
  • No longer digs up placed down things (like red carpet).
  • More accurate calculations when determining what weapon to equip.
  • Fixed a hunger/weight stuck loop with chests.
  • Improved performance when dealing with many items.
  • Fixed issues obtaining resources from caves.
  • Fixed dropping harvested/gathered items to reduce weight in “Harvest Mode” & “Treasure Mode”. It will now try to build additional chests for storing the harvested items.
  • Tile navigation overlay is now disabled by default.
  • Added an option to toggle the tile navigation overlays.
  • Will act more appropriate in multiplayer games when the “Good Citizen” option is enabled.
  • Fixed equipping/unequipping issues.
  • Fixed getting stuck gathering treasure in “Treasure Mode”.
  • Fixed getting stuck when tilling in gardening mode.
  • Fixed TARS randomly running back to the base while trying to do stuff.
  • Fixed movement issues when hunting creatures
  • Improved water gathering capabilities.
  • Fixed some issues with the static UI displaying status.

Odd Magicks

  • Created a new example mod to demonstrate custom magical properties and injection into actions and item tooltips.


  • You can now fly around the world on the Nimbus.

Debug Tools

  • Fixed “resurrect” and “remove” not working for corpses.
  • Sped up mod unload when the dialog was never opened.
  • Fixed dialog memory leaks.
  • Fixed tile painting not deactivating when closing the dialog.
  • Fixed inspection not working in real-time mode.


  • Increased the speed and performance of dialog movement and resizing.
  • Improved the performance of item updates.
  • Filter inputs no longer perform the filter the moment you type a character, and instead wait until you haven’t typed a character for 100ms. This fixes freezes when filtering huge lists of items.
  • Improved performance of the load game menu when there are a lot of saves.
  • Low power mode now disables magical item animations.
  • Improved performance of magical animations.
  • Wayward has been upgraded to TypeScript 4.7.
  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron 20.1.4.
  • Improved performance of crafting recipe updating by up to 75%.

Wow, you made it down here?

Wayward Major Update "Horizons" Released!

Wayward Major Update "Horizons" Released!


Twas the day before that Christmas thing, when all through Steam; not a creature was stirring, except for a Wayward release!

Wayward Major Update "Seafarer+" Released!

Wayward Major Update "Seafarer+" Released!


It's that time again! Time for a major Wayward update to be released into the wild. And into the wild, you shall go. A harsher wild this time around...

Wayward Beta 2.9 "Seafarer" Released

Wayward Beta 2.9 "Seafarer" Released


Introducing, "Seafarer", the 9th major release of Wayward on Steam, and the end of limited exploration in the game.

Wayward Beta 2.8 “Odds & Ends” Released

Wayward Beta 2.8 “Odds & Ends” Released


Sorry about that wait! The next major Wayward update is finally upon us! This release we focused on many improvements and a new unlockable system for...

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Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (64-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (64-bit)

Full Version

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (64-bit).

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (32-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (32-bit)

Full Version

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Windows (32-bit).

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for macOS (64-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for macOS (64-bit)

Full Version

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.4 for macOS (64-bit).

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (64-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (64-bit)

Full Version

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (64-bit).

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (32-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (32-bit)

Full Version

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.4 for Linux (32-bit).

Wayward Free 1.9.3 for Windows (64-bit)

Wayward Free 1.9.3 for Windows (64-bit)

Full Version 1 comment

A stand-alone, executable version of Wayward Free 1.9.3 for Windows (64-bit).

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I like it

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this is so awesome!

get so much inspiration!

cant wait to play the game :D

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VaughnRoyko Creator

Sorry about the lack of replying here guys/gals. I've updated everything a bit and will continue to do so a bit more often.

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i want this soundtrack!

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good !

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hola me gusto mucho el juego lastima que este en ingles y eso dificulte el entretenimiento si lo hicieran para que se pudiera cambiar el idioma yo creo que que lo jugaria mas gente sigan adelante con el proyecto¡¡¡¡

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I've not been following for about half a year, what's new?

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I think, nothing special... just big nothing :(

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A lot has changed they just dont update this site at all. Check out the greenlight page or check him out on Twitch for updates.

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after i got 90% tactic , there is no fun left T_T

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