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Dead Monarchy is a Medieval, Turn-Based, Mass-Tactics RPG with survival elements. It is a game influenced by other games such as Battle Brothers, Banner Saga, XCOM, Age of Decadence and Jagged Alliance. Dead Monarchy is a game created by one guy, addicted to turn-based games. At its heart, it is about the management of a mercenary company that travels the lands in search of fame and glory and perhaps nobility.

Dead Monarchy will be continually developed over the course of 10 years, because that is the most realistic time frame I can give myself to fulfill all my goals. It will come in two modes, "Tourney Mode" and "Monarchy Mode". Tourney mode will be more focused on combat and company management and as the name suggests, is centered around medieval tournaments. With the addition of the overworld map, Dead Monarchy will eventually grow into "Monarchy Mode".

With the overworld map in, tournaments will become a dangerous but lucrative side activity. Eventually the two modes may be seamlessly integrated as other activities such as dungeon delving and minor territorial gameplay mechanics get added. It will be a long journey but an eventful one, a journey I am hoping that you will join. I don't have a dedicated QA team, I only have you. From one player to another, let's make a game that will make us social outcasts! Kidding.


- Command up to 12 mercenaries/knights/murderers/colorful backgrounds in glorious turn-based combat. The party size may increase in the future.

- Unique weapons that define your play style and character growth. Greataxes, Longswords, Rapiers, Axes, Hammers, Maces, Scimitars, Swords, Claymores and the Daito and more! Each weapon will have its own skill tree.

- Two types of turn-based combat. In tourney combat, combat is divided into player and enemy phase, all actions are queued and play out at the end of each respective phase. This introduces interesting dilemmas as you can no longer immediately react to each action in a phase, plan ahead and consider every possible outcome. In field combat, phases are still divided between player and enemy but actions are no longer queued, they are triggered immediately on player input and will be something you are more used to if you played more or less any recent turn-based game. This opens up abilities that are not fully suitable for tourney combat, IE abilities that grant free actions. Having two different types of combat systems means you will have to decide between developing your mercenaries for field combat or tourney combat.

- Diverse Enemies: The point of perspective is from the feudal European kingdoms and you will come into contact with factions inspired by the Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, Persians, Chinese, Japanese, Danish Vikings and Celtic Tribes. Each faction will introduce unique weapons and challenges that augment your current strategy.

- Diverse Equipment: No flaming shoulder pads. With each faction, comes unique armor and weapons that are inspired from history and as such, grounded in reality!

- Meaningful Violence: Decapitate a head to reduce the morale of your enemies, but first you'll have to destroy his/her helmet. Armor plays a pivotal role and protects your units against weapons but eventually can be worn down and destroyed.

- Company Management: All mercenaries love gold and need to eat! Balance your expenses as you struggle to outfit and pay your mercenaries, each death is an investment gone wrong. Hello permadeath!

More features to come :)


More info can be found on my website: Dead-monarchy.com

You can also follow Dead Monarchy on Twitter and Facebook: @Dead_Monarchy.


I'm also on the codex, I post quite frequently there and then branch out to other forums.


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Hey guys,

Been a couple of busy weeks so haven't had the time to update. I've decided to compile last weeks update with this weeks update as well.

Cloth Armor 8-10:

Set 8

Set 9

Set 10

Monster Name: Rodent Shaman.
Special Abilities: Mend Wounds, a single target ranged heal ability. Power Bomb, filled with all manner of hallucinogenic substances, this ability has a chance to stun the target or buff the target's.

Healing isn't really a common occurrence so these creatures will probably start to become high priority targets. Powder Bomb as you may have noticed can backfire and boost your own characters, which I thought was thematic to "ratmen". Overall, I'm trying to make the Rodent clan focus more on displacement and crowd control in terms of this faction's main theme/playstyle.

Rodent Shaman 1

Rodent Shaman 2

Rodent Shaman 3

Monster Name: Rodent Soldier
Special Ability: Sunder Strike, double damage if the target is stunned. The damage applies to both armor damage and "health" damage.

The solider forms the frontline of the Rodent Clan and combines well with the Shaman. If a target is stunned by the Shaman, Sunder Strike will deal damage whether it be "health" damage or damage to Helmet/Armor rating. If you want to get to the Shaman, you'll have to get through these boys first. The soldier will also be the most heavily armored unit and the only rodent to carry a shield into combat.

Rodent Soldier 1

Rodent Soldier 2

Rodent Soldier 3

Stay tuned for more next week!

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 2

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 2


Each week I release mini updates on twitter and forums such as the RPGCodex and RPGwatch. At the end of the week, I'll be posting all the information...

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 1

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 1


Each week I release mini updates on twitter and forums such as the RPGCodex and RPGwatch. At the end of the week, I'll be posting all the information...

Dead Monarchy: Devblog 4 - Forest Biome + Player Base

Dead Monarchy: Devblog 4 - Forest Biome + Player Base


I'll be talking about random map generation and the player base.

Dead Monarchy: Demo Build 0.2.0 Released!

Dead Monarchy: Demo Build 0.2.0 Released!


New demo build has been released, battles in large, open fields, elevation/terrain bonuses and ranged combat!

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Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.2.0)

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.2.0)

Demo 2 comments

Surprise! New demo build is now available. Biggest change is that the combat now takes place in a larger and open forest environment with elevation tiles...

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.1.0)

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.1.0)


Hey there! It's been a long ride and yet the journey is only beginning. The demo is finally out and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Keep in...

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Monster Reveal 4. "Rodent Soldier". Special Ability: Sunder Strike, double damage if the target is stunned. The dam… T.co

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Aug 1 2018

Here is a tundra level that has been randomly generated. I am also slowly implementing the "monsters" now. They'll… T.co

Jul 23 2018

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