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Darsana is a first person medieval indie game with RPG and FPS elements

· Battle as either the Undead or the Knights in the ‘Destroy The God' game mode in which each team must protect their own god statue and destroy the enemies' god statue located in their lair or take on the other team in head to head team deathmatch.

· Increase damage, weapon accuracy, arrow velocity speeds, and swing speeds by level progression of weapons as they are used to slay your enemies

· Choose between the might of melee weapons ranging from fast small swipes of dagger to the large heavy handed blows of the battle axe, archery with the long bow or crossbow, or magic with the elements of lightning, fire, and leech

· One up your foes with additional items such as mana and health potions for quick boosts for that next big spell or surviving a blow, explosive arrows for radius damage with archery based weapons, or the buckler for sustainable blocking at higher percentages of deflection

· All free, all online, all stand alone!

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Darsana update

News 4 comments

After the initial release of Darsana beta 1.0 there was a hotfix within 24 hours to combat the major issues, now that those are fixed more features can be added and hopefully improve the overall gameplay and look of Darsana.

Current beta 1.1 upcoming features:

  • All new animations / hands for weapons
  • Charged attacks for melee weapons
  • infinite blocking with all weapons even without buckler
  • learned abilities while leveling up with magic staffs
  • Also due to engine updates (thanks to LordHavoc):

  • Client side prediction
  • HDR bloom
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    Darsana Public Beta 1 Release!

    Darsana Public Beta 1 Release!

    News 25 comments

    Thats right Darsana is good to go hot off the presses! Fast Paced Teamplay action Objective based combat involving destroying the opposing force's...

    Darsana inching closer

    Darsana inching closer

    News 12 comments

    So Darsana is just about ready for a public beta spare one or two good hl1/q3 maps! We've done some serious beta testing over the past couple of...

    Darsana update

    Darsana update

    News 14 comments

    Darsana is still going strong with a new domain name: and also brand new screenshots, concept art, and hopefully soon some audio tracks! Please head on...

    Darsana News

    Darsana News

    News 15 comments

    We´d like to update you on the progress, which has been at a good pace recently. For those of you that hear about Darsana for the first time: Darsana...

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    Darsana HotFix 1


    This is a patch for Darsana Public Beta 1, it essentially fixes those annoying dissapearing bugs and also does a few other tweaks. Such as increased speed...

    Darsana Public Beta 1

    Full Version 15 comments

    Welcome to Darsana! A standalone game for the Darkplaces engine. Darsana is a combination of a fast paced first person shooter, and a simplified statistics...

    Comments  (0 - 10 of 94)
    Guest - - 699,743 comments

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    Lordtazou - - 8 comments

    We need someone to put this game back up and further developed.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Raffle - - 74 comments

    Gonna try this one out!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Gothii_Imperator - - 136 comments

    no, its not dead till the author says so! of course it could be me wanting the best.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    ChrisPage Creator
    ChrisPage - - 580 comments

    The game is released so technically anyone could put up a server and play!

    Reply Good karma+1 vote
    thunderising - - 981 comments


    Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
    Serygala - - 548 comments

    I fear so :(

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    TheUnknownM - - 954 comments

    i play this i want servers up

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    MOST - - 115 comments

    is darckplaces engine

    Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
    Galburstenit - - 4 comments

    This game looks pretty batchin.

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