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We're live on Kickstarter! Come to check the new demo!

Reikon Dungeon is a real-time roguelike dungeon crawling game where the player

gets to explore infinite dungeons and hunt down deadly monsters.

The Twist? You can choose to be reincarnated in that monster that just killed you a few seconds ago!

Deep character customization: You can control every aspect of your character progression,

experiment with different builds and combination of equipment and

skills to create your own lethal combination. 

Build a safe place for the good souls: The four elements deities unable to stop the tower

turned themselves into idols to build a shrine from the inside, to host those not lost.

Build new areas and unlock NPCs that will lend you their help.

Procedural dungeon generation: Dungeons are procedurally generated but saved at each run,

to give you an endless challenge and real time action fun! 

Procedural loot: With a vaste combination of skills and accessories you'll hardly

get the chance to drop the same item, and you can also combine them. 

Rebirth: Death can happen, however you get to keep all your items to start

over again and get another chance to reach the end of the dungeon.

Obtaining the soul core of the monster you previously defeated will

enable you to get their unique stats and special abilities, which could be helpful to exploit certain bosses. 

Bosses: A game can't be fun without those huge boss fights.

Each one has its own peculiar abilities and strengths, making for epic and ever-changing battles.

You'll learn to hate those bosses and then eventually beat them.

It’s been long forgotten when the Tower started eating the lands, unstoppable, inevitable.

Every creature, human or monster and their belongings became part of the walking monolith,

everything was eventually restored and imprisoned inside, but not quite like it was originally.

Where there was a city, now is none.
Where there was a city, now is none.

Inside the tower every soul materializes as their inner nature, a man can

turn into a beast if it fits him, and the opposite can happen too.

Everyone is forever imprisoned and forced to roam aimlessly inside the insatiable pillar.

We took inspiration from classics like Chocobo Mistery Dungeon, Shiren the Wanderer, etc.

and we added a twist: a gameplay style that feels strategic and dynamic, something that

can’t really be achieved with the turn based approach, and that players into

dungeon crawlers will enjoy without the fear of “more of the same”.

As the Tower travels it will collect more locations for the player to explore; every location

will be populated by unique creatures, so far we’ve planned about 20-25 characters,

each one with a special unique passive skill that will impact its play style greatly.

Getting deeper in the dungeon does not only bring stronger foes, it will also reveal part

of the backstory behind the colossal creature that annihilated the world as it was,

and other features that lead to rare soul cores and equipment.

Crafting the resources from the different lands will also lead to more exotic equipment,

and the character the player picks may let him reach certain areas precluded to others species,

so multiple trespasses of the same dungeon can lead to different results.

Unlocking a new Soul Core brings not only different statistic for the player, as the skills are

completely customizable on any character, a special unique skill also adds depth to the

strategy to apply during the dungeon traversal, and sometimes certain quests could

ask to play exactly as that character.

The game started as a 2D retro styled roguelike dungeon crawler,

we were familiar to the genre from our previous experiences and while writing

down the game design we started thinking

"You know what? This could really benefit by adding another dimension!"

We moved to Unreal 4, and we will never regret this decision: the engine is amazing and it

gave us an incredible boost in development speed. Surely everything was different and

more complex at the beginning, but with the hard work of 4 months, we had the first

working prototype of the game.

Once we release the Early Access version this summer, we will keep adding more

content that will be community driven, the game will offer the chance to cast a

vote to 4 possible features through the idols of the elemental deities, which will

reward the player with different prizes.

The game has been greenlit in 10 days, and we estimate the early access version to go live this summer.

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Development Update #1

News 1 comment

Hello there!

We wanted to share some cool stuff we've been working on lately, we'll touch on two main things we think will make the game a lot cooler.

New Full screen User Interface and Controller Support

We are reworking our user interface, we've been watching every single let's play on youtube (by the way guys, you really rock!) and we think that the UI at the moment doesn't quite feel right.

This new interface will be full screen, there are two main reasons for this: we can support controller quite easily and we can fit more information for the player in one place without having to use mouse over tooltips.

New shiny full screen UINew shiny full screen UI

Adding support to the controller means you'll be able to enjoy the game from you sofa if you want, and it also means that it will be easier for us to port the game to other consoles or consider cool features such as split-screen co-op dungeon exploration (remember: these are just few things we could do, but we can't promise they'll all be done at the moment).

More lighting effects and better performance

We noticed that some let's players are not running at 60 fps and we weren't happy with that, so we tweaked some graphical stuff to make it both more smooth and better looking. Here's an example of what we can achieve with dynamic lighting: more will come in the next updates!

Look at them lights!Look at them lights! Updated demo coming soon

Having said all of that, we're working on a better demo that will have all the things that we mentioned (including laser raptors, so be careful). We will also try to give you an idea of how the rebirth system is going to work and tweak and balance the game to make it more challenging and fun.

Honorable mentions

As with every update, we'd like to mention some cool stuff that's been happening about our game so here we go:

Keep spreading the word

We are doing good so far, but to reach our goal we need all your support, so please spread the word and show Reikon Dungeon to your friends as that will help us a lot! We hope you are excited as we are about the game, we can't wait to open the private development forums to hear your opinion on our future plans, but in the meantime feel free to comment on the page and we'll be super happy to answer!

Laser Raptors and 20% Goal Hit!

Laser Raptors and 20% Goal Hit!


An update about our status on Kickstarter and the Laser skill for the Raptor character, we also listed some of the amazing youtubers that played our demo...

Reikon Dungeon on Kickstarter! New Demo!

Reikon Dungeon on Kickstarter! New Demo!


Reikon Dungeon is now on Kickstarter! And a new demo is available to download, come to check the rewards tiers!

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Reikon Dungeon Kickstarter Demo

Reikon Dungeon Kickstarter Demo

Demo 3 comments

The demo is a PRE-ALPHA, not representative of the final product, before playing ►►READ THIS►►

INtense! Staff

Looking great - do like the style

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for your work guys, this looks interesting. I'm looking forward to your next updates. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

If the multiplayer scene gets huge... this game will be leagues better than spiral knights.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I really like the lego-like graphics. I never say no to another dungeon game. And this one looks great, so I'm waited for its with impatience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Subr3v Creator

Thanks! Stay tuned because we'll be uploading a new shiny demo very soon

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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RT @sinisteragent: Anyway, it looks pretty good considering how early it is. The twist sounds interesting, a bit like Crawl. T.co

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