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ABOUT: (Early Access)

Dead Monarchy is a turn-based, tactical RPG with roguelike elements, inspired by games such as Battle Brothers, XCOM and Jagged Alliance. Equip your warriors with historically inspired weapons and armor and attempt to survive in a dying world overrun by all manner of monsters.

Currently the game consists of two layers. The "town" layer where you manage the player base and the "combat" layer where you engage enemies in turn-based tactical combat. As it stands, the core gameplay loop is to go out on a mission, gather resources, then spend those resources on upgrading buildings which in turn provide a variety of bonuses to your warriors. As you continue to upgrade your town and go out on expeditions, time will pass and the enemy will grow stronger and then will eventually attack your town. Failing a base assault without being completely wiped out will result in your building upgrades being destroyed.

This weakens the player and makes it harder for the player to achieve victory. To win the game in its current Early Access state, you must defeat all 5 Monarchs, one for each respective biome. This eventually results in a race against the enemy, with the enemy trying to wipe out your town and with the player trying to become strong enough to defeat all 5 Monarchs before getting wiped out.

FEATURES: (Early Access)

-Turn-based, tactical combat where the player can control up to 18 warriors at once. No longer do you have to justify to yourself for playing with a small party of 6 poor souls against the world. Combat is phase based, meaning all units within a faction act before the next faction goes however movement is based on action points allowing movement multiple times in a turn.

-Counter attacks and attacks of opportunity, ranged combat, synergistic abilities, flanking, action point system, positional bonuses and elevation tiles that influence hit chance.

-45 abilities divided into 9 weapon types. Sword, hatchet, mace, claymore, greataxe, warhammer and rapier. There are then 2 ranged weapon types, longbow and crossbow. Each weapon type has 5 unique abilities assigned to it.

-50 unique armor sets currently implemented which make up the 20 tiers of standard armor and 30 rare cultural armor that the player finds out in the world. Standard armors have 6 color variations, cultural armor has 3 color variations. An armor set consists of the helmet and the body armor (torso to legs). Plenty of armor sets to come in the future.

-5 unique biomes to fight in, with each biome containing its own environmental hazards. Combat maps also have partial random map generation. Rocks, trees, environmental hazards and singular elevation tiles are all randomly generated using an algorithm.

-65 monsters of which 60 have unique monster models. Not all unique monster abilities are animated yet, so there could be some confusion when it comes to "feedback" during combat.

-Assume leadership over a town. Decide where you want to send an expedition team to scavenge, based on the rewards and resources that the different biomes offer. Use those resources to upgrade your town buildings to prepare your warriors against the eventual town assaults and to give them the necessary support to hunt down the Monarchs.


More info can be found on my website: Dead-monarchy.com

You can also follow Dead Monarchy on Twitter and Facebook: @Dead_Monarchy.


I'm also on the codex, I post quite frequently there and then branch out to other forums.


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Build 6, the initial world map update has now been released to the experimental beta branch. It is a huge update that will require quite a bit of time to get right. Dead Monarchy is now also 25% off!


Release Date & Launch Discount!

Release Date & Launch Discount!


The wait is nearly over and Dead Monarchy is entering Early Access soon!

Dead Monarchy - Store Page Up + Early Access Soon

Dead Monarchy - Store Page Up + Early Access Soon


After 7000+ hours, I am finally at the starting line.

Dead Monarchy - Early Access: Build 1 Update!

Dead Monarchy - Early Access: Build 1 Update!


I plan to release Dead Monarchy onto Steam early access during the end of the first quarter of this year. Join me as I give a complete summary of what...

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 3-4

Dead Monarchy: Weekly Update 3-4


Each week I release mini updates on twitter and forums such as the RPGCodex and RPGwatch. At the end of the week, I'll be posting all the information...

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Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.2.0)

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.2.0)

Demo 2 comments

This demo is extremely out of date compared to the Early Access version, however it should give you an example of what the combat feels like.

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.1.0)

Dead Monarchy Demo (Pre-Alpha 0.1.0)


This demo is extremely out of date compared to the Early Access version, however it should give you an example of what the combat feels like.

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